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:heart: today at the gym enjoying working out, while I was getting up a sweat I reflected how I have avoided the gym until the last 3 years and now I could go every day

:heart: have new goals about giving up wheat and drastically reducing sugar

:heart: replacing winter and summer wardrobes as I am much smaller

What about you?
:heart: Grateful my clothes still fit, despite a dreadful few weeks for food.
:heart: this forum
:heart: Grateful that I can afford to buy healthy food
:heart: just had a wonderful, boozy foodie lunch with friends

:heart: I am fortunate enough to have choices in life

:heart: a wonderful hubby who supports me (even if he is losing weight more than me when he doesn't need too :starving: !)
Right now, right this minute, I'm so grateful to have lost a total of 11lbs since I started this 2 weeks ago. (Don't be too impressed folks, I'm very overweight and big people always lose a lot at the start. :grin: )

Course I do have other things to be grateful for but right this minute I'm just full of this.

I wish I'd found out about 5:2 a long time ago!

(Edit: that kinda sounds like I'm bragging, I don't mean to sound like that, I'm just so chuffed I wanted to share. :oops: )
Hey Gail totally agree I wish I had found this way of eating 20 years ago and when the weight shifts you want to tell the world and tee hee on here you can, go @Gail1963
:heart: for this forum, which has already seen me through good and bad times
:heart: not living in the south of England with all the floods and desperate weather situation
:heart: as Debs and Karen say above, it's good to have choices about the important stuff - including what to eat.
:heart: The support of people around me, especially my OH and this forum

:heart: That I am a woman who keeps everything, even clothes from 20 years ago or I wouldn't have a thing to wear right now :grin:

:heart: To be able to eat good things, homemade most of the time, and to know how to cook eatable meals without spending too much
Firstly I'm grateful I sent for the fast diet book after missing the horizon programme and ALL the publicity :heart:
Secondly I'm grateful my first few days were enjoyable thus making it easier for me to continue. :heart:
Thirdly I'm so grateful I found this forum on which I've learned far more than I ever took in reading the book. :heart:
Fourthly I'm grateful for life because without the other
3 I honestly don't think I would have had much if one. :heart:
Fifth reason I'm so so grateful that this WOL works because for the first time ever I now know I will make it to my weightloss goal and target weight even despite the pitfalls along the way.
Lastly My hubby + family + great friends especially my "virtual" friends all over the world. :heart: :heart:
:heart: I'm grateful that I'm fit and healthy enough to enjoy my life
now I'm retired
:heart: That I know how to feed my body well and keep it in good shape by making wise food choices
:heart: That I have the time and means to try out so many wonderful new foods and recipes, even if they don't always turn out right!
:heart: Goes without saying that my hubby, family and friends both 'real' and virtual mean the world to me. :like: :like:
:heart: Grateful to be alive and ridiculously healthy at 66

:heart: Grateful to be able to be ridiculous at 66

:heart: Grateful to have been born in a, perceived, democratic part of the world where women have choices

:heart: Grateful for family, friends and all the lovely folk on here

:heart: Grateful for everything good that has ever come my way, which is a lot

Ballerina x :heart:
I'm very grateful for finding 5:2 and this wonderful forum and the people on it.

Right now though I am very grateful for the most amazing weekend spent with my DH climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, staying in a hotel with views of the Harbour and dinner at a fancy schmansy restaurant.
Ballerina wrote:
:heart: Grateful to be able to be ridiculous at 66

Ballerina x :heart:

Come on then Bal we need a bit of your ridiculousity this Sunday morn - not noticed much of your trademark @Ballerina whimsy recently :lol: :grin: :wink:
Was thinking that myself @Silverdarling that our @Ballerina was a bit quiet
gillymary wrote: Was thinking that myself @Silverdarling that our @Ballerina was a bit quiet

Hormones or Alcohol that's what I'm thinking @ballerina :heart:
:heart: grateful for my hubs and family

:heart: grateful that I had the courage of my conviction to lose weight

:heart: grateful to you lot

:heart: generally very grateful all round, when I see the TV news.

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