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Thanks, that is excellent - covers quite a few points that we have been discussing here. Dr M does his usual superb job of communicating cutting-edge research in a way that is interesting and easy to grasp.
Just read it through...fantastic. He answers many questions that come up here time and again. I think it should especially be required reading for anyone who worries about cravings, bingeing, feeling guilty. Great stuff!
Excellent. Thankyou for posting that link. One thing I noticed, Dr M said you should measure your waist around your belly button - I've been measuring mine higher on my body. If I go on the belly button measurement it is 10cms bigger than I've been entering on the progress tracker
Yes you're right I noticed that too. Dr M has opted for the 'simple but less accurate' way of measuring waist, which fits with his general approach. It is also the way used in the Ashwell shape chart (here), so I guess it is de facto the way we should all be measuring. Not sure what I am doing - that's how accurate I am! :shame:
I would carry on measuring above your belly button men are different shape to women, my waist is above
I think this is important...


Now, we're not suggesting you go and gorge, but equally I'm suggesting you don't obsess about calories because if you do that, then that will just make you obsessed about food and then you're probably going to crack up and fail. And that's why almost all diets, whether they are dietician's diets, doctors' diets, they all tend to end in failure because people become obsessed by calories.
Fantastic! Great interview. Tons of information.
Thank you for the link to the broadcast. I have just listened to it and Dr Mosely is exceedingly confident and convincing. He answered with honesty and sense. It helps actually to hear, rather than read.
This transcript is excellent. Many thanks for posting it.
I've just read the comments at the bottom of the page of the audio radio interview. There's some serious negativity towards Dr M. Interesting to hear others views, negative or otherwise but it is frustrating that people think this way even after hearing Dr M talk so competently. I always think that he explains things clearly and succinctly but without ever sensationalising. Still, takes all sorts I suppose. :razz:
I suspect that many people who comment on these things don't actually bother to listen to/read the original article. They have their belief; they are not interested in knowing whether there is any evidence to support their belief; they are not willing to amend their belief is new evidence should come to light but most of all they want to make their views known to all through the medium of the internet!

I find my views on things changing all the time as I read more about the science, but many people can't cope with having their ideas challenged.
Thank you Last Chance..that made fascinating reading ! X
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