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Thanks @CandiceMarie! I tried on a lot of things, but I had a pretty strict budget. Anything I spent yesterday was coming out of my trip money, so I was very careful with my spending :-) Besides, I had just bought a black dress last week and what I really really needed was a black skirt that fit. I have plenty of pops of color I can add to black things as I always buy myself a few scarves when I go to France. I plan on getting a couple more at Galeries Lafayette next month!
@Stowegate Resident I'll go do that right now! I can even merge this thread into it :-)

Congrats on the fab deal :-) yes, our sizes are strange. Some items I'll pick up and they say US 14, UK 16 and some say UK 18. And they seem about the same fit, usually.
Re: Fashionista Tent
18 Jul 2016, 16:49
There you go, @StowegateResident :-)
Re: Fashionista Tent
18 Jul 2016, 18:58
How clever of you, @Tracieknits. I don't think that I have ever managed to post a photo, other than my avatar, but merging two threads... I'm speechless with admiration!
Perhaps some of our FastDay friends will share their fashion purchases with us! Hint! Hint!
Re: Fashionista Tent
18 Jul 2016, 20:29
Well Moogie did give me special skills :-)
Re: Fashionista Tent
19 Jul 2016, 11:45
Stowgateresident ,I am hopeless,I wouldn't know how to post a photo,but it's a great idea
Re: Fashionista Tent
19 Jul 2016, 16:11
I haven't been able to post a photo on my new iPad since March. Can on my iPhone though ... :confused:
Re: Fashionista Tent
20 Jul 2016, 08:45
Morning everyone!
I've just ordered, from White Stuff, two SLEEVELESS tops! I NEVER wear such things - unless I'm in bed!! I just thought I'd go crazy - and show off my new arms!! I wonder if I'll like them though - doh!!
BEan :confused:
Re: Fashionista Tent
20 Jul 2016, 11:51
Oh how fun! I hope you look great in them. Unlike Michelle Obama, I do not currently have the right to bare arms. She's freaking gorgeous :-)
Re: Fashionista Tent
20 Jul 2016, 11:57
Heehee, yeah I can't compete with Michelle! I hope my bingo wings won't flap around too much!! :shock:
Re: Fashionista Tent
20 Jul 2016, 12:15
Bean @nursebeanwell done on yr purchase..wd love to be able to bare my arms..i used to have such slender arms!
working in a hospital i used to be surprised when i noticed some older women in their sleeveless nighties had quite flabby and even lumpy upper arms..never knew it wd happen to me too..lots of flab and lumps :shock:
Actuallyicould live with flabby if they were at least smooth! :confused:
I so envy folk who can wear sleeveless stuff! Ps and dont even get me started on lumpy thighs...... :neutral:
Re: Fashionista Tent
22 Jul 2016, 00:56
Thought this was appropriate here, but see my recent Pants or Trousers thread for context...
I found a lovely solution to my pants having in general too small pockets for a phone. In particular for my new iPhone 6.
This is from CraftyWanda on Etsy. I special ordered her cell phone purse in a slightly smaller size, so it's really only big enough for the phone and my glasses if I stuff them in. I wanted something I could wear even around the house, but not feel like I was carrying a purse around my own home! :smile:
I also chose a different pattern, and had her shorten the strap so it wouldn't hang at my knees! All that for just $5 extra, or a total of $27. I'm pleased!
(apologies for the poor resolution. It's hard to make a pic that is small enough to post here. @Moogie, your tech team maybe could do something about that??)
Re: Fashionista Tent
22 Jul 2016, 11:28
We all have bits we don't like for me it's my belly,my arms are fine ,legs I can live with but my belly has gone weird it's never been really flat but now although I feel good,when I look in the mirror naked I just cringe
Menopause ? Not sure what to blame?.
Re: Fashionista Tent
22 Jul 2016, 11:40
@wendyjane i love Etsy and that purse! We wd call it a bag here in the uk..such a pretty design and worth paying to have it altered as its just the right fit for you
Also admiring yr nice trim figure!x
@newgirl yes we're never satisfied are we...! We should just accept and love ourselves for our imperfections but somehow,most of us don't x
Re: Fashionista Tent
28 Jul 2016, 07:16
At least you didn't go for a bum bag @Wendyjane!! :lol:
Re: Fashionista Tent
28 Jul 2016, 07:54
Or a fanny pack as I believe it is known over the pond @nursebean! :shock:
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