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Fashionista Tent
10 Mar 2014, 06:21
I can't believe that the Fashionista tent is not yet up, so here it is now. @Ballerina I was inspired by your recent photo in your Italian dress, to get one going.

I had a fashionista bargain today. Peter Pilotto, that much admired designer in the UK, did a range at Target (equivalent to Tesco). Normally when there is an H&M/designer collaboration, they queue outside the doors in the UK, but here it is a bit different.

I went in today and to my horror, the range clearly did not hit the spot and was discounted. So I spent $130 and bought 2 x beach towels, 1 shirt, 1 swimsuit and a pair of loafers. The shirt is very 'London' so I'm going to take it home, but only cost me $25!!! ... large_2_18

America - have you no sense of style?????

Come on fashionista's, post your fashion discussions here.
Re: Fashionista Tent
10 Mar 2014, 06:30
Had a look and was not inspired although I'm sure there are other items I might like. I used to love the clothes when I went to New York regularly, all my friends were jealous.

Ballerina x :heart:
Re: Fashionista Tent
10 Mar 2014, 08:42
Sitting here in old comfy trousers and top,wardrobe crammed with ebay and charity shop buys!
Not a fashionable bone in my body but will follow yr Tent with interest..i might get some tips to transform me into someone chic...a chubby chic perhaps for now,but a chic chick nevertheless! X good idea karen! X
Re: Fashionista Tent
10 Mar 2014, 08:45
Nor me, and I am too short and widw currently to feel comfortable comporting myself in public! As you can tell by the daggy uniform. However I do like a 'label' bargain from op shops and have picked up DKNY, Calvin Klein, Jag, Valentino by careful ferreting!!!

One day maybe (wistful sigh)
Re: Fashionista Tent
10 Mar 2014, 09:45
Hey Debs, your avatar seems broken (well it is on my android anyway)...
Re: Fashionista Tent
10 Mar 2014, 09:50
I'm rubbish at all this dressing lark but would love to learn, so I will be regularly within tent. Thanks for setting it up Karen
Re: Fashionista Tent
10 Mar 2014, 11:22
There you are my Buddy....I shall be popping into this tent that's for sure. I am saving my pennies for a really big splurge in the clothes line when I reach my ideal weight. A few more months of this will to sort out my OH too...he's baggy man at the moment. Sartorial elegance is what he's aiming for!! Thanks for this tent Karen (@rawkaren).
Re: Fashionista Tent
10 Mar 2014, 11:51
Like I said on Saturday. I'm in between I now. Not high fashion, not mature (for want of a better word)
I need to be gokked,
Re: Fashionista Tent
10 Mar 2014, 12:14
Oooh...I would love to book a spot in the Fashionista tent...i think it will be a fabulous place to hang about...I am 52 and trying to find a style that suits my age...i seem to have lost my sense of style when menopause hit and left me with middle age spread...but thanks to 5:2 i am winning the battle:) and looking forward to decluttering my old wardrobe...and finding some lovely new clothes to fill it.
Re: Fashionista Tent
10 Mar 2014, 13:34
I'm going to wear this today with my dark navy NYDJ's and an orange belt. It's from J Crew. It was a gay bloke at the office who noticed that the patterns are actually cats. Can't believe I missed that one.
Re: Fashionista Tent
10 Mar 2014, 13:40
And you're going to look fabulous buddy!
Re: Fashionista Tent
10 Mar 2014, 20:14 ... ti/p859360

Quite fancying this by Ralph Lauren - Karen I saw this in both John Lewis and Fenwicks the day we met for coffee back in January!
Re: Fashionista Tent
11 Mar 2014, 06:18
I like it @silverdarling, but I'm worried it might swamp your small frame as the pattern is so large. Sorry, but I thought I should say :frown: :frown:
Re: Fashionista Tent
12 Mar 2014, 08:47
Oooohhhh count me in, absolutely love fashion and doing it on a budget soooo possible if you know your shape, your colours, labels to look for in op/charity shops and there is online as well the fashion blogs

A friend of mine introduced me to Trinny and Suzanna and that sparked In me a plan to reshape and build my wardrobe. So about 5 years ago I started ditching what I had in my wardrobe I hated and down the years I developed a well thought out wardrobe which worked for me

Then 5:2 and I lost 12kgs and that wardrobe is not working as too baggy in the tops and all the pants fall down :lol: so now I am starting over again and as not as able to splurge hence the op/charity but I lean that way now with a lot of my friends and see it as recycling and good for the planet.

Do go to this site as it has lots of interesting up two date street fashion. Think I am now a fully converted street fashionista enjoy

Thanks @rawkaren for the well spotted gap in the forum creating this space
Re: Fashionista Tent
12 Mar 2014, 10:56
Just looked at GMs post and now feel such a frump, harrumph! I'm a bit of a Henry Ford sort of girl, any colour is fine as long as its black! SOOOOOOO boring.......I know I am officially called 'classic' but hey, I'd like to be a bit more hip but find it impossible. Everything about me is the same as it was 50 years ago, the only difference is the addition of wrinkles, spectacles, hair dye and flat shoes, otherwise........mmmmmm. Even my makeup is boringly similar and the only fashion accessories I ever see me adopting are Zimmer frames, Velcro fastened slippers and elasticated

Ballerina x :heart:
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