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(well I called it "Labor Day Challenge" because in NY State in the US, school starts usually 2 days after labor day. We're pretty much unique in this, actually. When I was a kid, most states started school then, but times have changed. Labor Day in the US no longer marks the end of summer recess. And then I am reminded that for our friends Down Under, it's not summer, and September isn't the time of their Labor Day either!)

Ok, I've never run one of these before, but I can give it a shot! >.< LOL

So who's in? Looks like we have five weeks to labor day. :-)

@Tracieknits -- Goal *stick to the plan with 2 planned cheat nights*, hope to lose five pounds
@WarriorPrincess - 3.5 pounds
@Fat_Teacher - Average weekly weight under 99kgs
@Cblasz - 3 pounds
@Orchid -
@Lovemyparrot- stick to plan
@NYCNYC2013 - stick to plan
@Irenie - stick to plan, hope to lose 5 pounds
@Sassy1 - Stick to plan until Vacation in October.
@Siamsa - 2 pounds in 2 weeks
Re: Labor Day Challenge!
01 Aug 2017, 06:50
Hi, I'm in - though as I'm in the UK I've just had to check the date of Labor Day! My target's a 3.5 pound drop from today's weight. I've had a great last 2 weeks in which I managed not to put on any weight ... but not lose any either. I need to get off my little weight plateau & start seeing some exciting new lows on those scales.
Re: Labor Day Challenge!
01 Aug 2017, 07:57
Thanks, @Tracieknits. I'm in. Goal is to get an average weekly weight of under 99kg. That's an average weekly drop of around a pound a week. Considering how my weight loss has slowed of late, it's more of a challenge than it might appear. The goal is not just a single day of under 99 but the average of a whole week being under 99. It's about a pound a week but ... I need something to get things moving again.

My average weekly weight for last week was 101kg (222 lbs & 10 oz) so that will be my starting weight and my goal is under 218lbs .

Good luck everyone!
Re: Labor Day Challenge!
01 Aug 2017, 11:58
Hi Tracie, thanks for taking over for me this month! :) I'm in. This will be a busy month for me. I'm going to Florida to visit my father (I'm hoping the heat there doesn't derail my daily walks.) And then when I return I'll be getting ready to go back to both jobs. But, busy of course helps sometimes! My modest goal will be to lose 3 lbs. That will actually put me 10 lbs. down from where I started school last year! Not much I know, but still better than being up like I was last year! To achieve this goal, I will stick with my eating window every day and keep exercising every day and eating healthy, at least when I'm at home! My starting weight today is 166.1.
Re: Labor Day Challenge!
01 Aug 2017, 12:49
I am in too. Started working in my own business today after many years as an employee. I converted kilograms into stones and found that I weight A little oven 10 Stone.
Re: Labor Day Challenge!
01 Aug 2017, 14:03
Yay! Our group is forming!

Congratulations @Orchid on becoming a business owner!! Best of luck to you :-)

@Cblasz, there's no shame at all in 10 pounds down in a year's time. Too many people are 10 pounds heavier after a year. Your doctor would be quite pleased, I'm sure. I know mine was pleased the two years I showed a 10 pound loss.

@Fat_Teacher's being strict! You're right of course. The average weekly weight is more telling than the lowest weight one can manage to coax out of the scales in a week. Good luck!

@WarriorPrincess (I love that name!) - just keep on keeping on. Plateaus suck, but when you behave, your hard work will eventually shine through. Plus at a minimum, behaving is great practice for maintenance.

I think my husband and I are going to stick to ~20g ish carbs 3 or 4 days per week and then go to ~60g carbs the other days. We will keep drinking more moderate (despite the fact that when the sun is shining at 5pm, all I want to do is go on our back deck/terrace with a cold glass of bubbles and a small nibble). So we will either share a bottle of wine 3 days per week or share a full bottle 2 days per week and have only a glass each 2 days per week. We have two planned cheat nights -- our 19th wedding anniversary (the 22nd) and the planned parenthood benefit gala on the 16th. We will still try to keep the carbs low, but we won't be as strict or even count them.

I had a shocker when I woke up today -- I was 1.6 pounds down from yesterday!! Not sure if I should add that to July's loss or count it here. Anyhow, I've broken through the dreaded 200lbs mark to 199.4. That's a total of 72.4 pounds down :-)
Re: Labor Day Challenge!
02 Aug 2017, 02:39
Hi, I think I will join - I am back to fasting as of about 3 weeks ago - Labor Day is a great end of summer. I am terrified of weighing but I can tell how I am doing by how my clothes fit - and they are already a bit better !!! So, I don't have an exact number (and therefore can't expect any stars or anything similar) - just want to join in and keep fasting twice a week and going to the gym to exercise at least twice a week. Hope I can join ??????
Re: Labor Day Challenge!
02 Aug 2017, 12:32
Love to have you, @LovemyParrot!!

Why not give yourself stars for each week that you behave according to plan? Not everything has to be about the scale.
Re: Labor Day Challenge!
02 Aug 2017, 13:54
Thanks for setting this up!
I want to join! I think the challenge really helped keep me accountable in July. For August, I'd like to continue to avoid sugar. I still can't believe I managed that so well, sugar is always my biggest issue. So I'm going to avoid sugar and processed carbs and I'm going to fast 2 days a week. I've been doing one fast for 36 hours with just coffee/water/broth. It's from dinner Sunday to Lunch Tuesday. I think that's been helping me a lot, and I don't think I'll be able to keep that up once I'm back at work in September, but I'd like to keep it up for August so I can start work in a good place before I drown in stress. The other fast I usually just do 24 hours, so dinner Wednesday to dinner Thursday.
I'm not going to pick a weight goal, I'm just going to stick to the plan!

And congrats @tracieknits on your new low! That's great!
Re: Labor Day Challenge!
03 Aug 2017, 09:45
Just one question... When is Labor Day? It's October 2nd here in my state but not sure about the US. Hmmm...Shows I will sign up to anything without reading the fine print, huh?
I suppose I could Google but ... I like to stir up conversation.

Honestly, people, my scales must be made by the same company that makes the scales for the Biggest Loser TV show. I hopped on this morning and it was, 'beep beep beep beep'', high, low, high, low, high, low for what seemed like forever then bang! 100.00 kg. Right on the dot! One gram less to be in double figures ... I hate that!!!!

Other interesting news, for anyone the slightest bit interested, I am now wearing size 38 jeans instead of 42's. I would have been wearing 44's except when I asked the guy in the store, Where are the 44's?, he said. "Over there in the Big Man's section." So I stuck with my excruciatingly tight 42's.

38's without gut sucking. Happy man.
And now let's get back to the countdown ...
Re: Labor Day Challenge!
03 Aug 2017, 11:09
Hi @Fat_Teacher! Our Labor Day is Sept. 4th this year. We consider it our "unofficial" end of summer. Most of the schools start back up around that weekend! That's great about the pants size. I get you. I refuse to buy "plus" size women's clothes! Although women's sizes are so inconsistent. I went shopping yesterday and got one shirt that's a Medium and fits just fine and another that's a Medium that's a little snug, so I'm going to try to exchange it today for a large!
Re: Labor Day Challenge!
03 Aug 2017, 14:19
Hello, so I'm sticking to my plan and fasting today. The scale was not in my favor today, and I know I'm not supposed to weigh every day but I just can't help it!

I watched an interesting video from butter bob. I tried to link it but couldn't figure it out. Anyway, he has a website, Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off. I watched a very interesting video about fasting insulin, and how fasting is like low carb but more powerful, and how fat people have more insulin in their bodies all the time than thin people do, and the way to change that is by fasting.
So it's always good to hear good things about fasting! Especially when I'm trying to fast!
Re: Labor Day Challenge!
03 Aug 2017, 15:50
I am in .. Never done a challenge before but I could use one . I guess my goals are to stick to plan ... 2 or 3 fast days a week and keep my carbs on feast days below 100G . I have thyroid disease and I i find if I eat to many I can not loose . I am hoping I can loose 5 pounds as I have quite a few to loose ! Good luck everyone ! :cool:
Re: Labor Day Challenge!
03 Aug 2017, 17:00
Yes, Monday Sept 4th - it always makes me feel a bit sad to be talking about the last day of summer when I feel our summer has hardly really started here in S. California. I know exactly how Tracie feels about those warm summer evenings and wanting to sit outside with a cool glass of "something" - that's my hubs and I, for sure - but we have been trying to cut down. On the positive side, I seem to have less of an appetite during the hot weather. Also, I have a birthday to negotiate during our challenge but I won't let it derail my overall plan !!!!!
Re: Labor Day Challenge!
04 Aug 2017, 13:49
W00t -- my fitbit app says my weekly average weight is under 200 . I haven't had a week of weigh ins averaging under 200 since my low last year. :-)

I've been behaving this week. We have a date night tonight, as our son will be off playing D&D. We are still trying to decide what we are doing and if we are going out to dinner or saving the money towards our next trip.
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