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Re: The WAGS tent!
22 Jun 2015, 19:12
Oh @ferretgal how lovely you have a Ziggy too! And that he's living a long healthy happy life!
I bet he could give Ziggy Junior a few lessons in life..he is still a silly kitten
He keeps eating bees and stinging his nose and his paws..he has stripped off all the mastic from around windows and doors
Yesterday he went missing completely and was eventually found next door...asleep in their wardrobe!
Any photos of Ziggy Senior to share?x
Re: The WAGS tent!
22 Jun 2015, 20:20
OK, I'll try to add a pic, again...Yeah, looks like it worked, @CandiceMarie!
Ziggy gazing upward.JPG
Ziggy gazing upward.JPG (36.49 KiB) Viewed 595 times
Re: The WAGS tent!
24 Jun 2015, 20:55
Oh he is just absolutely gorgeous @ferretgal!
Thanks for the photo xx!
Re: The WAGS tent!
24 Jun 2015, 23:26
@Ferretgal @CandiceMarie
Shall we cat Skype? :heart:
Re: The WAGS tent!
25 Jun 2015, 00:37
might be challenging with the time difference, but why not? :lol:
Re: The WAGS tent!
20 Jul 2015, 17:59
It's Master Ziggy StarDust's first Birthday
( he got birthday treats but the gift bag is for DD& SIL's wedding anniversary tomorrow x)
Happy Birthday ZigZag xx ~
image.jpg (25.65 KiB) Viewed 532 times
Hmm surely this must be for me...?
image.jpg (24.49 KiB) Viewed 532 times
Re: The WAGS tent!
20 Jul 2015, 20:22
@CandiceMarie, give your Zigs a birthday snorgle from me! My Ziggy's birthday (16th!) is Aug 11, I'll try to remember to post that day.
Re: The WAGS tent!
20 Jul 2015, 20:57
Thank you @ferretgal
I hope our Zig gets as long a life as your furry darling x
Lets take a closer look......
image.jpg (22.29 KiB) Viewed 520 times
Re: The WAGS tent!
20 Jul 2015, 21:42
tumblr_ljrr75Aiiy1qj4o5ko1_500 (400x266).jpg
Happy Birthday Zig
tumblr_ljrr75Aiiy1qj4o5ko1_500 (400x266).jpg (81.16 KiB) Viewed 508 times
@CandiceMarie @Ferretgal happy birthday to Zig! :heart: x
Re: The WAGS tent!
09 Jan 2016, 11:48
DD and I have decided to get another cat (having lost Charlie nearly a year ago). We are awaiting until the new kitchen has been installed and home painted throughout, so it won't be until spring/early summer. DD wants two, but I'm not sure about that, two rescue cats might be a handful, as my neighbour found out.
To say we are excited is an understatement................. Image
Re: The WAGS tent!
11 Jan 2016, 13:39
@Lizbean, how lovely that you are now ready to welcome another cat, or two, into you life!
My mother re-homed two elderly cats and had no problem with them because they had lived together all their lives. They came to me when my mother had to go into a residential home. I also did the same thing a few years ago with two cats who needed a new home. They too had lived together and were aged four and seven. Sadly we have since lost Lola, the eldest, but Poppy is still living happily with us.
Many years ago I had two kittens from the same litter and they caused an enormous amount of damage to the house and furniture because they chased and played together most of the time they were awake. It's surprising how much damage tiny claws can do in a short space of time! They grew up to be lovely and affectionate cats but those early months were quite a trial!
Whatever you decide, I'm sure that your new cat(s) will bring you joy! Keep us posted!
Re: The WAGS tent!
12 Jan 2016, 11:16
Ohh how exciting @lizbean! Keep us posted! Yr new cat(s) will be very fortunate to have such lovely mummies..
@ferretgal RIP Ziggy Stardust aka David Bowie x
Re: The WAGS tent!
12 Jan 2016, 14:45
I'm back!! And hopefully for a while. If anyone read my blog you know that we had to let Fiona pass over the rainbow bridge in late November . My heart still aches, I hear her claws against the wooden floors, I see her in the corner of my eye....She was so ill at the tend and when I took her to the vets the last time she weighted only 24kg. In her prime she was 34kg :cry: I took her myself, much more easy that way and all was calm and serene. Arwen had a hard time to adjust and cried every day for som weeks. Now we are back to normal and I have to confess that things are a bit more easy and quiet around here.
Fiona was my first pet ever and before Arwen came it was me and her and she was my lifesaver in every sense.
Re: The WAGS tent!
12 Jan 2016, 15:14
@Wolfie, I have just read your blog and was in tears at your description of having to let Fiona go. It brought back such sad memories of losing our dog, Susie, back in September '14 and just how much it hurts to lose a beloved pet. Life moves on and, although she will always have a very special place in your heart, you have your other 'family' to comfort you and for you to cherish.
It's good to have you back, you have been missed! :smile:
Re: The WAGS tent!
12 Jan 2016, 17:14
Hello, @CandiceMarie! Strangely enough, even though I've been a BIG fan of Bowie's since age 19 (1975), "my" Ziggy isn't named after La Bowie's alter ego. I am normally not all that upset by celebrity deaths, but am sad about this, mostly for us, losing such a genius. Note that my new avatar IS my Ziggy! My local radio station played a lot of Bowie yesterday: bittersweet. I've seen him (with my sister) every time since the mid-70's that he's come near Seattle (once in Portland OR). Unfortunately, that was just late enough to not get to see Ziggy Stardust live. But unlike many other fans, I never wanted him to revisit that character; I understand when a true artist is done with something, that's it! (as a side note: I am also a big Led Zeppelin/Robert Plant fan--and yes, I saw Zep live three times, including the Kingdome show--and I understand why Robert isn't interested in revisiting his youth).

Kitties are doing well; Ziggy so well at his checkup in December the vet didn't draw blood! He'd gained a pound! Seems I've finally found how to feed him (and some natural meds) that agrees with his finicky belly. Gandalf is as rumpled and naughty as ever...
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