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Hehehe! No special reason...think he just has a warm heart @Sue.Q and @Callyanna! :heart:
I waited fifty years to meet a kind man, lotsa frogs along the way who didnt turn into princes! :confused: x :lol:
CandiceMarie wrote: Hehehe! No special reason...think he just has a warm heart @Sue.Q and @Callyanna! :heart:
I waited fifty years to meet a kind man, lotsa frogs along the way who didnt turn into princes! :confused: x :lol:

You've tried one or two of the rest @CandiceMarie :shock:
And now deserve the best good luck. :clover: :clover: :clover: :clover:
Grateful for the gel insoles i bought,as along with some exercises,seem to be making some improvement in my painful recent bout of plantar fasciitis( painful heel) Others on here have mentioned suffering it/family who i want to pass on that i've read that the exercises are best done on first waking,before putting any weight on yr sore heel.
Tho how you meant to combine this with not peeing yourself when you first wake and need to spend a few mins on exercise rather than on spending a penny, i do not know :confused: managing somehow,so far. :lol:
The gel heels are Dr Scholl orthaheel gel pain relievers xx
A belated thank you to the doctor's surgery in Connell which had signs reading Coffee Shop and Visitors Welcome and where a nice lady served me with a black coffee at 10:30 last Friday morning while the Oyster Inn, which claimed to have a bakery and coffee shop did not look ready for customers.
Very grateful that my daughter has returned to her hometown...with her hubby who has just started his new job here...about to move into their first home together..
V grateful that at a time when many young couples are struggling,they are now on the property ladder,and SIL has a good job. DD has some freelance work. A lot to be thankful for x :smile:
Very grateful for all the men who built the Carlisle Settle line in terrible terrain, weather and working conditions, some of whom were killed, injured or damaged their health; likewise those who have worked to maintain it since. Also those who work or have worked on it as train drivers, conductors and station staff, providing an excellent service that is s lot more reliable than in many a busier and easily accessible area. So that I can get on the train, pay my £5 or £6 and have a great day out.
Grateful today some of you know,DD and SIL are staying with me til their new home is ready
Today they went out with DD's half brothers..altho she knew she had two half brothers,they didn't meet ( not thru my doing, i'd have loved her to have always known them)until a few yrs ago at their mutual Grandma's funeral.
They have all been out today with their partners ( plus one of DDs now several nieces & nephews)The two boys treat her as " little sis", none of them bother with the " half",and i' m so glad she now has extended family.
She loved being an only child but can now see the value of having siblings!plus it's a comfort to me to know she has two big brothers X
That's lovely @CandiceMarie, more love to share and go round! The older I get,the more family is important to me.
Thanks @callyanna me too x
Hope you're having lovely time with bro x x
:grin: :grin: We're taking him down to our holiday place in Shropshire on Weds till next Mon but weather forecast not brilliant CM. We'll just have to grin and bear it and will still enjoy ourselves. :grin: :grin:
That is something to be grateful for @Candicemarie
You now know your DD has someone else to turn to
whenever she needs help in the future. :heart:
Maybe we need a mixed feeling Tent..
Today while out somewhere,i lost a ring...
I think it was possibly when drying my hands in the ladies in John know those driers where you dangle yr hands downwards?
I noticed it felt a bit loose ( good) but didnt expect to lose it ( bad)
Was only a junky ring but i liked it :confused: x
Mixed feelings? Been down in the dumps since Xmas because I lost my precious 18th birthday present from my Mum and Dad, a antique fob on a chain. Uppity moment, woke up on Mothers day 15th March, first thing I saw was it hanging on my bedroom wall.
Found by my lovely daughter in the bottom of a suitcase.
Bliss :heart: :victory:
Oh i am soooo pleased for you @lizbean! Thats wonderful xx
I do hope you get some sleep tonight otherwise youre going to have the screaming AbDabs! :shock:
Even better,hope you can sleep in late tomorrow morning x
Yes it's so wonderful @CandiceMarie a best moment. I hope to sleep soon, otherwise everyone can join me for an all nighter in the insomniacs tent. x
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