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Caries 2014 journal
14 Jan 2014, 15:24
Summarising 2013 in my mind I decided to put it here.

The beginning
Last year in June I started 5.2 but was having a lunch. I was also exercised 3-4 times a week at that point. My weight loss was very very slow, but I was losing.,
I joined the fitbit gang and didn't like the step count on rest days so started doing 5k walks. Then I started running, at the end of sept I completed insane terrain, a 5k run/walk with obstacles and such.
Next was my op 4th dec, so now it's 2014 and 6 weeks post op tomorrow.

During my recovery I didn't do a full fast for over 4 weeks, I did do 16.8 every day however.

It is now 2014
Post op.
I'm aiming to return to work next week (phased return). Seeing my consultant on Thursday (day after tomorrow) once I've seen him I will know if I am indeed healing ok.
So my weight..........was great throughout my recovery, it fell slightly, but then as soon as I started fasting properly ie 5.2 I started gaining, I'm not sure what's happened, only that maybe the odd shortbread, mince pie, baileys has added up to more than I should have had. I don't think I'm the only one who's reported a delayed Xmas gain :?:

I've been walking about a mile a day since early last week.
Today I was so cross about the scales that I took myself off for a good talking to and ended up doing a 4.5 -5k beautiful river walk with ely cathedral my view on the way and the sun in my face coming back. Reward for all those steps, a piece of Xmas cake and a cup of tea.

Anyhow I can't sit around moaning about it I've got to do something. So here goes. Running starts at the weekend with 4.3. No messing :like:
River walk
Re: Caries 2014 journal
14 Jan 2014, 16:16
Hi Caroline. Great to read that you have the bit between your teeth! Don't forget to build up slowly and take your docs advice.

Good luck with going back to work too and getting back to your routine :heart: :clover: :heart: :clover:
Re: Caries 2014 journal
14 Jan 2014, 18:01
I'm just gathering my thoughts really, I feel so lucky that I've recovered so well, but it's true what they say that exercise produces happy juice. :wink:
Re: Caries 2014 journal
14 Jan 2014, 18:55
:heart: Glad things are looking up for you Caroline just go steady to begin with regarding work and upping your exercising, as far as the post xmas gain I've always said the same thing I'm fine over the few days of celebrations but come January and I always gain weight it's all the goodies left and because I'm bit stuffed on both days I don't bother much then of course temptation strikes, I reported a small gain of 200 grams last Friday after back2back fasts so basically I'm thankful of small mercies this year because if I'd never found this WOL I shudder to think how much more weight I may have gained, I'm hoping I'm back now but we can never be sure because last week I felt very good + had that "thinner" feeling.
Re: Caries 2014 journal
14 Jan 2014, 19:08
Nice post Caroline, you are on your way. 16:8 every day is an achievement. You will be able to mix it up now e.g walk, run, 5:2, feast. Since you have been recuperating post op I think you have ticked all the boxes
Re: Caries 2014 journal
14 Jan 2014, 20:38
Did you find that running made a big difference?
Re: Caries 2014 journal
14 Jan 2014, 20:44
cblasz wrote: Did you find that running made a big difference?

Thanks lovely people,
With regards to weight loss, Just a bit, as I was very active anyway. But it is a great way to tone the legs.
If you've not exercise before then I believe that running is great for weight loss but on the other hand you will def develop more muscle, so maybe a small weight gain will be inevitable.

And it is addictive...I cannot wait to get back on my treadmill I can tell you.
Re: Caries 2014 journal
16 Jan 2014, 11:44
I'm a pound down on Mondays weigh in. Going to fast again tomorrow, just to make sure.

Been out in the garden tidying up and giving the chooks a good clean out. Probably over did it a bit but it was so. Ice out.

Anyway, off to the consultants for my six week check later, hopefully I will get the all clear to start back at work, exercise and maybe a bit of duvet dancing.
Not sure which one I miss the most.........

Poached eggs are now calling me...update later. :grin:
Re: Caries 2014 journal
16 Jan 2014, 17:40
Just back from seeing consultant and I'm a very happy girl..

Firstly he asks how I am feeling, I say great now but I was horrendous straight after wasn't I. He says thats because your uterus was massive, my uterus was the size of a 17 week pregnancy.

He had another little lookie.

My three questions were answered:

Can I have nookie yet?
No wait another week as I've still got a few bits of stitches not dissolved.
He thought I wanted a sick note for another 6 weeks off IT.

Can I run/exercise

Can I go back to work?
Yes phased return half hours, mon, weds, thurs, full time by or after half term depending on how I'm feeling.
Re: Caries 2014 journal
16 Jan 2014, 17:51
Great news Caroline (apart from the nookie! :oops: )

Hope your recovery continues to go as well x
Re: Caries 2014 journal
16 Jan 2014, 18:48
Sounds as though you're making terrific progress Caroline. That's just great!

Good luck with your return to work. Just take it easy...don't go mad!

Bean :heart:
Re: Caries 2014 journal
16 Jan 2014, 19:05

Wow, fab news all round Caroline, well done you :like: :clover: :smile:

Onwards and upwards all the way now :wink:
Re: Caries 2014 journal
18 Jan 2014, 17:47
Still a bit confused as to why I didn't lose this week having done three good, full fasts.

Back to running yesterday, it was blooming hard I can tell you. But it was a great feeling when I'd stretched out.
This morning I got out of bed and Boom.....I'm aching like I've never exercised in my whole life. I'm walking like a pregnant duck.....and that ain't pretty. Back to more running tomorrow.

Then work on Monday for three hours, so I'll still have time to come here and join in as usual.
Re: Caries 2014 journal
18 Jan 2014, 18:26
Ouch. Try some compression shorts like to ones UnderArmor makes. They work.
Re: Caries 2014 journal
18 Jan 2014, 18:45
Glad to hear your recovery is going so well! But see how you feel tomorrow before you go running and take it easy!!
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