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Having read positive things about the Libra app I downloaded the iPad version today (or at least what I thought was the iPad version). It doesn't seem to do the things I have seen posted on here,so have now downloaded the Andoid version on my not-very-smart phone.
My question is therefore is - is there an iOS version of the one that everyone on here likes?

(Apologies if this is in the wrong section)
Hi Sian

I don't have ios, but I believe the true weight app is like Libra.
I use the true weight app on my iPhone and it works brilliantly
Thanks to you both, since my original post I have found that even my not very smart phone can cope with Libra, but I will have a look at True Weight on the iPad.
I can honestly say that the iPad "Runtastic Libra" app is not worth installing, and like an idiot, having got the free version I stumped up for the paid one in the hope that it would be more useful - it isn't.
I use True Weight on my iphone and on my iPad
I also use True Weight and really like it. It links to my Withings scale so my stats are imported immediately. I like seeing the trend ( and that it is going down :smile: ) because my daily weights are all over the place.
I have true weight on my iPhone as well. The only good thing about the paid version is that if you make a mistake you can erase the last weight logged. I wish it had a list of weights with dates after they'd been logged in a list format.
7 posts Page 1 of 1
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