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Re: Soberista's Tent.
08 Jan 2016, 09:04
I'm a bit late but I'm in for Jan too
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Re: Soberista's Tent.
08 Jan 2016, 15:09
I will have a glass of wine and maybe a vodka and tonic at the weekend only and none on a school night.
Re: Soberista's Tent.
10 Jan 2016, 11:31
We are in good company with Michael M :smile:
Re: Soberista's Tent.
10 Jan 2016, 18:32
Hi ! Goldilox here !
I don't expect anyone will remember me - I was a faithful 5:2 aficionado ( my husband and I lost a stone each over 12 months ) , then my dear husband died very suddenly in France in 2014 . I was distraught as you can imagine , and ironically I lost 2 stones without even trying . ( grief plays havoc with the appetite).
Life is gradually getting back to ( a new ) " normal", and whereas I stopped eating/drinking ( I love cooking ) I'm now beginning to look forward to meals again and - yes - having a few glasses of wine . But I'm aware that these glasses of wine have a detrimental effect on the scales . . . . I'm not worried yet , and love looking at all the recipes ( esp Lavendar & Lovage ) as they're healthy. But I'm wary -good health matters ! and have decided not to have wine during the week , then enjoy something nice at weekends .
Best wishes to all the Fastday folks I used to follow daily online . I haven't contacted the Forum for a while ( it used to be obligatory daily !) . Life changes , of course , but life also goes on .
Best wishes to you all !
Love , Goldilox xx
Re: Soberista's Tent.
10 Jan 2016, 23:23
OMG @Goldilox I'm so sorry to hear that!! How dreadful :-(

I'm glad to hear you're coping and life is getting back to a new normal. And we're thrilled to have you back here.

Re: Soberista's Tent.
11 Jan 2016, 06:52
@Goldilox, I would like to echo Tracies sentiment and say welcome back, we are still here and hope that you will come back more often to chat with us. :heart:
So sorry about your loss
Re: Soberista's Tent.
11 Jan 2016, 08:28
@goldilox. I'm so sorry for your loss. That must have been very hard. Glad to have your back on the forum again. :heart:
Re: Soberista's Tent.
11 Jan 2016, 08:32
@Goldilox I too am sorry for your loss, I remember you well and your sad news announcing your departure. We were both in weight loss mode! Here I am still posting the obligatory daily accountability. It does works. Lovely to see you back here. :heart:
Re: Soberista's Tent.
11 Jan 2016, 09:52
@Goldilox, so sorry to hear your news. It's great to have you back on the forum, you'll notice that many of us hardened forumites are still here, still plodding on, still trying out best.
Re: Soberista's Tent.
11 Jan 2016, 12:42
@Goldilox, I remember you and your post regarding the loss of your husband. We sent our best wishes then and I am delighted that you are back to visiting with us. It's lovely to hear from you again so please keep in touch. :smile:
Re: Soberista's Tent.
13 Jan 2016, 15:29
Goldilox what a terrible fate and I so feel for you.
Like you I confess - I have drunken too much wine during the last 6 months, I glass cooking, half a bottle for dinner...well you get my grip and I'm pretty certain that this is the reason I have gained weight again. Last Friday when youngest son and me was at Systembolaget (government owned liquor store; you can't get it anywhere else) he told me with a loud voice that me and The DH drank way too my wine. Bit embarrassing.Well I said - you drink an awful lot of soda and I'm a grown up. But we made a deal - no wine for us and no soda for him Monday to Thursday. So now we sit there all three with our water for dinner and kind of suffer LOL.
Re: Soberista's Tent.
14 Jan 2016, 18:04
I'm sure that your body will thank you for it, @Wolfie! The 'experts' all seem to agree that a few alcohol-free days a week are a good thing. :smile:
Re: Soberista's Tent.
19 Jan 2016, 17:43
How is dry January going everyone? I have had a couple of lapses, but overall it's going pretty well. My waistline is thanking me for it too.
Re: Soberista's Tent.
28 Jan 2016, 09:53
The end of the month is nearly here so I thought I would come to check in on the "nearly dry January" :wink:

It's really positive, more than half the usual alcohol intake. None during the week and 4 glasses of red wine during the weekend. Not bad, really. The good news is, it 's not hard to do so I may keep going that road for now on. However I will allow a shot of bourbon or vodka before Sunday lunch as well :wink:
Re: Soberista's Tent.
28 Jan 2016, 21:32
Oopsy daisy! Hic.
My best friend graduated yesterday - a masters, yet she is female. When will education catch up? Never mind, some sensible souls will sort it out. Lovely party day and fantastic memories. I confess to champagne and ginger smash cocktail with rose petals. It was great and worth the January wait. :cool:
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