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Feliz año nuevo !

I feel embarrased, I dared to look at the last time I checked in and my stats , OMG !! :cry:

Oh well what's done is done, and I'm psyching myself to jump back on the wagon, and enjoy the ride.

Still holidays here in Spain until after the Three Kings have visited, and all my family have gone back.

But I've taken the first step, weighed and measured, upping my water, reducing the vino and starting to plan.

I look forward to the support once more from the group and hopefully contributing too.

I know this works, having lost 5 stone - but I let my eye off the ball.

HERE WE GO 2017 :clover:
Welcome back!

Yes, we all know what that's like. I jumped off the wagon with a great deal of exuberance this holiday season, and gained 10 lbs in six weeks. Amazing how quickly that can happen!!!

But it's a new day and we know what we need to do :-)
It's going to take some getting used to again.

I have a naughty thyroid too !!

Happy New Year x
Yes indeed!

But I just realized that I went two whole days with no chocolate.

I am aiming for a light day today. will try for nothing but starch free veggies and a grapefruit before dinner. Oh and tea, and my usual two espressos with a 1/2 tablespoon of half and half cream.
Welcome back!
I'm just so happy to learn that I'm not the only one who had to have a discussion with my wine-loving self :cool: :cool:
Hello @lynzinthesun - and welcome back!

Ooh, how I relate to you! I'm such a yo-yo dieter. I've successfully lost large amounts of weight a number of times over the years...but it's the keeping it off that's the problem!'re in very good company here on the forum...because we're not alone by any means. I must say, I could do with getting to grips with the psychology of eating - what makes me do what I do? Even when I know it makes no sense and will be damaging to me...that's the 64 million dollar question, if you ask me!

Best of luck and I'll look forward to seeing you on the forum!
Hi @Hazelnut20, I'm hanging in there starting week 4 - have lost 4 kgs :). My new go-to Fast day survival tool, is hot water with lemon & ginger - Cleansing too x

Good luck x
Hi Lyn

I just looked at your website. Wow! With all that wonderful food that you prepare, it must be very hard not to overindulge. Are you following the basic 5:2?

Good luck and best wishes :clover: :smile:
Lynzinthesun wrote: Hi @Hazelnut20, I'm hanging in there starting week 4 - have lost 4 kgs :). My new go-to Fast day survival tool, is hot water with lemon & ginger - Cleansing too x

Good luck x

Great Job @Lynzinthesun!
welcome back! You can do it!
I am also an old (in more ways than one), 5:2'er returning.
I lost over 8kg between April and August 2013 before going to the UK for three months with weight up 400g on return. But then a major foot reconstruction with over a 12 months recovery meant that by November 2016 another 5kg had appeared ; although managed to lose a large chunk of that after reading Dr.M.M's book on the Blood Sugar Diet and gaining a greater understanding of the action of carbohydrates in the body. (Know now not diabetic/pre-diabetic but wary not to develop as my Mother did).
Anyway decided that 5;2 should definitely be back on the agenda to really try and attain close to my ideal weight of about fifty years ago! (Today is my third Fast Day - middle of the day and no food/no hunger - lots of water - meal of around 360 calories tonight which I find suits me best).
One thing I would like to know is did other 5:2 returners delete old tracking data? Just that it is rather disconcerting to see reaching Mini Goal and Goal dates listed as December 2020 and November 2025 which I assume (I sincerely hope) is because of the 'missing' nearly four years!!
Hi again @cmce, if you contact @Moogie I am sure she can reset your tracker data or make whatever changes you want done easily.

It is great to have goals but I hope you don't mind me saying that maybe wanting to be your ideal weight from 50 years ago is very ambitious, and may not be the appropriate weight for you now. I know I seem to be a lone voice on this, but I do feel that aiming for good eating habits and a healthy body is a "better" goal than reaching a certain weight. But of course, if it is the loss of weight and reaching a certain goal weight that keeps you motivated, then who am I to suggest otherwise.

Anyway, best wishes for your success. :clover:
Hello @cmce. I'd like to back @Sassy1 up with the aiming for weight you were a few years ago. I remember reading a handy guide to setting realistic (and thus achievable) weight goals which stuck with me. You take your lightest weight /weight you were happiest at, add 1kg for every 10 years that has passed and also 1kg for each pregnancy. Perhaps this may help?
Good luck with your journey :clover:
Thankyou @Sassy1 and @janeg for your thoughts - and I agree about healthy food, a healthy body as well as realistic and achievable goals. ( I probably should have said that an aim to reach my weight of fifty odd years ago was a little tongue in cheek.)
I had decided on a couple of mini-goals, so that I feel as if I am getting somewhere, and my second but probably main goal is about 8lbs (3.6KG) above my ideal weight. Janeg am intrigued with the idea of 1kg per decade etc., I think I remember reading something similar (perhaps on this Forum years ago) but for some reason I thought it was one pound. I will wait with bated breath when I get closer to those weights to see which suits me best. (An open mind for the case of moveable goal posts!)
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