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Re: The WAGS tent!
12 Jan 2016, 19:14
@wolfie ihave a lump in my throat after reading yr post and looking at that lovely picture of your gorgeous pal...and then sad too reading @stowgateresidents words...
Sending hugs to you both xx
@ferretgal Ziggy S was my fave Bowie incarnation! I was and still am word perfect on the whole album..i have seen Zep too,but only once..yes i agree too re artists developing and moving on..
loved Roberts Gone Gone Gone collaboration w Alison Krauss!
And i love yr new ZigPic! X glad both pusses are thriving! X
Re: The WAGS tent!
12 Jan 2016, 19:58
I also have some puppy news. We have a gorgeous little fella in our house now. He came to us on Friday. I am hopelessly in love with this little fella already. He is a Laffie -Labrador X Staffordshire Bull Terrier, name is Ty short for Tyrone and he's is almost 9 weeks old. :heart:
Re: The WAGS tent!
12 Jan 2016, 21:38
@Stowgateresident@candicemarie@Wolfie @ferretgal@carieoates
There are so many rescue cats in London in need of homes, that's the way for us, though DD has just said she is not sure she can go through the pain of an inevitable loss - a conversation to be had! Good to see you Wolfie and very sorry to hear your news about Fiona, I missed your blog and will read . Ty! what a corker Carie :heart:
Best to all Ziggy's.
:shock: ........ I've booked myself in for a loving bowie cut on Saturday.
Re: The WAGS tent!
12 Jan 2016, 22:58
Ohhhh @lizbean what a fab idea having a bowie cut! X
And @carieoates ive fallen in love with yr little fella..first time ive seen a laffie..
What a great combination of breeds, i bet he will be the most loving and loyal of pals x x
Re: The WAGS tent!
13 Jan 2016, 13:41
carieoates wrote: I also have some puppy news. We have a gorgeous little fella in our house now. He came to us on Friday. I am hopelessly in love with this little fella already. He is a Laffin -Labrador X Staffordshire Bull Terrier, name is Ty short for Tyrone and he's is almost 9 weeks old. :heart:

OMG - he is soon CUTE!!!
But one thing for sure, there will be no more puppies in this house - we will find one ot adopt.
Re: The WAGS tent!
02 Feb 2016, 07:01
Kitty News: I got a new pair of shoes the other day (Rainbow Skechers, eek!), my son said, Throw that box on the bed and THEY WILL COME! I got some pix--maybe I'll download later, too late now--of them in the box. Anyone else spend $$$ on toys, only to have them prefer old boxes and bags? :oops:
Re: The WAGS tent!
02 Feb 2016, 09:25
I can't believe I never came on that thread !!!!! :shock: OK, I had no idea what WAGS meant (I still don't, by the way) so that's my excuse :wink:

I had pets all my life and I mean from the moment I was a baby. There even is a picture of one of or beautiful cat, a male, which used to sleep with me, at my feet, when I was a baby. I had, after him, 9 cats (4 at the moment, 3 I live with and one half time I have for 15 years). One of them, a gorgeous one, was named The Thin Black Duke (don't laugh) but was usually nicknamed Duky which made him lose his greatness :cool:

I also had 4 dogs in all, the first one in 1979. 3 of them were the same breed (basset artésien normand, a bit smaller than the beagle) 2 males and the dog love of my life I am pictured with in part of my avatar, Fiona. Now I have Happy, a border terrier that doesn't act like one and the one I got by... accident after my dad passed away last year

@ferretgal I gave up buying them any toys, they usually more attracted to the ribbon or the paper, especially if it makes crispy noises
Re: The WAGS tent!
02 Feb 2016, 10:56
Hi @ferretgal and @manderley
Ziggy loves to get comfy inside any bag or box! Specially when MooMa calls in ( me)
He knows there's usually a treat for him in my bag
He's even happier climbing on top of a basket of clean washing!
Mands,WAGS just stands for a wagging tail of a dog,or the high held tail of a happy cat!
Lovely to hear about yr pets xx! @carieoates how is yr little puppy? X
image.jpg (21.61 KiB) Viewed 269 times
Re: The WAGS tent!
02 Feb 2016, 11:32
Thanks for the info, [tag]CandiceMarie /tag], that makes sense :wink:

Happy is not a regular border terrier, he doesn't run away and sticks to me like a glue :grin: He likes every body, is nice, even when we see visit my mum and made friends there. The only thing is how to deal with his fur. I should pluck his fur and not cut it and it's not easy as it sounds.... I just wish Boo will go down from the wardrobe already

Here's a picture of my Thin Black Duke. I was around 10 when I gave him that name after his obvious white namesake. I was obsessed with Station to Station at the time and it was just the perfect opportunity even if nobody in my family could pronounce his name :grin:

Re: The WAGS tent!
02 Feb 2016, 14:13
Boo is still on the top of the wardrobe and it drives me crazy. Nearly a year since she's up there or in my library that's just next to it. I don't know what to do any more.
Boo and her freaky eyes
IMG_20160202_142433.jpg (9.54 KiB) Viewed 256 times
Re: The WAGS tent!
02 Feb 2016, 14:17
I couldn't put the second one in the same post so here is Boo au naturel. I wouldn't you to wonder if my cat is made of nightmares :evil:
IMG_20160202_142446.jpg (8.97 KiB) Viewed 256 times
Re: The WAGS tent!
02 Feb 2016, 17:03
Hi @Manderley and @CandiceMarie, M, your Boo and Thin Black Duke are lovely. M, I've been a big Bowie fan since I got Hunky Dory (vinyl, of course) for my 19th birthday. Speaking of Station to Station, I consider his version of "Wild is the Wind" the most romantic song ever! When I speak of our dear departed Starman to others, they of course mention China Girl, or Modern Love, or Fame....I was rather gobsmacked when a local skate rink played "Hang on to Yourself" for me! If one doesn't immediately recognize The Width of a Circle or the Bewlay Brothers...well, they're not "real" Bowie fans. :victory:

C, so glad to see your Ziggy is well and happy! Mine were "helping" fold laundry last night...yeah, that consists of lying on it and getting perturbed when I take it away! Ziggy loves warm clothes fresh out of the dryer; he'll meow (an interrogative one that we call a "krrr") when he sees a basket of clothes ready to be covered in fur. And sometimes I'll remove items I don't want furred up...he gets a little miffed, but as long as he gets something, he's OK.

Hey M, my mom had a Samoyed female who had pups when I was a baby; we have pics of them licking my toes in the stroller. :grin: In fact, my first word was "doggie"; an auspicious beginning for a life of animal obsession.
Re: The WAGS tent!
02 Feb 2016, 18:47
Ahhhh great photos @manderley i LOVE the mad eyes!
And @ferretgal i love the enquiring little amazes me how many different ways a cat can express a meow! Samoyed pups? What could be lovelier!
Ziggy gets miffed if anyone goes near his pouffe that he likes to sleep on..he stood staring fixedly at it the other day radiating irritated vibes..i realised i' d put a magazine down on it and he wanted it removed! X
Re: The WAGS tent!
03 Feb 2016, 08:32
@ferretgal Oh Wild is the wind is a jewel. And it comes from a persona who is suppose to be cold and without any feelings.... sure.... :heart: I love love love "The Width of a Circle" , the version he did in the 73 live was just amazing, I love especially the mime part. Most of people my age don't really care about this period, they even think that "The Man Who Sold The World" is a Nirvana song :bugeyes: ..... I am stuck in the 70s and keep listening the the 67-77 albums, bootlegs, bits and pieces. It's too bad there's not a lot of video material from that time. I would recommend the 76 rehearsals, they are just beautiful to watch.

The mad eyes were a pure accident, or were they ? :cool: Sitaëlle talks to me with her meow. I mean, I will say "Hi" and she will "meow" and there will be some back and forth for a few minutes until she will get bored and do something else :grin:
So I am a bit in a kind of dilemma. I don't know if you remember, I had a dog named Volcan who died in 2014. At the time, my parents and I decided to keep his ashes. I still have them and don't know what to do with them. I was thinking of putting them. I don't want to throw them away, I just don't know what to do with them. Maybe put them in a kind of urn where my dad is buried ?

And just because it's a sunny day...
Numérisation_2015080.jpg (38.44 KiB) Viewed 224 times
Re: The WAGS tent!
03 Feb 2016, 12:25
Manderlay, in the end we did decide not to keep Fionas ashes even though we do live next to a cemetery :shock: I confess we did toy with the idea of sneaking down there to the memory grove in the middle of the night, but in the end decided not to since it would have chocked too many people LOL.
My SIL still have the ashes after their dog, more than 6 months later.

Ack now I have a pang of longing, my sweet darling bitchy Fiona. There will never be another like her :heart:
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