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Maintaining - November 2015
15 Nov 2015, 11:06
As we are exactly half way through November, I thought that it was about time we had a place in which to celebrate our maintenance successes or share our maintaining difficulties.

I'll kick off with the announcement that this morning, my regular weigh-in day, I saw a weight on the scales which I haven't seen for years - 142.7 pounds or 4.3 pounds below my target! :shock: As some of you may recall, in the October maintenance topic I announced that I was going to attempt to lose a few more pounds and so this month I have cut down (but never out!) my carby treats and late evening snacks.

I only have a fortnight left before I head off on a two-week holiday so I realise that my currently empty fat cells will delight in wall to wall food and fill themselves straight back up again! :pig2: However, if I can go away with the knowledge that I have been at or near my revised target, I am hoping that it will encourage me to shed some of the inevitable regain before the Christmas eating begins!

:clover: Good luck to all of you maintaineers, out there! :clover: Keep posting! I :grin: It really does encourage the newbies, who have just started on their weight-loss journey, to see how many of us are still maintaining after months and years of this WOL. :victory:
Re: Maintaining - November 2015
15 Nov 2015, 14:58
At the halfway point in November I'm managing to stay below target (just). Not especially trying to drop back down to where I was this time last year (1 kg less than now), but hoping that gaining 1kg is not an annual event!
Re: Maintaining - November 2015
15 Nov 2015, 15:48
@StowgateResident thanks for leading us out and congratulations on 142.7 :smile: :like: you must be feeling very trim - it just goes to show there is always a bit of extra mileage to achieve as a maintainer. I really needed your wake up call, for many reasons November has been a blur and I've struggled to visit the forum as much as I'd like. Weighing in today at 127.2 and pushing towards my upper limit. :shock: This week's aim is to shift 1-2lbs, to keep me on track. In the mood for poached eggs and plenty of greens on fast days. Good luck maintainers :clover:
Re: Maintaining - November 2015
15 Nov 2015, 16:01
November has rather overtaken my good resolutions with a hefty dose of eat-everything-in-sight so today I weigh 75.8kgs :0(
I knew it would catch up with me so, hey ho, it will go again too.
Trying to select non-junk, gluten-free, healthier option nibbles like Nairns GF oat and ginger biscuits.
Mostly works ...
May the fast be with us :0)
Re: Maintaining - November 2015
15 Nov 2015, 19:23
Half way through November and yesterday morning I weighed in at 84kg, that's 1kg less than my initial goal. Now I'm thinking 80 sounds like a nice round number. ☺
My eating is pretty much stable but I am exercising a lot more, Park run, boot camp, a spin class and Pilates being a typical week now.
Re: Maintaining - November 2015
15 Nov 2015, 20:02
I'm currently 3kg heavier than I like to be but still within my personal healthy weight window (just).

I've put measures in place to get back to where I'm happiest and I'm hopeful by this time next month I'll be back on track.
Re: Maintaining - November 2015
16 Nov 2015, 10:25
Hello, fellow maintainers! This maintaining business is an up and down business. November seems to be just up for me :grin: . But my BMI is still quite healthy, though I am about 3 kg above my ideal weight. I am enjoying foods and carbs at the moment, because I know the lean times are a'coming :frown: . MY annual Advent fast is not very far away anymore, so I am taking it easy. Still maintenance fasting once a week. This is a lifestyle, eh :smile:
Re: Maintaining - November 2015
16 Nov 2015, 11:23
I seem to have shed 1 of my extra lbs :smile:
Re: Maintaining - November 2015
16 Nov 2015, 22:16
Well done, @Merlin! Christmas is a-coming and we all need to be in top shape to deal with that food-fest! :frown:
Re: Maintaining - November 2015
17 Nov 2015, 20:09
Good to see that so many of us are doing fine :like:
No fasting for me these weeks, still right in the middle of my maintenance range :cool:
Perhaps some fasting to come to prepare for the feasting season :grin:
Re: Maintaining - November 2015
18 Nov 2015, 04:45
I'm up and down this month but thankfully remaining below my maximum range, therefore not requiring me to fast regularly.
Re: Maintaining - November 2015
20 Nov 2015, 19:00
Still maintaining within my maintenance band - after 16 months, so very pleased
Re: Maintaining - November 2015
20 Nov 2015, 19:16
I'm still here, too. Perhaps not after tonight's curry, but generally, yes!
Re: Maintaining - November 2015
22 Nov 2015, 12:20
Hurrah! I've done it! :victory: With one week to go until we're off on our cruise, at my weekly weigh -in this morning, the scales registered 140 pounds (plus 0.3 of a pound but I'm allowing myself that!). To be honest, yesterday I saw 139 and a quarter pounds on the scale but that doesn't count because it wasn't an 'official' weighing day. Ho, hum!! :cry:
On Sept 24th I weighed in at 153.75 pounds - six and three quarter pounds over target! :shock: This was following a fortnight away in Belgium, so some of that extra weight was only to be expected - in my case! That means that since then I have lost 13 and a half pounds, with lots of ups and downs along the way. I am delighted and this week will concentrate on consolidating at ten stone (140 pounds) prior to going away.
I fully expect to return in mid-December with a shed-load of weight to remove (again!) but at least I go away knowing that I have seen 140 pounds on the scale and with the expectation that I will see it again.
Sorry if this sounds like a bit of a brag but I am really pleased and just wanted to share with people who understand how important the loss of a few pounds can be.
:clover: Good luck to all of you, whether maintaining or losing. Stay strong! :clover:
Re: Maintaining - November 2015
22 Nov 2015, 13:10
@StowgateResident whoop! whoop! :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :victory: :victory: :victory: :victory: Congratulations, what a fabulous achievement and very well deserved after all your efforts. I'm delighted for you - that's a whole stone in 8 weeks, just looked at your tracker, it's pretty impressive, goal! I'm doing a little celebratory jig for you in my lounge :wink:
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