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Re: Well, here I am
31 May 2018, 16:39
May 31 Weight 173.5 !
Yesterday was just awful. The trip to visit mom at the nursing home was worse than usual, the worst yet. 1 1/2 hour drive there, then 3 hours of constant, you need a hair cut and shave your beard, take me to the drug store, your dog needs to see a vet, I want this, I want that, you did this when you were growing up, you did that ... and on and on and on. I'm not the kind to put up with that kind of thing and I told her no, no NO! But it's a contest of who can wear who down. Finally after three hours of putting her in her wheelchair and rolling her around then back in bed then back in the wheel chair I won. A pyrrhic victory maybe but I survived to make it back home (another 1 1/2 hours of driving). It was exhausting, the mental part.
No surprise mom doesn't have any outside visitors and I'm the only living relative in a thousand miles that will go visit her or I wouldn't go. Anyway that's over for another 10 days. When I got home I chowed down, I was wondering what that would that would do to my weight and boy did I find out. Maybe 1500 -2000 calories total but the weight shot up. Most all of it was high fiber stuff and salt. Emotional eating to get my head to quit spinning from that time with mom. She shouldn't last much longer and my eating should be disconnected ... but it wasn't. Another learning experience.
So it's back to fasting today, Maggie and I had our walk a while ago. I need to finish mowing the back yard and lots of saplings to cut down off the fence. Maybe a bike ride later.
This whole thing of what we eat is pretty much parallel to drug/alcohol/smoking ... whatever addiction. Changing a behavior from what it is to what it should be. Even when we know what we should do and not do we still pick the harmful ones because it's the one that gives us the quickest easiest reward. Delayed gratification or relief, it makes our brains happier, at least in the short term.
So I'm back on track and learning more about what I'll need to do when I reach that final goal.
That's it for now, this is a recovery day for me. The days after visiting mom at the nursing home always are.
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Re: Well, here I am
01 Jun 2018, 09:40
I'm sorry the visit was so terrible. It is nice of you to go!! And you are absolutely right, food is an addiction too. I've been struggling with it as well, with the busy, stressful end of the school year. I think in some ways it's even harder, because you can't give up eating completely! I'm sure your weight will adjust back down tomorrow. I think it is good to mix up your calories a bit. Have some higher days and lower days. I don't think it's good to just have low days. Just my opinion!
Re: Well, here I am
01 Jun 2018, 17:37
June 1, 2018 weight 171 BP 120/80
Today is a much better day. I crashed out all day and slept most all day yesterday. Amazing a little old 94 year old woman can cause so much trouble and that's with me having my defenses up. Mom can really tear up one of my sisters.
Early today Maggie and I walked our mile and I got back a while ago from a 10 mile bike ride. Heat index of 100 F but it wasn't all that bad as long as I kept moving on the bike. A nice sun hat and comfortable sun glasses help a lot.
I was listening to the non-profit radio station on a streaming broadcast and they
had a commercial for the website ... ... I was looking at it and no mention of cutting back or eliminating sugar. Practically eliminating all sugar I'd say is what's made the difference with me. I was diabetic or pre-diabetic but after reading up on sugar and HFSC I have no use for the stuff. I don't miss it a bit either.
One thing kind of cropped up, my "good" ankle was sore this morning ... probably a touch of gout. No problem it will disappear if I drink plenty of water. Fasting is a known cause of gout for some of us .... but it's not been a problem thus far with me and I've been watching out for it. 9 Surprising Triggers of Gout Pain...., ... 46,00.html
All in all today is a good day and it's about nap time. I may or may not mow some of the yard later.
Thanks for the comments and support.
Re: Well, here I am
01 Jun 2018, 20:24
Ouch! This one hits close.

Life at a rest home can be miserably stressful and depressing. Few things to do, lousy food, bad smells, infrequent visitors and deteriorating health all around makes things worse.

A tried-n-true suggestion to counter negativity is to readily admit some validity in her complaints. By agreeing, there's suddenly nothing left to argue about, anxieties and pressure suddenly drop away. Keeping things happy and reasonably positive makes good memories. Realize that nothing says you have to fully believe in your concessions. With all relationships, it takes two to tango, and if one won't dance the other can't. Lead her, don't follow. And never leave without a smile and hug.
Re: Well, here I am
01 Jun 2018, 21:24
Wise words ADF.

Roscoe, it is wonderful that you make the effort to regularly visit your mum. Whatever she might say or do, I would expect that underneath it all she is very grateful to you, she just may not be able to express it.

PS Your lawn must grow well! :grin:
Re: Well, here I am
02 Jun 2018, 21:40
June 2nd 2018 Weight this morning was 169 ! Blood pressure 120/80 before the BP med.
Mom's nursing home is a non-profit place owned by the city and the food there looks delicious! The portions are big and they don't skimp on quality. The rest of the place has plenty of staff to take care of the clients. They are heavily regulated by the state here and so far as I know they meet or exceed all the requirements. Full time nurses always there. I've been in a lot of nursing homes through the years and this is the one I'd want to wind up in if it ever comes to that. I told the head nurse and the administrator of the home that also. It's mom, she doesn't get things exactly her way and she pouts an puts on a show. I worked with her friend until her friend decided God had sent a message and it was time to quit going and trying to please mom. Mom had her jumping and running unnecessary errands and was really rough on her. Anyway, I'm the last visitor standing. I knew it would come down to this and I can't quit now but I've decided I'm not going through another day like last Wednesday, I'll give mom a two or three warnings then Maggie and I are out of there until the next visit day in another 10 days.
Today is 2 months since I first logged in here. I didn't know if I could do this but I was determined to try. That was 37 pounds ago ... another 5 pounds and I'll make it from the overweight bracket on the BMI to "Normal". 9 more pounds and I'll reach my goal of 160.
The gout finally showed up, I'm not surprised it happens with crash diets. Main problem is there aren't any "bad" foods to cut out. I'm drinking plenty of water and apple cider vinegar. Eating the fresh veggies doing what I can to get rid of this gout and keep it gone or reduced to a minimum. My concern about gout is one of the main reasons do the hydrocarbon food thing and not a high meat diet to lose the weight. The gout has been much worse in the past but my foot is still plenty sore today. I get around pretty good without using a cane or crutches so It's not disabling and I can ride the bike ... my ankle doesn't flex as much riding the bike as it does walking but I'll lay off the bike for a few days till this bout is over. There is gobs of information about gout on the internet.
All in all this is a pretty good day. The head nurse at the nursing home asked how I was losing the weight, she said "diets don't work for me"..... I've heard that a lot lately from a lot of people. Of course diets work, any diet will work, sticking to it and then a permanent lifestyle eating habit is what really works. Processed food/Sugar seems to be the biggest problem now with most of us folks and food bad food habits we learned or developed through the years. I look at a donut now and I don't see good tasting food, I see lots of health problems.
That's enough for now,
Thanks again for being here and I enjoy very much reading the comments,
Re: Well, here I am
02 Jun 2018, 22:00
And we enjoy reading your "blog"!

Good to hear that your mum is in a high quality residence. I do understand that her behaviour is very trying. Of course you need to look after your own well being too - sounds like a plan to leave after a few warnings. But it must all be rather upsetting for you.

I am sure you know that IF is not supposed to be a crash diet, but I think you have had lots of low cal days - more like the BSD plan perhaps? But you do understand about the importance of making permanent changes to your eating in order to maintain the loss - so good luck with that.

I don't know anything about gout but I know it can be very painful. Hope it passes soon.

Best wishes, :clover: :smile:
Re: Well, here I am
04 Jun 2018, 10:45
Wow! 37 pounds in 2 months is amazing!! Keep up the good work!
Re: Well, here I am
04 Jun 2018, 12:26
June 06, 2018 Well it was 37 ... yesterday I clocked in at 167.5 This morning 171.5 .... it will happen yet. I get to 164 then 160. 164 will move me from over weight to "normal" and 160 is supposed to be optimum weight for my age.
I drank a lot of water to help control the gout that showed up. It's not bad gout so far but I'll have to take it easy till it clears up. I ate more than usual yesterday and added some salt so I'd retain some water and hopefully dilute the uric acid. And the usual home remedies, lemon juice, tart cherry juice, apple cider vinegar. Lots of home remedies for gout but it has to run it's course. Nearest I can that stressful day with mom is what set it off this go around. I wasn't having any problem till the day after visiting mom at the nursing home.
I just dropped my neighbor off at the hospital to have a colonoscopy. I'd rather have this case of gout than go through one of those! I've had a couple and they aren't fun. The preparation for them, drinking all that stuff so the doc can have a clear view of ur inner workings. Speaking of doctors, I go on the 14 for some kind of check up. I ought to be at normal weight by then. I was reading in a gout diet site about ketogenic diets and gout. That's the main reason I do carbs like do, Ketones compete with uric acid, so I've read. to be eliminated by the kidneys. The problem with gout is it pretty much clears up on it's own and what ever a person tried last gets the credit for working.
Oh well it's Monday and it looks like a good day. I'll mow a little and see how it goes.
Blood pressure is behaving and that's good ! 178/78 I intend to cut down to half of the remaining Blood pressure later this week and of course track it closely. It has a diuretic with it so there might be a water gain when I do. I'm after the fat anyway not the water, and the diuretic is known to add to gout problems. Well see how it goes.
Oh yeah, there is some movie on Netflix "The Magic Pill" I don't have Netflix but the comments about it are good for the most part. It's an Australian documentary about ketogenic diet. This is it I guess... maybe I can watch it ... subtitled in Spanish but it seems to be in English. Cool, I'm gonna watch it.
Roscoe ....
Re: Well, here I am
04 Jun 2018, 17:09
Whoops, the BP should have read 118/78 ... the gout is much better but my neighbor, they didn't do the procedure because they couldn't get an IV started. I finished watching "The Magic Pill" and now I'm watching the come backs to it.
Re: Well, here I am
04 Jun 2018, 19:28
Just finished the video. Highly recommended as an overview of a number of recent books. Consider reading "The Omnivores Dilemma" some time - contains an excellent contrast of mechanized and symbiotic farming.
Re: Well, here I am
05 Jun 2018, 14:43
June 5, 2018 Weight this morning 172 BP 120/78
I ate some calories yesterday, Probably 500 maybe 600 total. Spinach with some refried beans and later before bed plain oatmeal with a sliced banana. I'd rather the scales had said 169 or better 168 but it was what it was. I've been taking it easier with the fasting until the gout clears up completely and I'm drinking plenty of water. Maggie and I walked our mile this morning, I found a five dollar bill, first time that's happened, I've found lots of coins and once a dollar bill but 5 dollars is a real bonus.
I mowed yesterday and cut a bunch of saplings off the fence line, no chest pain!
And no allergies afterwards! I do wash up after cutting those saplings but something is different now, I usually spent the next day getting over allergies after tackling those saplings. I plan to do the alley today and ride the bike. I don't know if I'll fast the whole day or not. It kind of depends on my feet and how the gout feels. It's not serious gout but I've learned to not it get out of hand. It just has to run it's course and I don't want to make it worse.
I also skipped last night's half of the blood pressure meds to see what would happen... doesn't seem to make much difference except maybe some water weigh gain because the BP meds have a diuretic also. I skipped this morning's also and I'll track my BP through the day and make sure it's staying at an acceptable level.
This morning I was watching this guy ... ... this is part 2 there is also a part 1. I also watched and read debunking yesterday's video and the debunkers to the debunkers ..... everyone has their thoughts and science to probe most anything it seems. The old scales tell the scale, and the blood pressure and waist size and how I "feel". Those are the proof I need.
So all in all I'd say things are going pretty well. A hernia seems to have shown up though, no telling how long I've had it, it didn't show up till I lost all the fat hiding it., it's not serious yet. I'll tell the doc about it when I go see him on the 14th this month.
Today looks like a good day so far
Re: Well, here I am
05 Jun 2018, 21:01
Phinney/Volek's books were among the first I'd read regarding diet after viewing DrMM's video and starting 5:2. Still very relevant. Their site:

contains several articles regarding gout and LCHF/keto.

also more relevance here at MDA: ... llbladder/

Hope there's something in there you can apply.

Edit: Apologies. Deleted the rest. Was cver the top.
Re: Well, here I am
07 Jun 2018, 12:36
June 7th 2018 169 lbs BP 110/76
No need for any apologizes, I read and learn, I watch and learn. I appreciate any input!
There just wasn't much going on yesterday, I fasted all day and I'll eat something later this evening. I did cut some more saplings and mowed some yesterday but it was around a 100 F on the heat index and no breeze or wind so I took it pretty easy. The gout is just about all gone now. Of all the home remedies the cherry juice is my favorite, it's the next best thing to eating cherry pie. The bottle says made from concentrated cherry extract and sugar isn't listed as an ingredient so maybe it's the real stuff. I also have some bottles of cherries but I'm bad about eating to many of those so I'm saving those for really bad gout problems and hoping that doesn't happen.
I'm off the BP meds now, all of them, one baby aspirin in the morning (bad for gout) but I'd better take them. Thins the blood and prevents clots and I don't want those. I've been checking my BP several times a day and so far it's looking pretty good.
A thunder storm is moving through the area right now, it will go on past and the sun will be out in an hour or two. Looks like a nice day but it will be humid and hot again.
I'm ready to get the weight on down to 160 now, a week of being stuck in the 170 range is enough. I want to be stuck in the 160 lbs range forever.
It's going to be interesting how I manage that. It's proving difficult trying to spread the word about sugar and high fructose corn syrup and processed food... folks want to lose weight but they sure don't want to give up what they like to eat. Thus far what has worked best is to try and get them to understand how the food industry has manipulated us the way they have. Yesterday's news medicare and social security are going broke sooner than expected because people are living longer but sicker and requiring more and more health care as they age, We wouldn't put paint instead of oil or gas in our car's engines but we don't think twice about putting processed foods or lots of sugar in our bodies? Here's a video I thought was pretty good, ....
Saturday is the next go see mom day, this time it will be different. If I have to say good-bye and leave I will if mom can't control her mouth. I've decided if one of us has to be unhappy it isn't going to be me. I'll keep visiting but I'm not going to let those visits upset me like the last one did. No big surprise, stress is one of the things that can bring on a gout attack.
That's about it for today, after the rain clears out and it dries up some Maggie and I will go for a walk if it doesn't get to hot to quickly. I do plan to ride the bike and later mow some if the yard if it will dry out enough and Oh yeah, do the estimated quarterly taxes and get those mailed in ... yes even though it is only June that's the way Uncle Sam says to do it. Not a big deal it's just something I need to sit down and do, it will give me a place to ride the bike to and back... the post office.
OK, that's it, keep the links and comments coming. any and all feed back is appreciated.
Re: Well, here I am
07 Jun 2018, 16:10
Hi Roscoe,

I'm wondering do you eat ANY sugar? I'm assuming you eat fruit. Do you allow yourself a certain amount of added sugar?
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