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This is the last monthly weigh-in for 2013...I hope everyone will post their progress for not only the last month (since Nov 2nd) but for the last year!!! Since the forum started up on January 10th, this will represent the forum's achievements for 2013 and I'm expecting it to be really impressive!

Please post:

  • Your weight (and waist and body fat) loss in the last month
  • Your loss for 2013 to date (or since starting intermittent fasting, whichever is shortest, and let us know how many weeks that is)
  • How you feel about that :grin:
  • Any other info/pics you'd like to share with the group!

If you could possibly post in kgs and cm that would make my calculations soooo much easier! (1kg = 2.2lb so divide your loss in lbs by 2.2; 1 inch = 2.54 cm so multiply your inches by 2.54. Thanks so much!)

The thread will remain open until late Monday afternoon so although the official weigh-in day is Saturday, you don't have to weigh on that date.

Next weigh-in will be February 1st (Jan 4th would be just tooo cruel!!!).
I am not in this month as my next one will be on the 24th.... :grin:

Happy thoughts to everyone :clover:
Weight on 6 Nov 2013: 60.5kg
Weight 6 Dec 2013: 59.4kg
Loss of: 1.1kg.

Waist 6 Nov: 71cm
Waist 6 Dec: 71cm
No change.

Stats for 2013.
Weight on 6 Feb (start date): 68kg
Weight on 6 Dec : 59.4kg
Loss of: 8.6kg.

Waist on 6 Feb: 82.5cm
Waist on 6 Dec: 71cm
Loss of: 11.5cm

6 Feb - 6 Dec = 43 weeks 2 days - 88 Fast days in this time.

How I feel about that... amazing. When I look at my numbers and note that I have only fasted 88 days. It's like doing three months work (albeit stretched out over ten months) and losing 8.6kg. I love this WOL. I get to eat cake sometimes too (and not feel guilty about it).
When I started the diet at the beginning of September I weighed 67kg.

30th September
weight 65.4k
hips 39"
stomach 41" (omg!) that's what I thought.
bust 38"
waist 34"

8th October
weight 65.1k
hips 39"
stomach 38" (wow!)
bust 37"
waist 33"

1st November
weight 62.7k
hips 38"
stomach 37"
bust 36"
waist 31"

6th December
weight 60.7k
hips 37"
stomach 36"
bust 36"
waist 30"

Loss since Christmas club start date: 2.8k
Total loss since beginning the diet: 6.3k
I can't bear to look until the 24th...but good luck to everyone else :oops: :clover:
Hello -
I just found the forum yesterday and have been 5:2ing for 2 weeks yesterday. I wasn't going to get on the scale for two more weeks, but with all the success stories, I couldn't stand it anymore so weighed in today. How motivating! In two weeks, I lost 7 lbs! and I lost 1" around my waist. I'm utterly amazed because nothing else the rest of my life has ever worked - except to make me gain weight and get bigger.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled and ready to keep going. Thanks for all the motivation on this forum. This seems like something I can do for life.

Started 5:2 - 11/21/13
265 lbs (120.2 kg)
53" waist
Today (12/6/13)
Weight: 258.8 (117.4 kg)
Waist: 52"
Here are my stats which are as follows:-

Date Started: 19 August 2013

Weight at Start: 76.2kg (12 stone 0 pounds)
Waist Size at Start: 82.8cm
Body Fat Percentage at Start: 16.17%

The stats for a month ago are as follows:-

Weight as at 6 November 2013: 73.2kg (11 stone 7 pounds)
Waist size as at 4 November 2013: 79.8cm
Body Fat Percentage as at 4 November: 13.40%

Unlike my weight which I measure every day, my waist size is only measured once a week on a Monday. Because of that, the date which I have taken for that is the Monday before the date in question for my weight. The same thing applies to my body fat percentage as I am using a calculation for that, which depends on what my waist size at that time.

By a month ago, I had lost 3kg or 7 pounds (which is half a stone) of weight as well as 3cm from my waist and a 2.77% reduction in my body fat percentage since beginning IF.

My latest data is as follows:-

Weight as at 6 December 2013: 70.0kg (11 stone 0 pounds)
Waist Size as at 2 December 2013: 78.0cm
Body Fat Percentage as at 2 December 2013: 12.57%

The figure given for my weight won't be entered into my progress tracker as that is not part of my own official weekly weigh-in that I do every Monday. Nevertheless, I have lost 3.2kg over the last month which is 7 pounds or half a stone. That is also a loss of 6.2kg or exactly 1 stone since I began IF.

In the last month, I have lost 1.8cm from my waist with a reduction in my body fat percentage of 0.83%. Since I first started this WOL, I have lost 4.2cm from my waist with a reduction in my body fat percentage of 3.60%.

I'm amazed that I've lost a whole stone in weight since I began this WOL, although my weight will rise over the weekend which is when I am usually less bothered than normal about healthy eating, and that will make the resulting weight loss a bit smaller. The above figures show that this WOL has worked really well for me and the results that I am getting for my weight in particular, are well beyond what my own wildest dreams would have been for that. I never thought I would see the day where I would be entering a weight of less than 11 and a half stone into the progress tracker, and that was why I was happily (though as a result of having to do so) maintaining a weight before I started this WOL which was a few pounds either side of 12 stone.

Now, I'm on the brink of going below 11 stone for the first time ever and my biggest challenge is now actually stopping the weight loss that I'm experiencing just now, without going back to old ways.
Weight loss this month: 1.2kg, waist has remained the same this month.

Weight loss this year: 7.3kg, achieved in 16 weeks.
Waist loss is 11cm but I am not sure whether I measured it correctly as my waist is slimmest a few centimetres above my belly button. I think I measured it around the belly button when I first started but now go for the lowest number found anywhere around my waist. As I am 177cm I am below the recommended 50%.

I feel great!!
Weight 74.70kg a mere 300gm loss and waist the same for months at 78.5cm

Weight 87.70kg at start date 10/3/13 of 5:2 with waist 94cm

In 39 weeks I have lost 13kgs weight and 15.5cm off my waist

I have done in total 109 fasts, 67 of which were 500 cals or less and the rest were days of 16:8 and more recently 18:6.

How I feel is so much happier, proud of my efforts as I am thinner, lighter, have more energy, sleep better and less anxious about a couple of health conditions which need me to be slim and healthy for optimal functioning though knowing this fuels my motivation to push onto toward healthy BMI upper range

Thank you so much for forum, Moogie and the mods and the delightful community who help me keep on keeping on one day at a time as some fast days I find arduous, you'd think I learn :smile:
Started April 25th 2013
76.2 kilos
BMI 27.99
First waist measurement not until June 3rd
Waist:height ratio 52.12%

66.0 kilos
BMI 24.24
W:H ratio 43.64%

Loss since starting this WoE, 31weeks 3 days ago:
10.2 kilos
13.5 cm
BMI loss 3.75

Loss since beginning November (seemed to plateau for 6 weeks)
- 300g
- 0.5cm

How do I feel - wonderful!
Have not been this size and weight for 15 years. Down two dress sizes, even lost a layer of fat from my feet! My weight gain was post menopause and I was told it was inevitable that I would stay bigger. No! They were wrong......I feel like myself again.
Thank you 5:2 and everyone who has helped with this forum, especially Moogie and Caroline (love the Nerd threads). :smile: :geek:
Hi all,

Unofficial lay started January, but due to big holiday hiatus, official start was 26.8.2013, so 14 weeks.

Today 7/12/2013 61.1kg
BF 32.2%
Waist 82cm

4/11/2013 62.3kg
BF 36%
Waist didn't measure

26.8.2013 64.4kg
BF 37%

Total loss to date 3.3kg (223g per week)

Glacial weight loss, but weight loss nonetheless!

In summary, it works, at least for weight loss, for the first time I can actually see myself losing weight and keeping it off. My waist isn't doing anything, but that will come with time, from previous experience. I don't have much willpower generally, so to know I can exercise it two days a week and within reason the other days is excellent. I shall combine it with more exercise when at camp in 2014 and hopefully that will make all the difference.
Thank you Moogie and Carorees!
Loss for last month....3.5 pounds (1.6kg)! Since my weight on November 8 was my most significant deviation from the trendline (in the bad, upward direction), I could also report that my loss looking just at the trendline was just 1.5 pounds (0.7kg).

But the bigger news....since I discovered 5:2 in mid-March, approximately 38 weeks ago...approximately 21.5 pounds (9.8kg). It's all just a bit approximate because I plowed right into 5:2 - didn't record the date, didn't record starting weight, nothin'. I've used as my starting weight the horrible, shocking, depressing result of getting on the scales sometime in February or early March of 2013.

How do I feel? You can probably guess. (Hint: feet are dancing just sitting at the computer)
Weight loss in last month. = 1.3 kgs. (Nov 87.6kg Dec 86.3kg)
Loss off waist in last month = 2 cm. (Nov 95 . Dec 93cm)

Total weight lost in 2013 = 18.1kg. (39.8llbs in 37 weeks)
Total cms lost off waist =14 cms. (107cm now 93cms)

Height - 170cm

My method - 5:2 fasting Mondays and Thursdays. Not officially 16:8 but i usually don't eat till midday - 2 pm every day that I'm not fasting except Sunday. Much less refined carbs than before 5:2. Waiting till hungry and virtually no snacking during the week.

How do I feel?
:victory: :victory: :victory:

Exuberant , joyous, grateful, like I have been so fortunate to be let in on a miraculous secret that is solving what was an impossible task of weight loss. Now its not a task but a WOL- not always easy but usually doable. I feel like a success because it is really working and its sustainable for me. Most of all i feel immense gratitude to Dr M, Moogie, Caroline, the lovely mods and all of my entertaining fasting friends. Thank you.
Cheers, :drink: :drink: :drink:
Xxx julianna.

I adopted this approach to eating on 10th August

Latest weigh in 6th December

Duration 16 weeks and 6 days

Total loss 13.88kg

Loss for November was 4.35 kg

Loss from waist since October 11th is 12.7 cm

Loss from waist this month is 8.89 cm

Well, I'm delighted and feel healthier. I discovered that I had elevated levels of fasting blood glucose, so I have also removed high Gi foods from my diet and I have also started to restrict levels of dairy and animal fats. I think that those changes have speeded up the weight loss this month. I am hoping that the combination of weight loss and dietry change will result in improvements in glucose levels. Things are already looking that way and I am quickly learning what pushes them up. Unfortunately, the main thing seems to be red wine! However, I will allow myself tiny amounts, as it is good for my well-being in many other ways :wink:
Weight 62.23kg (9st.11.2lbs)
Waist 80cm (28in)
Body Fat: 33%

Weight 60.24 (9st.6.8lbs)
Waist 77.5cm (26.5in)
Body Fat 30.8%

Weight loss: 4.68lbs (2.1kg)
Waist loss: 3.5cm (1.5in)
Body Fat Loss 2.2%

Since starting 5:2:
Lost 14.2lbs in 15 weeks.
3.5 inches off my waist
And nearly 5% body fat
:victory: :victory: :victory: :victory:
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