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@callyanna! " corned beef " legs!
I didn't think anyone but me remembered that saying :grin: :lol:
Laughing my head off! :0) x
@nursebean your interview last week?
Oh how remembered! Well, I haven't heard from them but just today I received a letter from the DWP to say they've increased my benefits! They didn't mention my assessment so I'm guessing it doesn't relate. I just hope they won't end up changing their minds! But at the moment I'm a very happy Bean...can you see?

Bean :grin:
lizzieh wrote:
Azureblue wrote: Crickey yes I remember all this stuff too. Sunday tea was tinned fruit cocktail with vanilla ice cream, bread and butter and jam, slice of cake, cup of tea.

YES!! Sunday tea - exactly that! With the addition of 'salad' (the only time we ever had it) - which consisted of a few whole lettuce leaves from a round lettuce, tomatoes (whole - which frustrated me as our tea knives were never sharp enough to cut them), slices of cucumber and mustard and cress. Heinz salad cream for those who wanted me (not me!) - no other seasoning :grin:

My great aunt Sally used to do exactly this - with the addition of a hard boiled egg - and of course Heinz salad cream - definitely not mayonnaise!

My grandma - who was a Victorian - used to open a tin of pink salmon - with the salad mentioned above. Then after, a tin of peaches - or mandarin oranges for us kids - with Carnation :cool: :wink:
Ah, Aunt Sally?! That reminds me of Worzel Gummidge! "Well I be bum swizzled Aunt Sally" Sorry, couldn't resist!

Talking of Carnation. I once had a boyfriend (crazy I know!) who's parents made me a cup of tea with evaporated milk, like Carnation. It was truly horrendous!

Bean :bugeyes:
Yuk, and double yuk! But it is very nice with tinned peaches - or mandarin oranges. Or on jelly!
oh and my gran used to buy bottles of sterilised milk which also tasted foul in tea!..and everything else!
peaches and evaporated milk with the bread and butter for tea at Granma's, apple batter for desserts (apple in Yorkshire pud with brown sugar and butter), steak and kidney with dumplings, angel delight, a tin of spam cooked in a Yorkshire, mum's curry with apple and raisin..........happy days! Oh and the obligatory bottle of Liebfraumilch at Easter and Xmas - don't forget the Liebfraumilch!
Ooh I have a few of these. Like dessert on Sunday for example. Was the only day we got dessert and it was always jelly and ice-cream and tinned fruit. Mam was s brilliant baker though and there was always an apple tart or a fruit cake on the go. Come Christmas she would make loads of puddings for her sisters and the neighbours and anyone else who wanted one.

I had an aunt who worked in Jacobs biscuit factory and a
neighbour who worked in Cadburys so there was always something nice in the cupboard. Which I used to eat without a thought of calories or fat content. Ah the innocencr!
Ooh i wish i had grown up in your house@LittleMissYoYo..relatives working in the biccie factories! A dream come true! Do you remember yoyo biscuits? Also Trios...havent seen either bicccy for years xx
Loved the trio advert with the wee lass singing and having no face! I particularly like Breakaways- especially if you could get the plain chocolate ones.
And Granola biscuits- oatier than a digestive with a coarser texture and lovely with cheese. Don't think they make them any more.

Tea- hate the stuff and get regularly put off even more when seeing some of the Indian/Pakistani men here making tea- boil up water in an electric kettle , add liberal amount of tea bags, half a bag of sugar, 2 tins of evaporated or condensed milk and boil furiously. Serve in polystyrene cups garnished with a wee plastic spoon and a tea bag.
YAGH- but each to their own. I just don't ask if I can use the kettle for panni garam (hot water ) for my coffee.
One thing I can't find over here and I just love, the "rolos". Remember the ad there was on T.V. in 1994, the one with the elephant :grin:

Also, when I went to the cinema in London, I used to buy something like £10 sweets just before. I don't remember the name of the sweets but I loved the one with a bit of dust on them. There were white, green and pink if I remember properly and it was chewy and toffee like inside (not the taste but the texture)
Mands i am torn between offering to send you Rolos..or to not send in case i sabotage your healthy eating!
But i guess you would eat them " mindfully" so pm me if you wd like some in the post x : :razz:
Ps there are even -wait for it - Little - tubs - of Rolo - desserts!
Ab- so - lute yummers! :like:
Mands has finished her mince pies, so Rolos will just slip down nicely!!
PS if I send you my address, will you send me some too?

:lol: :lol:
Penns i love you enough to give you my last Rolo! X
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