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Starting a maintenance journal with a 'classic' pledge (at least when you're Dutch) seems to be an appropriate topic for post number 100. :grin:
And that makes it official: I am stuck to this WOE as a 'faster for life' :victory:
Maintenance has been very easy so far, as I have been gradually lowering my number of fasts from 5:2 to 6:1 to 13:1 to none in the last three weeks. Almost begging for the next fast, but the pledge not only applies to not gaining, but also to not losing any more weight.
I will keep you posted!
Lucky you. You will be walking the tightrope now. I guess exercise will be the key to maintenance.
Weight has gone slightly up after the new year celebrations, so today is the first fast of 2014. Yes, I am still a faster!
Seems like one fast was enough to compensate for the extra calories in the holiday season. Back on 62.5 for the official weekly weight. Feels nice to have been fasting today (yes, a bit hungry, but that is how it works).
:smile: I'm joining you P-JK - congratulations on getting to maintenance and I look forward to reading about your experience.
Welcome to the maintenance squad Otter. Interesting slope on your progress tracker: looks like a nice little river where any otter would feel comfortable :grin:
No fast this week, as weight was already low after last weeks fast. Back to 62 again. Just one fast seems to make a lot of difference: between 0.5 and 1 kg. Astonishing results, even at a BMI of 21 :confused:
Not complaining though :smile:
Not a very exciting week: again no fast as I am still at the lowest weight that I think is acceptable. Not that I mind though. I still consider myself to be a happy faster :smile:
P-JK wrote: Not a very exciting week: again no fast as I am still at the lowest weight that I think is acceptable. Not that I mind though. I still consider myself to be a happy faster :smile:

Same this week :smile:
Still no news from the maintenance front. Weight still at 62 kg, which is the lowest acceptable weight for me. So, again no fast this week. Apart from reducing my daily lunch with 150 calories, I did not really change eating compared to pre 5:2 fasting. Recently been eating some more cake and other nice stuff, but my body seems to refuse to gain weight. I would not mind gaining 1 or 2 kg, in order to have some fasts again (last fast was January 7). However, 'forcing' weight gain by deliberately eating really above TDEE seems a bit like an 'unnatural' strategy. And I must confess: maintaining without fasting is also a relaxed way of eating. :wink:
I still find I need to fast once a week in order to hover around my goal; otherwise, the pounds start to creep on.

I, too, feel very relaxed about it!
It's brilliant that you are maintaining without effort. Long may it last!
Back on a fasting day today (last one was 3 month ago). Feels like 'those old fasting days': just a little hungry, but no problem at all. Scales indicate a 1 kg loss compared to yesterday. Most of it will be water and weight of food. Waiting for what happens the next days to indicate my official weight for today.
Just finishing the third week in a row with one fast. Feels like being a real faster again. This is still working! Flexibility is the key to success.
Cant wait to join you all. Just a bit over a kilo to go for me.

Maybe Christmas 2014?
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