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Really Short People Tent
11 Oct 2013, 00:45
I'm inviting all the really short women out there into my tent! How about 5'2" (158cm for you metric folk) and under? If you really don't want to feel left out, we might consider having you in if you're 5'3" or so. :smile:

I think there are some issues peculiar to us that we might want to gripe about. Or boast about - who knows?

Gripe number 1: I'm approaching my goal weight and thinking that maintenance is going to be harder than regular 5:2 has been. My weight has crept up in the past from, I believe, having such a damn small TDEE. It's just hard to eat less than 1275 calories a day on an ongoing basis. I'm more attuned to my body than I used to be, but still...

Who's joining me?
Re: Really Short People Tent
11 Oct 2013, 00:50
Me, me me!!!
5'2" and only bound to shrink!
Major gripe? I'm shrunk in the middle and can't get rid of my tummy!
My 25BMI is approximately 55kg or just over 8 stone, but the last time I was that weight was 1990 and I'd just trekked in the Himalayas and suffered major Katmandu belly whilst there so I was fit, and sick! Not the way to do it.
I'll settle for 60kg to start with and see how I go!
Re: Really Short People Tent
11 Oct 2013, 00:52
1275 seems very low! :(
Re: Really Short People Tent
11 Oct 2013, 02:31
5'1" here with TDEE 1349, uggh! :starving:

Calculators say that in order to reach a healthy BMI, I need to be about 121 lb. It would be a horrible picture - walking skeleton with sagging skin all over which would making a quaking sound when I walk... :curse:
Re: Really Short People Tent
11 Oct 2013, 03:43
Welcome, @Debs.

@LilSmiler - indeed that is the point. It is very low. But I am currently in the middle of the BMI healthy range, with a lowish activity level, and that's what the magic tracker tells me.... Actually I'm probably a bit above low on the activity spectrum (not very consistent about exercise, unfortunately) so possibly TDEE is more like 1300 or 1325. That doesn't help too much!

And @benchurki welcome to you as well. You scared me a bit with your imagery. How about losing until you a) feel better and b) look the way you want to - and stop there? We will be here in the tent, lending support.
Re: Really Short People Tent
11 Oct 2013, 05:00
Yes, your TDEE seems depressingly low. I struggled with that on a daily basis when I was doing the whole depressing calorie controlled thingy.
My TDEE says 1634 which is quite high, but I am trying to restrain my eating regardless.

Was in the Op shop today as I can't find clothes short enough to fit (gripe number 2!). I found a lovely pair of DKNY jeans, $3 and exactly the right length. I have to hope people dump clothes that have already been altered and I get lucky sometimes. I find that 'short' sizes are generally 5'4" which is too long. In the Uk you could get petite but they assumed you were also a size 8 or below, grrrrrr!!!!
Re: Really Short People Tent
11 Oct 2013, 05:23
Please may I come in the tent? I'm 5'3 and my TDEE is 1455 with a fast day of between 364 and 500. I thought mine was low but 1275 must feel like every day is a diet day. :confused:
Re: Really Short People Tent
11 Oct 2013, 05:34
Well I have a funny story for you, @Debs. I got the Kut from the Kloth jeans I'm now wearing at Nordstrom Rack. I tried them on and not only did they fit, but they were the right length. :shock: So I bought them and only when I got home and took off the tags did I discover that they are called "flood roll-ups"! So if you can find long cropped pants, they may work quite well as regular length pants for us :smile: The other funny part of the story which I just realized is that I wore them through our flood, which we are just now recovering from here in Colorado.

Come on in, @rawkaren!
Re: Really Short People Tent
11 Oct 2013, 05:47
Yes, I too have done that with 'capri' pants as they are called here!!!
I assuming it is going to be a very low tent? :wink:
Re: Really Short People Tent
11 Oct 2013, 05:48
moi!!! :grin:
i am 5'2ish too lol!!! :-) currently 9st 7 so hoping to get rid of those annoying pounds grrrrrrrrrrr :razz:
Re: Really Short People Tent
11 Oct 2013, 06:43
I'm 5'2 and maintaining at 112lbs (8) but I look a lot bigger which is demoralising to say the least. Recently met up with a friend whom I hadn't seen for two years and she thought I looked about 134lbs - still my friend even so!

I have a rather chunky build and apart from sawing off some of my hips and ribs cannot alter my basic shape. I prefer to add up a weekly total of calories and take it from there, but agree that the TDEE had to be low to lose weight.
Re: Really Short People Tent
11 Oct 2013, 08:17
Another shortie here at 5' and 98 lbs (7 st or 44.4kg), BMI 19.24, so I'm not trying to lose weight just maintaining and having a go at 6:1 for additional health benefits and to see if I can shift the extra padding round my waist as although I'm slim my figure lacks any definition and I'm just straight up and down like a drink of water!
Re: Really Short People Tent
11 Oct 2013, 08:26
@wendyjane - what height are you as 1275 seems very low. I'm 5 foot (on a good day) - aiming for around 8st. weighed in at 8st 7.5 (after a liquid fast) today so getting there. My TDEE with no exercise is 1400 but training for marathon so I put in that I'm lightly exercising (1-3 times per week event hough I'm oding more) and my TDEE rose to 1600 so I'm just wondering have you put something in wrong.

I find that its very slow to lose weight - after 2 liquid fasts this week I've only lost .25lb (although I'm pre-menstrual so hopeing its that).
Re: Really Short People Tent
11 Oct 2013, 09:08
May i come into the tent wendyjane
I am five foot two and a half! Used to be five three but shrinking gahhhhhh! Joys of getting older.
So glad we have a tent ..i am too fat to join the 69ers and their Christmas club :0(
Re: Really Short People Tent
11 Oct 2013, 10:31
I'm between 5'2" + 5'3". Haven't measured my height accurately in a while, so am probably shrinking too :-) My TDEE is 2050, with light exercise as the checked option. I normally do much more than that a week, but was being conservative, just in case.
I don't think of myself as "short" but a perfect height for me :-)
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