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Re: Well, here I am
22 May 2018, 19:34
May 22, 8018 174 pounds
Actually a bit under 174. Another fasting day so far. I'm finding this diet/fasting/ketosis thing rather enjoyable. It's pretty cool to just lay in bed watching TV thinking about the old body having to use the fat just laying there. My fat stomach is pretty well all gone, I've got q couple of big dimples instead. But 14 more pounds are coming off so there's still fat somewhere, there better be or I'm in trouble. I rode the bike yesterday and today ( 11 miles) and walked Maggie both days. I found another in store with a sit down blood pressure machine and it gave me a higher reading than what i got here at home but I rode the bike 4 miles home so it could be higher or lower depending on a lot of variable. I'm doing half the beta blocker trying to taper off those. Beta blockers you don't just stop taking! Rebound effect and dangerous if we do. Still no angina showing up and that's great. The store BP machine put me into the stage 1 hypertension by ONE mm on the systolic reading . Heart rate which is important with the beta blockers was 88 that's good enough at this point.
For me at the present time eating later in the day, then 1, 2 ,3 days and eating later on the 3rd day, then do it all again, seems to be working. When I near the 160 lb goal I'll have to start making some changes, permanent forever changes so I can hopefully say 6 months and year and 5, 10 years from now I've been able to maintain my weight . I'm not even sure why I decided when I did to lose the final 46 lbs. Getting up and down when hooking up computer cables I know was one of them. Something that sticks in my mind is I bought some t-shirts and by mistake I got long ones that you have to tuck in. That didn't work with my belly hanging out. So I bought some more and.......... yes, made the same mistake. So now I had a supply of those things to last me a life time and the only way I could wear them was to lose that weight. Seems ridiculous but that might have been the final deciding factor. I can wear them now, tucked in. There are a lot of other reasons also, staying mobile as long as possible also comes to mind and being able to do the things I like to do.
I really like the tracking thing on this website. The graph works great.
A big Thank You to the Fastday people for making this possible and thanks for the support from all of you reading this.
More later,
Re: Well, here I am
24 May 2018, 19:06
May 24, 2018 still at 174 this morning,
I'm stuck at 174. Water retention it seems. Tuesday I cut a bunch of shrubs and samplings and I think got hay fever. I felt pretty bad and was worried maybe I fasted to much so I ate 5 or 6 hundred calories and went to bed. Next day Wed I felt much better again and mowed the alley for the whole blocks. There are some empty lots and empty houses and if I don't mow it and trim the saplings it doesn't get done and by June the alley would be a jungle instead of an alley. I like to keep it so we can drive through it and keep it easy for Maggie and I to walk through on our walks. . Last night I ate a small bowl of oatmeal and couple of getting to ripe bananas before bed. 400 calories, maybe 500.
I'm thinking the weight ought to start coming down when the water comes out, sooner or later. I'd sure like to see 160's and get started on those.
Not a whole lot else going on, got another mower up and running, the ethanol in the gas is usually the problem as it causes problems with the carburetors and the old metal fuel tanks. Maggie and I are walking every morning while it's still cool,, my back is pretty much all better now so the walking is much easier. Blood pressure seems to be going down like it should. I'm going to ride the bike out to walmart when I finish this and I'll check it on their in store BP machine.
That's about it for today..... 174 and holding there for now, it's got to come down or I'm living on air and water only and that would be perpetual motion.
Re: Well, here I am
25 May 2018, 15:14
May 25, 2018 173 1/2 this morning .
After riding to walmart and back yesterday it was 173. Blood pressure on walmart's BP machine said 107/76. I had about 600 calories later, spinach, tomatoes, and some healthy choices vegetable soup. I wasn't really hungry but wanted to see what would happen if I ate it. I'm trying to eat nutritious things as I go along when I eat. I also ate the last 4 four store bought peanut butter crackers.... I could sure taste the salt and corn syrup they put in those things.
Not a lot else going on , thunderstorms this morning so Maggie and I didn't walk and it will probably heat up to fast for her to go walking . I'm not sure what I'll do today, maybe just goof off even more than I usually do.
Later Everyone,
Re: Well, here I am
26 May 2018, 15:00
May 26, 2018 172 pounds 12 more to go.
Finally those pounds came down. Probably a bit low due to losing a bit more water and not making it up yet, but that's what it was, I'll take it.
Yesterday's big event was crashing off the side of the ramp off the porch that I ride my down. A pretty good fall for someone getting up in years. I scuffed up my leg and knee but no serious damage so I sat on the porch for a while then rode 12 miles.
A pit bull puppy maybe a third ways grown came up on my heels and I was thinking, "no problem" but then here came the mom or daddy pit bull and ut oh, this could be a big problem. Those dogs followed me for two or three blocks the pup at my heels and the big stout one behind the pup. I won't be going down that street again on my bike. I also won't be riding it down the ramp anymore.
I checked my blood pressure at the drug store machine and it 127/84 heart rate 101. I may have to cut back on coffee to get that heart rate down.
I fasted yesterday and I'll probably eat some this evening before bed. That seems to be working best for me although I didn't sleep all that well last night but I feel rested and fine so far this morning. I can always take a nap. I guess the plan is to eat healthy this evening before bed if I feel like I can go another day comfortably fasting I might try it. I'm still anxious to see what happens as I near the target weight and how I'll adjust to that. I'll find something that works and I suspect fasting will be the way.
This is a three day weekend in the state, a big eating day for most, hot dogs and hamburgers and BBQs. No problem, they can do it, I've had my share over the years and now I'd rather be "normal" and healthy. It's a shame what we learned for eating habits, the food companies are nothing but drug dealers, same business model as the cigarette companies once had, except food laden with high fructose corn syrup being their drug to sell. A couple of years ago you couldn't have gotten me to believe that but I sure do now. The commercials on the TV the products on the store shelves, it really is a crime. OK I'll get off my soap box now.
Let's all have great day and a great weekend and if you're in the states a great Memorial Day.
Re: Well, here I am
28 May 2018, 10:16
May 28, 2018 Weight this morning 172 pounds BP 103/76 pulse 125
I'm up early today. Sunday night some leg cramps but I ate broccoli sprouts with a bit of salt and butter last night with some healthy mushroom soup and no problem last night with cramps.
I was down to 171.5 pounds yesterday but that was after a 9 mile bike ride. This morning the official weighing in weight was 172. I should hit 170 this week sometime.
Most everything seems to be going OK thus far. I'd like for the heart rate to come down, Pulse of 125 was within range since I rode the bike over 4 miles to the BP machine. Resting pulse rate I hope will eventually be in the 70s range. I'm tapering off the beta blocker BP meds and there is a rebound effect when doing that. We'll see how it goes. 12 more pounds to go yet. Not a lot going on around here. I worked on the fence some and fixed some lose boards. Walking Maggie and riding the bike and not getting around to doing some things I really ought to be doing like some major repairs to the house and hauling a bunch of scrap metal off. All in all it's an enjoyable time of the year.
That's about it for today.
Re: Well, here I am
28 May 2018, 12:19
Sounds like you are doing great! Good job on the 9 mile bike ride! I only weigh myself very first thing in the morning! In some ways I think I should go back to once a week, but I think the daily information is good, as long as I know it can and will fluctuate some!
Re: Well, here I am
28 May 2018, 16:33
You may find a simple check of recovery heart rate after exercising to be interesting, Roscoe. Check out steps 2 and 3 here: ... eart-rate/
Re: Well, here I am
29 May 2018, 13:31
May 29, 2018 Weight this morning 71.25 pounds
Thanks for the heart rate info ADFnFuel. I'm still coming off the beta blockers so it will take a while for the heart rate to settle down to normal, it might not ever get there, I don't know. The beta blockers block the effect of adrenaline so when we stop them there is a rebound. So I'm taking it easy reducing the beta blocker med.
I've looked at heart rate monitors and I might get one.
Not a lot to report, I kind of planned to eat more yesterday but after 500 calories I got sleepy and never got around to eating again. A friend came by for a lawnmower part and went into great detail about the BBQ or smoked something he had made.... so I went into great detail about how he's eating way to much sugar and not reading labels like he ought to ...... trade off. LOL fighting fire with fire.
Another neighbor called her pilot light was out on her hot water heater and no hot water. I wound up over there getting it going again and it was a really tight fit doing it. I couldn't have done it three months ago and if I'd tried I'd still be stuck in her closet. Please no comments! That's where the hot water heater was......
All in all a nice enjoyable day yesterday.
Today Maggie and I had our walk, she spotted a skunk and I had to carry her so she wouldn't slip her collar and go after it. She's only 20 lbs so no big deal carrying her a couple of blocks though she still wanted to go after that skunk when I set her back down.
No big plans for the day. I've been thinking about the next 5 or 6 pounds and what happens after that. Some kind of soft landing to the 160 goal is kind of the plan. Ramp up the eating gradually but still lose weight and hopefully arrive at 160 eating the amounts and things I should to keep that weight.
Looks like another good day so far, laundry drying, dishes washing, chicken for the dogs cooking. Drinking some coffee and watching the news and this one. , . ... something about eating for life.
I can't begin to explain the relief I feel finally getting these last pounds gone and my weight under control.
Thanks again for being here, to everyone, if I can do it You can do it,
Re: Well, here I am
30 May 2018, 12:58
May 30, 2018 weight 170 pounds blood pressure 120780 pulse around 80
Oops, to much weight loss to soon. I was thinking 170 by Friday or Saturday. So I ate breakfast this morning. Ready for this? Steamed frozen spinach and cottage cheese ... some mustard on the spinach, then chopped onions and peppers cooked in a skillet with an egg broken on top. Stirred until cooked good enough and some salsa on top of that. Half of that went in the fridge as leftovers. That's the cool thing about dieting, things we normally wouldn't care for start to look delicious.
Today is go see mom day at the old folks home... three hours of driving and three hours at the nursing home. Makes for a long tiring day.
I mowed the front yard yesterday then waited till was cooler to start mowing on the back yards. I got some of them done and called it good. I'll finish tomorrow or when I get around to it. I'm not a yard freak, Whatever grows gets mowed. Clover, grass, weeds, it all goes through the mower including an occasional snake. If I see the snakes I let them get away but some don't show up till it's to late. The dogs like to hunt them also.
As usual, I got some doctor bill from last Dec. I have no idea what it's about. I'll make some calls and see if we can get it straightened out. I think they pull those bills out of their butts, send them and it's up to us to defend it. I really don't have a lot of good to say about our health care/ health insurance industries here. They talk preventive medicine but it turns out they are mainly looking for things they can charge for. Yes I understand, lawyers, med school loans, over head ... blah blah blah but the health care system will bankrupt the USA if current trends continue. Type II diabetes is one of the biggest costs now for health care and going up.
OK, I'm off my soap box ... I gotta get ready for the trip to go see mom .... 200 bucks a day is what it's costing mom to be there. When her money runs out medicaid kicks in and pays what the nursing home can charge medicaid. I'm sure it isn't 200/day.
That's about it for today, Here's a 30 second clock I use to check my pulse rate ... how lazy can a guy get?
Sassy ... get well fast!
Re: Well, here I am
30 May 2018, 14:23
How crazy... a youtube video for every thing... :-)

I cheat. No PC required. Count heart beats for 6 seconds. Multiply by 10. Done.

My mother in law spent her entire savings on nursing home care in the first few years, then "got even" on Medicare/medicaid by living there 11 years. Quality of care difference of her money vs the govt? None. Equally bad. Tis existence, certainly not living. My kids would occasionally walk down to visit her, then push her wheelchair a half mile to nearby restaurants for lunch. They loved it. As a family we'd "prison break" her out of there as often as possible. I'll always remember hearing her comment from the kitchen area when her daughter told her that we were getting married - "Do you have to?". "NO, mother!!". <lol>

Say Hi to mom for us. Does Maggie go for the ride?
Re: Well, here I am
30 May 2018, 22:47
Thanks for your good wishes @roscoe. Saw the physio yesterday and don't have any damage apart from the clavicle (and bruising). Muscles and ligaments held up well! He has suggested a bone density scan - as I am a woman of a certain age...

Nursing homes... Or "residential aged care" - the preferred term here... The ones you and ADF describe sound similar to those in Australia. Some are okay but many are not. And even those that are okay don't necessarily cater well for the range of issues that residents can have. I just know I don't want to end up in one (the way they are now) and so we are exploring the options. I think the baby boomer cohort really needs to use its numbers to have changes made to how aged care operates. I like the idea of small group houses - where you have adequate private quarters but share the main living areas, and there are facilities for live in carers once there is a need for that. Situated not far from a hospital and other (health) services.

I continue to enjoy your reports Roscoe, you seem to be doing well - though not eating very much?? Best wishes.
Re: Well, here I am
30 May 2018, 23:15
One alternative here are "55 and over communities", very pricy. Otherwise we've similar to what you describe, based on condos or apartment living with levels of care as middle-range options.

At a hopefully minimal risk to hijacking Roscoe's thread, two other points if I may.

1) Hey matching injuries! I broke my left collar bone so long ago now, that there's little doubt that it's well on it way to becoming a fossil. (Not me, just it.)

2) Regarding that bone density scan. I'm reasonably certain that they use DEXA. If so, specifically tell the technician that you want to know your "lean mass", "fat mass", and "bone mass" numbers. There are many useful things that can be learned from these. (For me, it was curiosity driven. Considering a post about it.)
Re: Well, here I am
30 May 2018, 23:49
Thanks for that advice re the scan ADF. :like: Don't know if I want to know my fat mass tho! :razz:

We have retirement villages which I guess are the same as the 55 and over communities you mention? Each couple/person has their own separate unit, but there are shared facilities such as lawn bowling greens (very popular here), libraries, general purpose living area (rarely used except when entertainment is provided tho). Based on the ones I have seen, I have no intention of going into one of those. Very cliquey. But people who live there seem to like them. Some do also having nursing homes attached - but I don't think these are any better than the dedicated aged care facilities. You pay a lot of money for the facilities, but the quality of care does not necessarily improve. There are exceptions of course.

PS Re your fossilized (!) collar bone - I hope you don't mean there are any problems with it?? Assume not. How did you break yours?
Re: Well, here I am
31 May 2018, 01:26
Understand the concern, but don't absolutely need the fat mass number because the other two numbers can be used to calculate a home scale weight value for any desired healthful fat percentage. The value of that? In contrast with our goal weight thoughts when we first started 5:2, there's no more guessing about what one's ideal weight might be.

Broke my collar bone in a motocross in my twenties. Bicycle crashes - going over the handle bars, say - can be worse even with a helmet and gloves.
Re: Well, here I am
31 May 2018, 01:59
ADFnFuel wrote: 2) Regarding that bone density scan. I'm reasonably certain that they use DEXA. If so, specifically tell the technician that you want to know your "lean mass", "fat mass", and "bone mass" numbers. There are many useful things that can be learned from these. (For me, it was curiosity driven. Considering a post about it.)

Yes, they insist on giving DEXA scans to all the "old ladies" here in the States. They recommend medication for osteoporosis, but I refuse !!!!
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