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Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
13 Jun 2015, 14:43
Hallo @StowgateResident and @CandiceMarie *waves*
What a grotty wet day (good for the garden and fields and ducks).
We have visited a local church flower festival, very jolly and lovely colours and smells, where I inadvertently ate a chocolate brownie (way too sweet for me now) and drank a cup of builders tea (my God the tanin in it) but left with two bunches of lovely chrysanthemums :0)
Should now be cleaning the house, no doubt, but feel aimless and feeble so am web-grazing instead. I'll get to it at 4pm when the roast chicken needs to go on and the tumble drier finishes.
Our cat asleep on my chair all day =^^=
Anything good on TV tonight?
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
13 Jun 2015, 14:56
Hi, @Azureblue, I haven't checked out the TV situation yet but I don't hold out much hope! I am quite pleased with the rain because the garden is desperate for it and the farmers around me have been having to draw water from the drainage ditches to irrigate the potatoes.
I am going to stir myself and do something useful, which involves moving away from this computer! I have sat here for too long this afternoon! Well and this morning, if I'm being honest! Our internet was down for 24 hours a couple of days ago and it is surprising how many times I went to use it- just during the course of one day!
Coincidentally, my tumble drying has just finished, so I am going to empty it- right now- before anything else attracts my attention on this forum!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
14 Jun 2015, 18:11
Today I have stood in a field for four hours watching/experiencing the Battle of Naseby on the date it was fought at the place it happened 370 years ago. I still smell of smoke. From muskets and cannon and cook fires. My ears are still ringing from the huge noise these weapons of war produced.
The cavalry rode here there and everywhere regardless of pikemen and weapons. The Sealed Knot surpassed themselves, around 1000 of them went for it with gusto.
The Royalists lost. Again.

It was amazing in its way and my legs ache and my feet went numb but quite extraordinary.
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
14 Jun 2015, 18:20
I found that interesting AB @azureblue as i used to live in aNaseby Avenue! But never knew much about the battle x
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
17 Jun 2015, 22:59
Spotted in Liverpool both my friend's DD AND by my Beau's DD..
Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant...making a film about a 76 yr old woman who wants to be an opera singer( and why not? We're never too old)
I am not a Grant fan but i love Meryl..i hope i run into her..i'll invite her into my home for a cuppa x!
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
25 Nov 2015, 08:33
I am awash with family birthdays and become rather over-relaxed on the eating front :0.
My weight staying within 75kgs so I'll try for getting a grip next week!
You may remember our car broke down mid August and continued to do so 4 more times, an expensive game that has now resulted in buying another car.
I'm really hoping 2016 is a much cheaper year :0@ Life can get a bit over-exciting at times.
Hope all you seniors are in fine fettle and enjoying yourselves :0)
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
25 Nov 2015, 11:04
Hi, @Azureblue! I'm very pleased to see the Sassy Senior's Sanctuary resurrected and that your car issues are resolved - even if it did cost you more than it should have. :cry: We had a neighbour with a similar problem and he also ended up with buying another car. It seems that the diagnostic computer couldn't find the fault - I don't know when garage mechanics stopped using their brains and became computer drivers!
How are the Christmas preparations coming along? Any family with you? I will have both daughters and son, with their husbands/partners and two grandchildren for New Year but not for Christmas. This will be the first time since we had the children (43 years ago!) that we have had Christmas entirely on our own and I'm not sure quite how that will work out. We will have our 'Christmas' dinner on new Years Day, so I have warned my husband that there will be no cooking done on Christmas day but we will have to eat something besides Quality Street! I just haven't decided what it will be yet! :?:
We are off on a fortnight's cruise in the western Mediterranean on Sunday so I am trying to be extra careful in the run up to that. With the amount of weight that I always gain when away from home, I can't afford to start off over my target! In my dreams, when away from home, I eat and drink sensibly but the reality is that I am fine for the first couple of days and then my greed monster takes over and I eat enough for two or even three! :pig2: Perhaps that's the solution to my Christmas Day dilemma - I'll fast that day! :wink:
The forum seems quiet nowadays but visiting here keeps me on track and it's good to see a trickle of newbies joining us. A fortnight without the internet will leave me feeling very deprived so I will have a lot of catching up to do when we return!
I better get on - there are still other 'New Posts' to read and then I really must start thinking about writing Christmas cards so that they're ready to post as soon as we get back. I don't think that I've ever written cards this early!
Bye for now! Valerie :smile:
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
26 Nov 2015, 11:37
Just went to book my first Christmas food truck home delivery and found they've all gone!! Wow, I'll have to get a lot more sassy about this next year :0@
Oh well, no doubt we'll manage somehow.
Have a happy day folks :0)
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
07 Jul 2016, 18:08
I keep forgetting to say..on 4Th JULY ...i saw my first poster advertising Christmas Dinners 2016 at a now.
Yikes!the kids havent even broken up for their summer holidays yet! :confused:
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
07 Jul 2016, 18:53
Hi all Sassy Seniors. Is this tent still up and open? I am 69 for a few more months, and have felt like a senior for a few years. Sassy came long ago. I spot-checked some earlier pages and felt at home. Fasting today and have a headache. Spent time in waiting room for blood tests, and it was over an hour for someone to straighten out the difference between what my doc said she wanted, and what got put in the computer. I finally realized that the headache was partly from having no water yet, just 2 black coffees. Also partly stress headache.

Is anyone else slow at losing weight and fast at gaining back pounds? or kg, stones? No grandchildren, except for the 8 and 4 year-olds next door who have adopted me as a grannie. I enjoy them.
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
08 Jul 2016, 05:49
Hi @grannieannie x totally commiserate with first sentence of second paragraph!
And i think its lovely that yr neighbours children have adopted you as honorary grannie! X
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
12 Jul 2016, 12:04
A good idea to bear in mind for us seniors! X...
image.jpg (29.99 KiB) Viewed 192 times
Re: Sassy Seniors Sanctuary
12 Jul 2016, 15:56
:heart: I love it! She looks so happy. I also like your quote on FEAR - I have also heard it as Face Everything And Recover. Both work well. I am trying to motivate myself to exercise regularly. The good weather helps, as does my puppy. I'd love to someday look like the lady above. :smile: It IS possible!
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