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Re: Fashionista Tent
25 Jul 2015, 13:49
Ever since I had that Bells Palsy happening to me, I felt ...well, not ugly but not far from it. And the extra weight never made anything better. So when I read the Swedish designer, stylist etc etc Camilla Thulin's (that woman is phenomenal) book on personal style two weeks ago, I had this huge epiphany moment. Instead of hating every look in the mirror, come to grips with the reality that this is the way I look (except for the weight of course) and make the best of it. What suits me and what not?

Well, I got the bigest compliment I ever got on this side of 4o at work a couple of weeks ago, when some friends had said that I looked like a model and I truly took it to heart. If people who knows me since way beyond the BP though this, I truly had push up my big girls panties and move on.

So I started with looking kindly upon myself when I looked in the mirror, cleaned out more than 2/3 of my closets (and have done some more ever since), away with old and badly fitting things, stuff I could not fathom why I bought in the first place and then - started over. Fun - huh? Best thing is that The DH encourages me :grin: :heart: So far tops, cause my fav store DEA/Axelssons (Swedish with no online store) have their summer sale, so there is no skinny/slim trousers to be had and they are the type that I look the best in (and wide, flat fronted ones as well). So I bought some from a mail order store in the same size as the ones I got from DEA and whatdoyouknow - I couldn't get them over my hips :( Why oh why? So back they go, but the tops are nice and get to stay in my wardrobe.
If anyone wonder I have decided to stay with black, grey, cream and a (very) occasional dark blue and spruce it up with scarves :)
Yeah I know, it doesn't sound like fun, but patterns of any kind have never been my thing. I even have to force myself to use some chunky costume jewelry, even though my inner goldsmith self screams NOOOOOO. To be honest, I only own a antique amber necklace and some earrings LOL.

Ha, I have even started to clear out the small walk in closet in Sam's room from toys, Lego and whatnot that have been accumulating over the years. I do have my clothes in there, but I plan to remodel it to looks nice and functional too.
Oops, i think I feel the need to clear out knitted dresses and more kiddy stuff. A bit later in the fall, we (the kids and me) are going to try our hands at car-boot sales - :like:

Hopefully DEA soon will put the fall stuff in their stores, so I can find som great pants.
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Re: Fashionista Tent
27 Aug 2015, 00:43
Okay, so I thought I should start posting more...and now that I've discovered online shopping, this seemed a good place to start. I wanted to show off a coat that I bought for the winter (since my old fav wool coat is now about 3 sizes too big)! The only pic I have of me wearing it was from the Middle School Dance (theme was fav movie or book character) now the coat is known as the "Poppins coat" :oops:
My favourite coat has now been renamed "Poppins"

And here's a better shot with the model wearing it:
Not me! :)

I've been fairly lucky with getting the right size when online shopping - especially since this time it was a small Asian brand and I needed a XXL! :shock: (I'm a size 12 or M normally)

So what have others been indulging in recently?
So I am now down a bit over 65 lbs.

The July sales are on in the malls. It was so freakin' hot today (91F/33C) that I went to the mall to get some exercise in and see if maybe, just maybe I could snag a sale. I went into Lord and Taylor, where they had 40% off their clearance. I saw a HUGE rack of Karl Lagerfeld stuff. I grabbed a big selection of things, got into the dressing room, and realized *HOLY CRAP THIS ALL FITS* Everything I tried in XL, except one jacket, fit. Some of it was even a wee bit large!! I must have spent over an hour trying things on and really letting it sink in that I was wearing this stuff in regular sizes.

I was good, and I ended up buying only one "shell" (a sleeveless poly v-neck in a hot pink rose print) and a really cool lightweight cardigan in a grey and black herringbone tweed with a very loose, open cut. I actually love the two items together. And when I got to the register, it was all only $32.

This was an incredible non-scale victory for me. I knew I didn't have to shop in the plus size departments any longer, but I was still afraid of trying things on. I don't know why it clicked in that dressing room today, but it did.

Whooo hoooo, what a feeling,,, very pleased for you @Tracieknits. :like:
You must feel like a million dollars and i bet you look it too! :victory: so pleased for you Tracie! X
Well done tracie,you should be sooo proud you have done so well,got to love a bargain,we have lots of July sales here in oz Melbourne,and I love my bargains any pics ??
Well done Tracie, inches trump pounds every time in my book, I have half a wardrobe of trousers which now fall off. I still automatically head for my former size in shops, still can't believe I really have changed shape - great feeling isn't it? I'm planning to alter my favourites, donate the rest and head to the summer sales for replacements - yippee!
I went back and got this outfit! The jacket is a L, the top is an XL and the skirt is a 14
You look great @Tracieknits, I bet you feel it too. Make sure you get loads of use out of them, the way you're going they'll be too big very soon.
Well done Tracie - except for the glum face! You should be grinning!
Great pic,you look great!!
Congratulations, @Tracieknits. You must be feeling fab - you certainly look it! You will feel so great for your holiday that you won't be tempted to over-eat! Love the new clothes and even better if they're a bargain!
Thanks everyone!! I wasn't glum, I was trying to focus on taking a selfie LOL I'm thrilled

Yes, the whole outfit was $80, including tax (we do tax backwards here, and add it to what's on the tag). Original prices would have been over $300. So I'm pretty thrilled. Lord and Taylor is an expensive store, usually, but twice a year they have great sales. I haven't shopped there in many years, because when I got fat, they didn't carry plus sizes. I just realized this week that they now carry plus sizes, but I don't need them any longer.
You look great! I love the jacket in particular!
I see youve got several other items hanging up! I love the look of the green dress! Xx
@Tracieknits, you should resurrect the Fashionista's Tent. I used to enjoy seeing everyone's purchases and how good they looked in their new clothes!
I've ordered a new Gina Baconi cocktail dress from John Lewis online. I have bought the size 14, equivalent to a 10 in the USA (I think?), which may or may not fit me depending on the cut. If it fits, then I will use it on our next cruise in October. I am paying half price for it, £95, so it's not too important if I don't get a huge amount of wear from it, as long as I feel good in it.
:star: :star: :star: Well done on your weight loss so far, your persistence is paying off! :star: :star: :star:
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