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Re: Soberista's Tent.
03 Jun 2015, 23:48
Day 3 done and dusted. Week days are fine. Attending a big leaving do Friday, so many are attending my sparkling water will go unnoticed.
Reminder to self: alcohol is wasted carb cals, unless it's a thoughtful and special choice we make.
Re: Soberista's Tent.
19 Jul 2015, 04:57
Not had a drink since I was in the UK and feeling better for it. Anyone joining me?
It's the first of September and some of you may have encountered the dry for September campaign currently being started.
I'm pledging to not (knowingly) have any alcohol this month. I'm taking my hubby along for the ride this time. So who's joining me/us?
Re: Soberista's Tent.
02 Sep 2015, 07:23
I'll join you @carieoates for the time I'm in the UK and not on hols (9th to 15th). I'll need to buckle down when I return from hols after all that yummy French red wine :grin:
Re: Soberista's Tent.
03 Sep 2015, 17:21
Is there anyone else in here...... Wow it's so quiet in my sober tent.
Re: Soberista's Tent.
30 Sep 2015, 21:51
@Carieoates!, congrats to us my dear :like: :heart: :victory:
I'll October until the 30th, my Mum's 90th, champagne and campari. :wink:
Re: Soberista's Tent.
05 Oct 2015, 17:34
Well, I might as well be in here - since embarking on my new regime 2 weeks ago I could count on one hand the number of drinks I've had - try to have a G&T when I do instead of wine - as someone else said it's empty carb cals - just nice now and again though!
Re: Soberista's Tent.
06 Oct 2015, 17:22
I couldn't join you because I just know that as soon as I knew that I shouldn't/couldn't have the odd glass of wine, then I would end up drinking half the bottle! :shock:
Re: Soberista's Tent.
08 Nov 2015, 08:32
Re: Soberista's Tent.
03 Jan 2016, 09:28
Hi Everyone. Who is in for January? I'm in. :clover:
Re: Soberista's Tent.
03 Jan 2016, 10:14
I'm in for virtually dry January... Sat night take away and red wine night, and with all the extra drinkies I've had over this festive period it will be good for me.
Re: Soberista's Tent.
03 Jan 2016, 16:09
I'm in for January! After holiday indulgences, the break will do me good!
Re: Soberista's Tent.
04 Jan 2016, 12:04
I'm in. I have a quiet January socially which is a relief. Those holiday tipples certainly drove my appetite out of control and reaching for cheeky carbs :shock:
Re: Soberista's Tent.
05 Jan 2016, 09:33
I am in as the December alcohol intake ways really shameful. All that empty calories are ridiculous and I feel bloated most of the time. I didn't put on real weight during the Holidays but put on some "water weight" and I hate that feeling.

It won't be a total dry month, I want to enjoy a glass or red wine during my Sunday's lunch, but no hard alcohol.
Re: Soberista's Tent.
08 Jan 2016, 07:18
Well I lasted just 7 days - succumbed to a glass of champagne in the lounge last night waiting for my flight. Back on it today!
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