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Re: Well, here I am
16 Jun 2018, 20:23
As already mentioned, fasting changes cholesterol numbers in ways that don't conform to medical expectations which are based on an unhealthy and overweight population averages. So I'll predict that your total cholesterol and LDL numbers will be above the expected range. That your triglyceride number will be low, and your A1C will be normal.

Individual numbers such as total or LDL were once considered important. Since a study in 1997 however, they've been found to be very poor predictors from either a coronary disease or all cause mortality perspective. Other simple ratios, such as the three detailed below, however are highly predictive.

Triglyceride / HDL . . . Should be under 2.0. Ideal would be 1.0 to 1.2.

Total Cholesterol / HDL . . . Should be 4.5 to 5.0. Ideal would be lower than 4.0.

LDL/ HDL . . . Ideally should be below 3.5.

Be sure to compare these ratios with those from your previous test. Subjective measures, that we all rely on for progress, are individually satisfying - like, "I feel so much better, now that I've lost ...". Objective measures such as these ratios prove to everyone else that it's not just an opinion.
Re: Well, here I am
17 Jun 2018, 20:46
June 17-2018 Weight 162.75 BP 110/76
This is Father's Day in the US. My 2 boys are grown and gone but I got nice e-mails. One is in the Navy somewhere in the in the Persian Gulf the other teaches high school science.
So I decided to get myself something for Father's Day. Of course the first thought was what would be good to eat? Nope, can't do that anymore, the three reasons for eating, hunger, reward, stress. Eating because it Father's Day would fall under "reward" . Sooooooo, My t-shirts are getting to big they are size extra large, I wound up buying myself a coupe of size Large florescent t-shirts. A yellow one some other color. I just looked the other one is white, so make that one yellow and one white. LOL, I want colors that are nice and visible when on the bike.
The cholesterol on the blood tests I'm not to worried about it. I'm doing veggie fasting not high fat low carb. The only cholesterol left in me would be what my body makes and not from eating animal products. I did eat a small fish filet a week ago and sometimes a couple of eggs but few and far between on those till I get to stabilizing my weight. What is important to me is I can do things now without having to take the nitroglycerin tablets. I still carry them but I haven't needed one in a couple of months now. Thus far the stable angina has gone away and stayed away. I rode the bike 9.981 miles today and 20 mph wind. I rode directly into the wind for 1/2 mile on purpose just to test myself and that was always take the nitro pill time but now I can do it without the pills. And my average speed is going up a bit, I don't worry much about how fast I go but it's happening naturally.
Maggie and I walked early this morning while it was still nice and cool.
I also got some vitamin B12 and some magnesium supplements.... seems every time I watch a youtube there is another supplement to buy. I'm spending more on supplements than the meds cost me since my health insurance paid a bunch on those. There are some interesting things about magnesium/calcium ratios. Seems a lot of us don't get enough magnesium.... be careful with that stuff though it's a laxative or can be, and evidently a pretty good one.
So things are still going pretty well. I just ate some oatmeal so I'll get a bit drowsy and have a nice nap. Fasting and sleeping don't seem to go well. That's OK, I just have to much energy or awakeness ( I made that word up) at times while fasting and I like my naps. I miss my naps!
I thank everyone for taking this trip with me, it's helped so much knowing folks are interested in some old guy losing weight. I hope 100 or 1000 that read what I've posted get motivated to also "just do it" and start getting the pounds off. Others led me down this path and I certainly appreciate them sharing how they did it and the results as they traveled the weight loss journey.
OK, I'm going to lay down and find something boring to watch or listen to and doze off. This ought to do it.... first then
Re: Well, here I am
18 Jun 2018, 09:50
Dear Roscoe, because you wrote to my page, I decided to write to yours. I will be 62 years old soon. And I only now have a couple more kilos to lose and the pace is very, very slow. It was fascinating to read about your efforts. I basically eat twice each day. At afternoon tea time, (15:00) Every other day I have sugar free, low fat yogurt, with berries and half a Granny Smith apple. The every other day happened by accident once: I lost weight that day. So I have a little bit of vanilla Soy Ice cream and a chocolate digestive biscuit. At Dinner (18:00) I eat whatever we happen to have for a meal. My husband, who needs never to diet, has potatoes and I have a salad or Broccoli or Green beans or something like that. Otherwise I drink black tea and water. Except for afternoon tea I have a bit of milk with my tea. I no longer have a dog, but my husband and I walk every day about 5 km. 3something in the morning , and 2 something just before the afternoon tea. I am very short, so that is why I weigh less than you.
All the best to you efforts. Margot :clover:
Re: Well, here I am
19 Jun 2018, 01:19
June 18 weight 162 - 163 BP 125/82
Another day, I kind of goofed off today but fasting all day so far. I ate the oatmeal yesterday and it did the trick., I slept 4 or 5 hours. Today I did laundry changed the bedding, got the trash out by the curb and finally put the signal booster on the VHF antenna. It bumped one station up by 10dB but channel 13 still isn't coming in. It's the state run Public Broadcasting System so no telling if it's even working at their tower. They don't do as good a job as the for profit stations keeping things up and running. The trees are full of leaves also and that blocks the signals this time of year. I had to use a ladder to run some of the antenna wire and it's much easier doing things like that now.
My sister (a retired nurse) called, she lives in another state, I keep my sisters informed about mom and how things are going at the nursing home where mom is.
Of course my sister thinks I'm crazy for doing a keto diet, she is the oldest of the three of us, and both sisters are RNs. She had nutrition in nursing school and knows what she knows and says Ketosis is dangerous and deadly etc. etc. etc. Well I try to spread the word, but little brothers are always little brothers even if they will be 70 later this year. And an old friend called, he is in town and I'll see him Saturday, he hasn't seen me since I lost weight, he's in his 80s and never heard of such a thing as keto dieting. He's had a lot of health problems. It will be interesting to watch his reaction when he sees me.
I got the new hard drive the other day for this computer. I'll need to clone the existing hard drive over to it. Nothing will change much but it's a larger hard drive and when I defrag this one it says only 10% left. I've got a computer upstairs I can use to do the cloning, it's got extra power outlets and sata sockets. I just need to do it.
One of things that seems to have changed since keto'ing (another word I made up) my vision seems to be improved. I thought I was getting cataracts, maybe I was, but now things aren't hazy and the lights at night don't have a halo like they did. I noticed it early this morning while it was still dark and Maggie and I were walking. Might be due to the spinach I've been eating, spinach is supposed to be really good for the eyes and of course carrots and sweet potatoes.
So far no bike riding today, it's getting dark now but I have lights for the bike so maybe I'll go for a night ride.
That's about it for now, it was all in all a pretty good day. I got some things done that needed to be done and things to do tomorrow if the mood hits me.
8 more pounds to go to hit 155 then we'll see if I can stay between 155 and 160.
Later, Folks, Oh yeah, a new one ... just out today ... 9 Nutrition Studies Every Ketogenic Dieter NEEDS To Read
Re: Well, here I am
19 Jun 2018, 02:00
Here's a link to keep your sister busy: ... tritionist

And, for a little more hard-drive space consider using CCleaner. It'll clean the registry and can be used to delete old registry backups which can eat a lot of space.

Scroll down near the bottom until you see the green Download button.
Re: Well, here I am
20 Jun 2018, 14:13
June 20, 2018 Weight 164 BP 138/88 earlier it was 120/78
I've been eating more lately, 500-800 calories/day. Seeing what it does. Looks like a bit of a weight gain, but that should start back down as the old body adjusts. There ought to be at least a 1200 calorie/day deficit or a couple of "true" pounds off/week.
The results of the lab test are back. Everything was within limits. The all important Cholesterol (so they say) went from 106 last Feb22 to 167 June 15th HDL now 44 from 41 ... Triglycerides were 124 now 106 LDL were 44 now 103 cholesterol/HDL was 2.6 now3.8 Non HDL Cholesterol was 65 now 123 Glucose was 83 now 68 ,,,Protein was 6.9 now 6.7 ... all in all it looks good enough to me. Cholesterol went up because I quit taking the statin drug but it's below 200 .... I suppose it will go down some from here or maybe stay around this level. That's the change in 4 months. A bunch of other results but that covers the fat, sugar, protein stuff. Kidney function was good. All in all not bad for a 69 year old that partied to much for to many years. I did kind of take care of myself but not near enough.
I didn't do much yesterday, At least I didn't think I did but I'm a bit sore today. I did some inclined pushups and squats. My arms and legs and sides are a bit sore. I need to get some upper body strength going if I'm going to do those pull ups by the time I'm 70. I did walk Maggie our mile but we do that most every day.
ADFnFuel, I've got CCleaner but I've had problems with it deleting passwords and bookmarks .. then I have to look them up when I need to log on to some sites. The links to health line are good, but my sister is set in her ways.... it's hard to get information into a closed mind. I'd just go with Linux on this computer but I never got it to work multiple monitors very well and like everyone else there are some programs that require MSFT Windows.
Today is go visit mom again already so I better start getting ready, I have to fuel up the car on the way out of town. 74 miles to there and 74 miles back. Usually 2 or 3 hours visiting. I ate around 300 calories this morning, I'll probably take half a BP pill since it went up after eating. STK Save The Kidneys and whatever else high BP damages..... oh yeah the old heart and arteries.
Everyone have a good day, I intend to!
Re: Well, here I am
22 Jun 2018, 14:42
June 22, 2018 weight this morning 162.5 BP 120/85
Another plateau, maybe not but it seems like it. I fasted yesterday all day so I can get on down to 160. One thing I've learned from all this is, contrary to what I've always heard and believed, we can go without food or reduced food and still have plenty of energy. Also there is life with no or little sugar and processed foods.
Tomatoes and jalapeño peppers are on sale so I rode the bike down and got some of those yesterday and a couple of cans of spinach. Mainly because I wanted to ride the bike some and the grocery store is a place to ride to and back.
My chair! It's for big and tall people and I was having trouble getting it lean back now, It was adjusted all the way and I still had to push with my feet to get it to lean back. I got tired of that and got the hacksaw and cut the bolt holding the spring tension .... so now I can lean back easier and it's much more comfortable. I'll probably have to buy a different chair but this will do until I get around to shopping for a new office chair.
Maggie the dog and I had our walk early today. She reminds me if I don't get around to walking her.
I pretty much finished loading the pickup with the old lumber and it's ready to go to the landfill. I still need to work on the antenna feeds and see if I can't get a stronger more dependable signal to the TVs. And I haven't cloned the new hard drive... it's still in the box or I guess it is, I never opened it. I see the license tag for the scooter is due, that scooter costs more to keep tagged and legal than the car and the pickup put together. They call it a motorcycle and the cost is based on the year not the price so the scooter tag is the same as a 30K dollar HD motorcycle of the same year. What does this have to do with fasting ? I don't know I guess maybe as long as I'm typing I'm not eating? LOL
So all in all things are going pretty well, better than I ever thought possible. I'm still looking to get on down to 155 or maybe 157-158 and then hold my weight not over 160, it's much easier this time of year, next winter will be the big test. That's when I always put on a few pounds, then a few more. I swear this time it's different but we will see.
I really appreciate the tracker thing, whoever made it did really good job, easy to use and the graph tells it all.
Rut Row... doctor's office just called ... they are concerned about the LDL to HDL ratio jumping up since the previous blood tests and want me to start back on the statin drug. Who should I believe most ? My doctor or Dr. Berg? Maybe take the statins till the weight loss is stabilized?
I better watch the links that go with this video.
Re: Well, here I am
22 Jun 2018, 17:01
Doctors see so few fasters on a day by day basis, that we appear to be anomalous.

Stands to reason that one's LDL number would go up during fasting because the body is releasing fat to use as its alternative energy source. Why? Because fasting severely limits carbohydrate intake - the most-common source of glucose for those NOT fasting.

I plugged your two sets of numbers into my spreadsheet and all of your ratios are in the good to ideal range.

Another important ratio, possibly useful here, is ApoB/ApoA1 which is similar to the LDL/HDL ratio but looks at the actual cholesterol particle size. (Also, Tri/HDL is a surrogate here for particle size which shows that your numbers are good.)

The current go-to book on all of this is "Eat Rich Live Long" by Ivor Cummins and Jeffry Gerber. (With extensive references to applicable studies.) ... UTF8&psc=1


Edit: Another way to answer the cholesterol question would be to get a coronary artery calcium scan. (My wife went this route.) They run around $150 in the US, take just minutes, and aren't typically covered by insurance. (Again, detailed in the book above.)
Re: Well, here I am
23 Jun 2018, 22:28
June 23, 2018 Weight this morning 162.5 BP 132/88
I just got back from a 12 mile bike ride. I weighed after getting back and I was 160.5 and I took 1/2 a BP pill this morning and my BP was 96/72. Crazy ... now I'm drinking some water to replenish what I lost on the bike ride. I was going to lay down earlier for a nap but the lady down on the corner was at the door wondering if I'd put a loose shingle back in place. So I got the extension ladder and a hand full of screws and did that. I started up the ladder and HEY, this is easy. Last time I was on that ladder I probably weighed 50 pounds more. It made for quite a difference. After that I was kind of energized so I did the bike ride.
I've been thinking about the statins and I looked over the numbers again and they aren't as good as they were but they are good enough, so I think I'll keep doing what I've been doing and wait and see with the statins. I did take half a BP pressure pill this morning just to see what it would do. It appears it might be a bit to much and they are little pills and I don't think I cut them into quarters. Maybe getting on down to 160 will take care of it all. Thanks ADFnFuel for the information on the number crunching. Even the lab reports indicate the HDL/LDL is within limits. The main reason I don't want to take statins is the side effects and my total cholesterol on them was 106 and though the doctors said that was OK it seemed to low to me. I'm still a work in progress, maybe when I finally get the weight stabilized I will have the extra tests run.
Now what I need to do is start working on upper body strength and get a few muscles back. The fat is pretty much gone and I look like a 90 lb weakling, my legs are OK from all the bike riding and walking but I don't work like I use to so my upper body needs attention. I don't expect to look like a body builder but I ought be able to get some muscle back.
All in all I guess things are going pretty well. Maybe I'll get to 160 next week and I can start getting serious about upping the food intake and see if I can achieve the final hope forever weight of between 155-160.
That's about it for today, I'm pretty sure I'm going have a good nap now.
Re: Well, here I am
25 Jun 2018, 13:42
June 25 weight this morning 160.25 BP 130/90
Thunder storms, rain and clouds the past couple of days. Only 64 degrees outside so I'm waiting a while before Maggie and I take our walk. I'm happy with the weight this morning, Friday it was artificially low but today's weight ought to be an "honest"number. I ate over 1,000 calories yesterday and because of all the rain no bike riding, mowing or dog walking. I think it's supposed to clear up today so I can get back to doing things, like mowing and loading up that scrap pie of metal I want to see gone.
It's looking like I'll be taking 1/2 the old linsinopril/HGTZ blood pressure med. If I need to then that's what I'll do it. The new scrip will be for half of what the old was. I decided to not do the statins though. If it were up the drug companies and doctors everyone my age would be on them. I am checking out this aluminum thing also, there seems to be something to it ................maybe. Aluminum pans and in deodorant and even baking powder. I pretty much blew it off thinking all the things I've been exposed to over the years what's a little more but maybe this aluminum thing needs some attention?
All in all it's been a fun trip but now I'm close to the destination and knowing what comes next I hope I'm prepared to keep the pounds off. The biggest losers on that TV show have to sign a non-disclosure agreement so we don't hear how most of them put the pounds right back on. That's exactly what I don't want to happen to me. I'll be reporting on that on here and hopefully for years to come. Life after losing. I'm counting on you folks to help me with it!
No big plans for today, probably get the scooter tag and I need to get the dogs their chicken. That's always an eye opener now, I'll look at that 10 lb bag of chicken 1/4s and think, " I lost the equivalent four and a half of these bags?"
So much information now on nutrition, so many angles to it. I'm trying to decide what ought to be best for me. Something I can live with and keep doing.
Here's one I watched yesterday, Stuff I'd never heard about before, cells talking to each other via tubes? Seems pretty far out to me but he's got letters after his name so maybe there's something to it. GMOs, Glyphosate & Gut Health... and he got my attention on aluminum getting into our systems. Mom has dementia and I'd just as soon not put my kids through that if it can be prevented or minimized.
OK, I'd better got off my bony butt and go do something,
Re: Well, here I am
26 Jun 2018, 12:40
You’ve done so well @Roscoe. I really like your picture of the bags of chicken wings [incompatible emoji removed] it’s a real reminder of how far you’ve come.
I’m sure you’ll find a way to keep nutritionally on track. I know I do best with home prepared food, lots of veggies on my plate and I have to keep cookies and temptations out of the house! I am not following low carb, but I do need to keep rice, pasta and bread as occasional foods rather than daily ones.
Enjoy your walk!
Re: Well, here I am
27 Jun 2018, 11:28
June 27, 2018 this mornings weight 162 BP 130/80
Thanks for the comment and compliments, MerryMelb,
I mowed the whole back yard or most all of it yesterday. I usually split it up in 1/3rd and take three days but yesterday I kept going except for one break to rest a bit and drink a bunch of water. The heat index was 108. I sure couldn't do that a year ago. As usual I'd let it go to long and some of the grass and weeds were higher than the mower. My lawn care program isn't about making a pretty yard it's about keeping it from looking like a jungle or wildlife refuge. One snake didn't make it, I let them get away if I see them but all I saw was snake parts with that one.
Darn cable company raised the price of the internet 7 dollars a month, bill creep, everyone does it and next thing you know it's an extra 500 dollars/year just to keep what you've have. I get along as cheap as anyone I know and I high tailed it down to the cable company office to moan and groan, complain and whine, of course it didn't do any good. Their attitude is if you don't like it get a couple Dixie cups on a string and do it yourself. Same thing for the cable TV part ... so I showed them, I cut the cable and use antennas......... as I sit here and watch pixilated channel 13.
I got a couple more of size large slightly used t-shirts the other day so my new wardrobe is coming along nicely. I've have better luck buying the used stuff (which is sometimes new) from the 2nd hand shops because you can actually look it over and decide instead of it being in a package. But I draw the line at underwear! That I buy new.
No bike riding yesterday but the day before I did over 6 miles. This is the big hazard of riding a bike here is the way the town is laid out you have to get on the busier streets at times and some of them leave little room for a bike and two vehicles at the same time. ... 8146e.html ... I wish they would give more details of the incidents like this. It was getting dark and a bike without lights and white visible clothing is asking for trouble. I ride on that road but further south, you have to if you take the walking/bike trail out to walmart. I always wear a white shirt or jacket when riding or on the scooters because that's the most visible. The vehicles are supposed to give a bike rider 3 feet of clearance when passing but some of them cut it pretty close. If two or three cars together pass you the first one can see you the 2nd and 3rd might not have time to move over because the first car blocks their view. A lot of things to consider when on a bike.
162 lbs this morning, I was thinking it should have been 160 or less by now, but I drank a lot of water yesterday so I'll blame the extra two pounds on that. I'm pretty satisfied with the BP, the other day I tried half the BP med and got kinda woozy while riding the bike. I checked my BP when I got home and it was 87/65. To low for me, at least when riding the bike. I'll keep tracking my BP and eventually find what works best. I've been eating more but from what I've read and watched my metabolism might have slowed down so I might be eating less for a long time. That's OK, I've been eating only what I want and putting the rest away for later. Probably 1000 maybe 1200 calories/day now. Mostly whole plant stuff. A few canned things, I'll never get away from that. Even with the high salt content of the canned foods it's easy to stay below the recommended limits on salt. I've almost quit processed foods and any kind of sugar, some of it can't be avoided but we can sure cut it way down.
It's about dog walking time, Maggie lights up when I put on my socks and shoes. Rattle the keys and she runs in circles, she knows we are going to do something.
Later folks, and keep those cards and letters coming!
Re: Well, here I am
28 Jun 2018, 00:02
Got an 1100 watt, over-the-range LG microwave for ya, Roscoe! Works perfectly except that I'm tired of repairing the crumbling plastic around the handle. Three times is enough! The replacement arrives Friday.

Toasty here too, with up to 2", 1/10th pound (5cm, 47 grams!) hail the other day. Too dark at the time for the neighbor kids to be out trying to catch them with their baseball gloves as they did some years ago (only 1" then, no damage). You could see them falling for hundreds of feet/meters. Funny to watch until they got whacked! Damage this time not very obvious except for several shattered 12" (30 cm) ceramic tiles on my picnic table. Total shingle replacement progressing with the insurance and roof companies. First ever home claim for me, for any reason.

Recently sold my very nice road bike for far more than I expected to get out of it. (So much for my thankfully-fleeting thoughts of doing a du' or triathlon.) Same reasons you mentioned: far too easy to get crunched on the road for training rides.

More times than not recently, blood donation techs look at me sideways, so I occasionally do jumping jacks or run to raise BP to something over 90/60 and heart rate over 60 (normally 40's for me).

Customer loyalty rates went out the window years ago. Call a satellite company for their best rate as a new customer. Then when their rates go up in a year or two, call the cable company back. Exact same process applies to the insurance and phone company. They invented this idiocy, we can play their games too.

A suggestion, for restarting a plateau-d weight loss for fat-adapted individuals, tersely paraphrased from the book mentioned earlier: deliberately cut fat consumption. The body will then use more of its own to counteract that change. (A similar process mentioned elsewhere regarding loose skin after substantial weight loss, but with protein. Ahh, the wonders of autophagy.)
Re: Well, here I am
29 Jun 2018, 13:53
June 29, 2018 weight 165 ! YIKES I'm officially over weight again! BP 128/82
Thanks for the comments and replies. Now what would I do with another microwave? I have no idea but ya can never have to many of those things. If nothing else get the magnets out of the magnitron and have a super fridge magnet that won't ever fall off? Maybe go magnet fishing?
Now about this sudden weight gain. I finally was able to donate blood and I got a t-shirt and two little, itty bitty, packages of pretzels and boy were they good. So I went about making up for the 600 calories it's supposed to take to make all that blood that saved someone's life and helped keep the medical industry complex prosperous. Big mistake it appears. Another adjustment to make as I go
along. It's starting to look like I'm going to have to fast down to 156 so I can stay at 160 and below. No problem, I just have to do it. All I ate was veggies of one kind or another and one egg and some mixed powdered milk on cereal. Who says you don't have to worry about eating too many veggies? Actually it appears a lot of this sudden weight gain is probably water retention. I'll have a talk with my kidneys about that. I ought to be getting the lab report on the blood donation next week.
Three things to get done today, ride to Dollar Tree and stock up on their frozen spinach, change the oil in the car, and mow the alley. If I get one of them done I'll probably call it good enough. Another hot day coming up, heat index above 100 again. I did finally get the tag for the scooter and darn near lost my hat, a strong south wind so I was riding with one hand and holding onto my hat with the other. That's why you see the guys on motorcycles ride with their ball caps turned backwards and why you'll see me riding that way on the scooter in the future. But I'm back on the bike for now. It's easier and more leisurely and I can burn a few calories while doing it.
Not a whole lot else going on, Maggie and I had our walk but since the alley needs mowing we took the sidewalk home instead of the alley.
Tomorrow is go visit mom day at the nursing home already again. I got a nice 4th of July 2006 t-shirt to wear size large! at the 2nd shop the other day. Mom won't know the difference, it could be Christmas 1899 and she wouldn't know it wasn't. So we'll see how today goes... the tracker chart got wrecked on my nice down trend line. But that's what happens, the scales don't lie.
Re: Well, here I am
02 Jul 2018, 13:29
July 2, 2018 Today's weight 163 BP 130/90
Yesterday's weigh 161.5

That's how the weight bounces around. I ate what will be normal someday, yesterday. If that makes sense? In other words someday I'll be eating like that most everyday. I'm obviously not fasting like I was, I can get around much easier now, no chest discomfort problems, no gout, BP is still high but I think it's considered normal for most my age and that's without the BP meds now. I did take a 1/2 dose of the BP a while ago to see what happens. If I can get my BP down to 120s over 70s with meds then that's what I'll do.
Saturday was visit mom at the nursing home and it didn't go well. Mom is worried about her money again, .... it's good as gone paying for the nursing home. I keep telling her like I tried to 10 years ago we need to do some estate planning but she didn't listen then and wouldn't talk about it. Now she's so demissionalized ( I made that word up) she doesn't understand what's going on and there isn't much use even trying to explain things to her. Kind of a shame in a way, a couple or three great grand kids could have gone to college on the money that's will be gone. Oh well, I don't need her money and I told mom a long time ago to just take me out of her will when she tried to hang that threat over my head. But I remembered the causes for eating this time when I got home, hunger, reward and STRESS. I didn't chow down on food this time because of the stress. Instead I attempted to mow the front yard when I got home and got rained out on that before I got done. Saturday wasn't one of the best days of my life but I've sure had a lot worse.
Yesterday went much better and the scales were down, I'm trying to inch down past 160 but so far that hasn't happened. I might have to fast on down yet.
Maggie and I have been walking most every morning, today I found someone's smart phone. Looks like it fell off a bike. It's locked but I looked up how to get in contact with the owner maybe using the emergency thing on the locked screen. I plugged the charger into it and an "interesting photo came up for a bit" I think the owner would probably like to get that phone back.
I rode the bike over 10 miles yesterday, Maggie and I found someone's pass to Planet Fitness Sunday morning when walking so I turned that into the local Planet Fitness, that place is huge. The building used to be a grocery store but now it's full of treadmills and stationary bikes. Makes me think of what I keep hearing when watching the fasting videos, exercise can't fix a bad diet.
So all in all things are going pretty well. I've got the west yard to mow and the back yard again and lots of things to do. Dogs are out of chicken and I'm out of bananas so I'll take the bike to the store and get those.
This is my story also, I lost weight by improving my diet 6 years ago and avoided getting stints but then really got serious about 3 months ago.... and sure enough thus far the results seem to be what Doc Williams is talking about here. This starts at 37 minutes where the story I'm talking about begins ... .. Rich Roll has some good interviews, I enjoy watching his videos.
I might as well throw this in ... How to return a lost phone to its owner ..
That's enough for today, Thanks for being here, Folks! Typing this out like this keeps me on track.
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