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Re: Well, here I am
04 May 2018, 04:05
Ha ha ha @ADFnFuel :razz: :razz: :razz: I do love butter, though, and now that I am having sandwiches again, my butter intake has increased significantly...

Thanks for the link @roscoe, I have started watching it. I should reserve my comments until I have viewed it all...
Re: Well, here I am
05 May 2018, 09:40
5/5/2018 181 lbs
Finally I got another pound off. I'm looking forward to working on the 170 but I've still got a couple of pounds to go before I get to the 170s.
Yesterday I ate a breakfast of bran-flakes with a banana sliced up with it, powdered milk, and an avocado I'm estimating around 500 calories maybe 600. Then fasting the rest of the day. I hadn't intended to fast the rest of the day but I fell asleep early and never got around to eating again. I did get hungry a bit after but I was to lazy to get up and fix something and the hunger went away.
It was a good day, lots of sun and nice weather. I rode the bike out to walmart and checked my blood pressure, 130's something over 89, that's after riding 4 ,miles and the last part against the wind. Good enough for now. I take a couple of types of blood pressure pills twice a day and I'm hoping I can reduce that as the weight comes on down. Then on to Dollar Tree ... yes, Dollar Tree. I got a couple of packages of Brussels sprouts and some bottles of vitamin E capsules there. Their candy isle is something else the whole isle both side nothing but candy all the way. Another isle has packaged chips on one side all the way. But there is also some nutritious food, some of the frozen stuff, frozen veggies!.
My friend that is losing weight was over working on the empty rent house and I talked to him. He's doing OK and his wife decided to lose some weight also he said but she is in pretty good shape already and doesn't need to lose as much. The neighbor who is dieting ... she has a long long ways to go. If I heard the numbers correctly she has 150 lbs or more to lose. It would be pretty cool if that happened.
All in all it's been a couple of good days. I'm still working on the challenge of permanently changing my eating habits when the time comes. For now the dopamine and serration I get from the scales going down is enough to ofset any that would be generated by the food I would tend to eat. That will pass I know and then the battle of forever weight control begins. The main things that have changed for now is sugar free and meat free for all practical purposes. A little fish whatever sugar is already in the foods, some eggs and the powdered milk and lots of veggies. and fasting. All in all I feel good, sleeping well, and have plenty of energy so everything seems to be OK. I never had a bit of chest discomfort during the bike ride yesterday a lot different than 6 years ago when I couldn't walk a 1/4 mile before stopping to rest because of the chest pain.
I thank you folks for being here and one of the many things I've read is those on diets that make a journal, they have a better success rate.
Here's a link for the watching, From UCTV ... they are a bunch of health nuts but know their business. "Food and Mood Connection- Research on Aging"
Thanks again!
Re: Well, here I am
06 May 2018, 21:27
May 06, 2018 182.5
I ate a can of butter beans last night, not that many calories but the salt probably brought this morning's weight up. That's OK, it happens.
Maggie and I had our walk this morning and I scored a curb find computer. I'll tear it down later and see what it is. It's some kind of homebuilt thing with a what was a kind of fancy case and old video card and still has the power supply and mother board. I pick them up mainly to take them apart. Later I rode the bike and a guy had some lawnmowers out front, one of them had an engine like I need to for parts on that lawnmower that won't run......yet, but it will someday. His mower was non running but he started at 40 and dropped to 20 dollars, I went back a while ago to offer him 10 but he was gone. I'll try to catch him later.
What else? Oh yeah, I rode the bike to the Lumber yard/home supply and got a new faucet for the back of the house and changed that. It was a nice 8.5 mile bike ride. I stopped at Aldi's on the way back and got some avocados and some salsa. The new faucet is on and no drip drip drip now.
I was going to mow the front yard but it's 92 F outside and I decided to wait a bit, in a couple of months this will seem like a cool day but for now it feels like a hot day.
This time of year I usually lose weight but this year I'm losing a lot of weight, at least so far I am. I ate some bran flakes with sliced bananas for a late breakfast. I've started mixing the powdered milk in a smaller container so I won't or can't eat to much cereal at one time. One day at a time.
Another video ... Centenarians Give Advice on How to Live to 100 Years .. ... vegetarian people, probably something to it. Take what you want, leave the rest from the videos.
I doubt I make to 100 but I wouldn't mind being healthy at 80 if I can still get around somewhat. In the meantime I'm just living life and waiting on the lbs to come off.
Re: Well, here I am
08 May 2018, 11:56
May 8, 2018 181.5 lbs.
Stuck in the lower 180's it seems. I fasted all day yesterday and thought I'd for sure would see 180 on the scales this morning... nope, it didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow or the next day.
I stayed pretty busy all day yesterday and rode the bike 8.5 miles, no chest pains or discomfort ! I was looking at the calories used for bike riding and no faster than I go .... not very much per mile. Maybe 35 or 40 calories per mile. I hardly ever hit 10 mph. That's OK, I'm riding to enjoy it and get the exercise. My best days for physical fitness are long gone, but I want to do what I can to keep what I've got.
Here's a video I watched yesterday, "Ketosis v. Plant-Based - Diet Wars with Cardiologist Joel Kahn, MD" ..
I thought if was pretty good. So many different opinions on the best way to do ketosis, I kind of like the plant based stuff, at least for now.
It's dog walking time, we have to go early or it gets to warm for Maggie, she's starting to show her age and since she is a small dog she's low to the ground and once the sun hits the pavement it heats up fast down low where she is.
Everyone have a great day,
Re: Well, here I am
10 May 2018, 00:12
Seems those guys are as passionate about their methodologies as others are about theirs. Rightly enough, someone recently said "Different camps exist, and thrive, because we don't know enough to prove one is true".

A related post:

Our advantage is being able to read about (research) them all, cherry-pick the low risk/high payoff components, then self-experiment to determine what works best for us. AND ... we get to do it well before the science is in, and before getting "treated" comes with an appointment, a monthly premium, co-pay, deductible and a one-size-probably-doesn't-fit-all prescription having more side-effects that benefits.

:lol: :lol: Gotta luv it.
Re: Well, here I am
10 May 2018, 14:05
Interesting vgan-keto link. Thanks ADFnFuel.
Today I finally made it below 180 lbs. 179 on the old scales ! 19 more pounds to go. I fasted all day yesterday, 24 to 30 hours, water and black coffee only. I'm going after the visceral fat now. The angina seems to have gone completely away now. Stable angina was what I had or maybe still have but the last few bike rides and lawn mowings ..... no problem. We'll see if it stays gone.
Yesterday was go see mom at the nursing home, That makes for a long stressful day. 3 hours of driving and 3 hours dealing with mom. She's in her own world and manipulative. Anyway that's over for another 10 days. She was a little sharper than usual yesterday. I ran into another visitor while there and he was obviously a type II diabetic and I mentioned cutting out sugar and reversing the diabetes. I might as well have been a martian from space. He couldn't imagine not having any sugar because it's in everything. He said his doctor has him on the correct amount of insulin and blah blah blah.... problem solved.... well, I tried, ya can't save them all.
All in all yesterday was a good day, today is looking good. I ate some breakfast, warmed up left overs from a couple of days ago but only about half of what was on the plate. So now I have left over left overs. Whatever?
I'm not really sure what I'd call my keto diet, I'm thinking if I don't eat more than 400 or 500 calories then in a couple of hours the calories have to come from somewhere in the old body to keep me going. I do know I'm losing weight a lot faster than one to one fat to energy conversion, or I think I am. So far I still feel OK doing what I'm doing. A little light headed at times when I first roll out of bed or bend over and stand up , but that might be blood pressure coming down. I'm very careful about getting up to fast and it quickly passes.
Here's a pretty simple refresher for keto dieters .... A keto diet for beginners ,,
Re: Well, here I am
11 May 2018, 02:10
Congrats on your continued progress!

I can count at least seven people that could've been helped if I'd only knew then about what I've learned since. It can be most frustrating.

There's a non-salt solution for lightheadedness you may want to try. Instead of getting up immediately after sitting for an extended period, try pressing both feet into the floor directly below the front edge of your chair, as if you were pushing your hips towards the back of the chair to sit more upright. This warms up both the hamstring and calves. Do this 10-15 times, then get up.

Re: Well, here I am
12 May 2018, 11:44
Nice to see you here bro. And also glad to read your plan here. :)
Re: Well, here I am
13 May 2018, 16:47
May 13, 2018 180.5 lbs.
Ouch ouch ouch! My lower back is hurting. No big surprise really, I kind of expected it. When I lose weight and get active this time of year it seems to happen. Losing that fat changes things around inside and the weight distribution, and I get more active. It's always quit hurting on it's own, sometimes it takes a couple of days sometimes a couple of weeks and it's been worse. It just slows me down and keeps me from doing things I'd like to be doing. The best part though is so far no gout! Now that is really painful. I'll take this lower back problem over gout anytime, although I'd rather not have either. I haven't been bothered with with the stable angina in a month now, I'm hoping that is long gone forever but I'll still carry the nitrostat pills, just in case.
All in all things are going pretty well. I still want to get to the 170s and start working on towards 160 but it takes time to
I seem to be stuck around 180 lbs now, if I can't run and jump and play then we know what happens. Oh yeah, eat. But this time it's different....... famous words. We'll see how I do. I'm pretty determined to get this weight thing under control once and for all so it might just be different this time.
I did manage to walk a mile with Maggie yesterday but it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do with my back still bothering me. We went slow and careful, walking is supposed to be good for our backs...... so they say. The dizziness standing up isn't a problem right now since I have to get up slow... real slow due the back pain. I was watching some chiropractor videos, I've never been to a chiropractor but folks I've talked to that have say they helped and some of the videos are impressive. I'm just thinking about maybe someday going to see one, maybe.
All in all I'm happy with the progress so far. By the way, my knees are in the best shape and pain free as they've been in the last 5 or 10 years. I'm going up and down steps easily.
That's about it for now. Hopefully I'll make it back down to the 170s soon, it has to happen if I behave my self.
More later,
Re: Well, here I am
16 May 2018, 13:24
May the 16th 2018 Yesterday 178 1/2 today 179 1/2 ....
The 14th was a fast day ... yesterday I ate, It seemed like I ate a whole lot but I guess it wasn't all that much. When I weighed this morning it was after a couple of cups of coffee and a glass of water.. I thought it would probably be a bit higher.
Yesterday was a time out day, I rested my back (not a lot of choice) and ate what will someday hopefully become normal eating. I even had some sausage links although the dogs talked me out some of it.
I buy the dogs 10 lb bags of chicken 1/4s and re-bag those into smaller bags and freeze them (the chicken 1/4s not the dogs). I was looking at the 10lb bag and thinking I've lost 2 3/4 of this? I guess so, And another 1.8 bags of these to go? I guess so, I don't know from where but it's coming off. I can't imagine carrying around 4.6 of those bags of chicken parts everyday but that's what it amounted to.
Another example would be the one pound packages of butter, 27 1/2 half of those....... gone?, 17 1/2 more to go, but the raw chicken is more dramatic.
So another day begins, I've stopped the beta blocker BP pills to see what happens, I'll check my blood pressure a couple of times/day or at least once a day and get right back on them if I need to. I go to the doctor next month and I don't know what I'll tell him... the truth I guess. Yeah, I've been fasting, yeah I quit the statens, yeah I'm only taking the one BP pill. He'll probably have a few things to say ending with "pay the lady on ur way out". LOL
I wish I had my old doctor back, she didn't speak much English and anything I said she just nodded her head "yes".
So that's that's how things are going here in paradise USA, Another curb find lawnmower the other day, Looks like a classic from the 1970s maybe. I'll get it running and give it away, lawnmowers are like stay cats and puppies, you can't keep them all.
It rained a while ago but as soon as it dries up a bit Maggie and I will attempt our walk.
Oh yeah, another good thing, size 32 pants and I can even pull them up around my naval, old man style, some muffin topping but not much.
Roscoe (size 32 Roscoe)
Re: Well, here I am
17 May 2018, 10:50
Congratulations on your success so far! You are doing great! Be careful adjusting that medicine though!!!
Re: Well, here I am
19 May 2018, 21:56
May 19, 2018 177 lbs this morning.
I'm getting some kind of unsecured website message for fastday. So I'm using the little raspberry pi computer for this now for this. If anyone hacks it they will be disappointed.
29 lbs down and 17 more to go... I biked out to wallyworld yesterday checked my BP on their machine and bought a home blood pressure monitor. One of the old fashioned kind, with a pump and analogue mechanical dial and rinky dink stethoscope. I can get close enough with it to know how the blood pressure is dong.
Today is day two fasting this last go around. I'm tempted to see if I can fast down to 175 before eating. I feel fine and I'm not hungry. So far this has gone better than I ever thought it could. I had a longer reply but when I hit send I got a notice to log in and it was lost. So attempt number 2. Tomorrow is go visit mom at the nursing home again so another long day. We'll see how it goes, I may be eating a few peanut butter crackers on the way home if I get to tired.
Roscoe (holds his breath and hits send)
Re: Well, here I am
20 May 2018, 11:32
Hi @Roscoe - the website has just let their security certificate expire. It's not really a big deal, especially since we are not posting credit card information or anything like that. I did send an email to the support email address to alert them. But no one can hack into your computer because of it! :smile: Cool that you are using a Raspberry pi though!
Re: Well, here I am
21 May 2018, 15:20
May 21, 2018
Weight this morning 175 !!!!!!!
Surprised me, I ate yesterday evening can of spinach 60 calories ... two small microwaved sweet potatoes with some butter and mustard ( don't ask my why but I've developed a craving for mustard and it's low calorie) I'm guessing 250 calories, next a Michelina's Beef & Peppers frozen dinner 270 calories, then the peanut butter crackers I got for the trip to visit mom at the nursing but never ate 600 calories and some butter on those another 100 calories. So it looks like 1180 calories for the past 3 days. The label on the peanut butter crackers is almost impossible to read. And I left one serving unopened, some of the other numbers are estimated but I think they are pretty close. There are so many variables involved it's easy to be tricked into over eating. The only really accurate measurement is when I step on the scales. Good old fashioned doctor's scales, weights and gravity.
So I ate like a pig yesterday even... at least it seemed like it, lol.
At the nursing home where mom is I visit her every 10 day so the visits altrnate with the weekday/week end shits there, so they hadn't seen me in 20 days, The nursing home mom is in is 75 miles away and I didn't have any say in her being there. I've told her if she was here I could visit every day ........ but that's another story... anyway .. the nurses there were talking diet probably because it's petty noticeable since I'm not as fat as when I started visiting mom there. One of them was interested in this fasting thing so I turned her on to some web sites with youtube and key words ... fasting, ketosis, type 11 diabetes reversal, etc.
So I'm back to fasting again today, 15 more pounds to go. It's starting to look more and more like when I get there to maintain it I'll have to wait till evening to eat. The insulin/hunger cycle seems to be the main problem. If I eat carbs early I'll soon be hungry and wind up eating all day.
Another thing for those of us that have had gout problem ...quote from some doctor ... Trying to lose weight by fasting can put you at risk of gout attack, The main reason is because when you fast the level of ketones in your body increases, and ketones compete with uric acid for excretion.
I'm still using the raspberry for this, the reason I got the raspberry is because it only used 6 or 7 watts and I can leave it on 24/7.... I never bothered to buy a case for it, I hung it on the wall with a bread tie. I use it to keep and eye on the markets real time streaming. if you're interested in the markets.
I guess that's about it for today.
More later,
Re: Well, here I am
21 May 2018, 15:25
ummmm that ought to have been SHIFTS ..... I hope that isn't what we call a Freudian slip and not a typing error.
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