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Breakfast is just another meal
13 Jun 2014, 11:40
Spotted this recent article about the evidence (or otherwise) behind whether eating breakfast is important (or not): ... 00059/full

The authors conclude that
Given body of evidence reviewed in this opinion article, it is reasonable to suppose that skipping breakfast could be as metabolically beneficial as excluding late eating, as well as stress the importance of the overnight fast. Perhaps it does not matter which of the daily meals – the first or the last – is omitted as long as at least once in a while, an inter-meal interval is long enough to allow the state of ketosis to initiate lipolysis and lower calorie intake, thus decreasing the risk of obesity and its comorbidities.

and they say that "breakfast is just another meal"
Maybe the message is getting across at last x
At long last :like:
Thanks @carorees Maybe sometime soon we'll all be looked on as "normal" people. :clover: :like: :heart:
And I would add exercise pre-breakfast, whatever time that might be, as another way of effectively extending the fasting period and thus increasing the benefits thereof..
@CreakyPete i agree and its something i need to tackle..on these light mornings,why stay in bed. Get up and walk..ive done that a few times this summer but health probs and recent arrival of the wonderful plantar fasciitis have nipped it in the bud a bit
On another note,can any of us put hand on heart and say,
Yes@Sue.Q is definitely " normal"? :lol: :razz: :lol: xx
My friend who does SW has been told they must eat breakfast to lose weight. Of course it's to SW advantage that they do.
Brand-ie wrote: My friend who does SW has been told they must eat breakfast to lose weight. Of course it's to SW advantage that they do.

Yep. When you don't lose weight they always question whether you've skipped breakfast.
The body is very clever at metabolising and storing food consumed and it doesn't matter when you eat but what and how much you eat.
Some people think but eating 'lite' in the evening that they will lose weight more easily but it isn't true. You should eat meals that fit in with your lifestyle. I am a breakfast fan so eat that, but I can happily skip lunch and have a light dinner. It wouldn't suit everyone but it suits me and I've been 5 years slim (the last 18 months even slimmer thanks to 5:2)
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