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Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
04 Apr 2015, 08:39
CandiceMarie I have just read your "dog diet story" & my OH & I have tears from laughing :lol: :lol: :lol: Thank you so much it's great to start the day laughing :like:
Well this tent seems quiet & I'm as guilty as anyone for not posting each day. I hope all SSS's are well? I have been frustratingly bouncing the same pound in weight around this past month & it feels a very long slog trying to lose my extra weight. I have just weighed in & lost 14oz after being very strict 4:3ing & keeping well below my TDEE this last week. The week before last I followed the plateau advice of eating well, not fasting & eating up to my TDEE each day to try to convince my body that I am not starving myself so I will have to, apart from an Easter egg, this next week fast properly again. Our granddaughter is due mid May & when I think of the future & her becoming an active toddler I must also be fitter to keep up with her. So here I go again!!!
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
20 Apr 2015, 13:34
"What I wore to the Prom"

Some may recall that OH and I attended an event called the "Intergenerational Prom" at a local college last year. The previous year I wore a skirt that had to have gussets added in order to do up; and the jacket needed the seams let out--this was in March just before I started 5:2.

This year on April 8 I wore the same skirt (different top and jacket)--gussets no longer needed--thank you Dr Moseley and the Fastday Forum :grin:

Here's an article with pictures from our local newspaper: ... /25496713/

And here are a couple of photos of my outfit: notice that I'm wearing my avatar? We had a good time--the band was almost as old as we are :razz: We marveled at how people much older, some with handicaps and ailments, were brave to come out to the party and get on the dance floor. :victory:
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
20 Apr 2015, 14:10
Your jacket is such a wonderful vibrant colour @marybeth
You look marvellous ...and well done on that skirt!
Good to see your avatar being displayed and so good to see YOU! X
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
20 Apr 2015, 14:28
Looking gorgeous there MB, inspiring the forum with your svelte good taste :0)

Having had 2 rotten colds so far this month my plans are shot down in flames this Spring. Just trying to regain some sort of health now, though I've just come back from the shops and am totally pooped. Having a drink of honey, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar in hot water to boost the body to do some ironing.

Have a happy day one and all :0)
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
20 Apr 2015, 21:45
Thanks, @CandiceMarie , I scored the jacket at a resale shop last year--I love the way the gold color is shot with red that changes with movement and the light. I finally decided to stop being so paranoid about having my face on the internet. I remember how pretty you and your daughter looked when you posted a photo.

Thank you, @Azureblue I'm definitely not fashion forward, but enjoy dressing up sometimes. I hope your siege of colds is over now and that you will be stronger now.

Ironing: does it get mentioned only on the sassy thread? Do young folks know what it is? :shock:
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
20 Apr 2015, 21:57
Thanks for the kind wrds @marybeth x
DD still does 18:6/20:4 tho she doesnt often call in here
Ironing : i rarely do any...wish i could iron out some face and figure wrinkles tho! :lol:
AB@azureblue get well soon..its horrid when you cant throw off nasty colds x
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
25 Apr 2015, 10:54
Sitting here waiting for my breakfast coffee to kick in and hoping some sort of energy boost will get me going today. OH also suffering so we're sitting like a pair of 100 year olds, aimless and exhausted.
If this is it I'm not impressed.
They say if you haven't got good health in older age then there's no quality of life and I can believe it.
More than a cold but different to 'flu, this bug is depressive as well as de-energising, forcing a downward spiral of negativity on the recipient.
I'm fighting it with real food - coconut butter, avocado, 2 soft boiled eggs, 99% chocolate, real coffee and cream for breakfast. Got to be good hasn't it?
Tell me some jokes someone, please :0)
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
25 Apr 2015, 12:12
Laughter is the best medicine @azureblue! Xx

I went to the bank the other day and asked the banker to check my balance, so she pushed me!

A man was walking past a store and saw a sign saying, Help Wanted,so he rushed inside and yelled,Whats wrong! ?

Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
25 Apr 2015, 15:46
Thank you dear @CandiceMarie they made me laugh.
Also I've just eaten a VERY NAUGHTY cream apple turnover as medicine.
Smiling :0)
Roast chicken with romanescu and veggies for dinner then 'Inspector Montalbano' on TV later.
Happy poorly person :0)
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
25 Apr 2015, 17:04
Sounds like youve cheered up as the day's gone on AB! :like:
Apple turnovers should be on the NHS,specially good for us seniors ! :heart:
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
08 Jun 2015, 17:44
You can have mine. Hate cooked apple. Hate pastry. Bleugghhhh
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
08 Jun 2015, 17:57
Ohhh PFT @pennyforthem i wish i was the same..i LOVE pastry! Unfortunately! X
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
13 Jun 2015, 13:47
Where have all the Sassy Seniors gone? Too busy to post on here, due to grandchildren sitting, supporting grown up children, helping other people or just out having a good time? I've only just managed to find time to read onto page 2 of the 'New Posts' forum!
I love pastry. too, @CandiceMarie but try to limit my consumption of it to very occasional treats now. Hope that you and your husband are now fully recovered from your horrible virus, @Azureblue, and @Marybeth, don't you look very svelte and glamorous in that lovely jacket?
Looking forward to hearing from more Sassy Seniors on this rainy day in not-at-all sunny Lincolnshire! :smile:
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
13 Jun 2015, 14:19
Hiiiii Val @stowgateresident i' m not busy,just having quite a boring day I' m afraid...
One good thing, our Pusscat is well again..he has to see the vet Monday for xrays and check up,but aside from that he's back to his old naughty self
Heres a funny story for all us seniors...
"This is supposedly a true account recorded in the Police Log of Sarasota, Florida
An elderly Florida lady did her shopping and, upon returning to her car, found four males in the act of leaving with her vehicle. She dropped her shopping bags and drew her handgun, proceeding to scream at the top of her lungs, "I have a gun, and I know how to use it! Get out of the car!" The four men didn't wait for a second threat.
They got out and ran like mad. The lady, somewhat shaken, then proceeded to load her shopping bags into the back of theold womancar and got into the driver's seat. She was so shaken that she could not get her key into the ignition. She tried and tried, and then she realized why. It was for the same reason she had wondered why there was a football, a Frisbee, and two 12-packs of beer in the front seat.
A few minutes later, she found her own car parked four or five spaces farther down. She loaded her bags into the car and drove to the police station to report her mistake. The sergeant to whom she told the story couldn't stop laughing. He pointed to the other end of the counter, where four pale men were reporting a car jacking by a mad, elderly woman described as white, less than five feet tall, glasses, curly white hair, and carrying a large handgun. No charges were filed.
Moral of the story? If you're going to have a senior moment...make it memorable!"
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
13 Jun 2015, 14:36
That's just what I needed, @Candicemarie, to cheer up a wet afternoon! :grin:
I am so pleased that Ziggy is well again. He is one very lucky cat!
I am waiting for a break in the rain to take Penny, our dog, out for a walk. She can't quite understand why the door is closed when it has been open for the last few days and she has had free access to the outside! The rain beating against it should have given her a bit of a clue! :smile:
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