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julianna wrote: Thanks for bringing this thread back Silverdarling. I'm going to read the whole thing. After deciding to not buy margerine anymore last year I did a bit of butter tasting and settled on Aldi organic salted butter. Yum! I might reread this thread on the weekend as I'm fasting now. Am I able to somehow save this butter thread to ' favourites' so I don't lose it does anyone know?
Xxx julianna

speaking of Aldi @Julianna we now use the term Butterfly for butter round here as that table softened butter with the name "Butterfly"is really nice. I can never really tell one butter against another.. unless the butter is off or as bad, packaged in paper and it always seems to taste like it has fridgeburn.. so its foil wrappers on plastic tins for me.

and never in coffee.
I'm now thinking about garlic bread!
Azureblue wrote: Sesame rice cake smoothed with butter and topped with avocado with a little lemon juice.
It's like a party on your tongue :0)

I don't think @callyanna would agree there!! But it sounds good to me!
Delia's relatively recent Tablet of Wisdom on the subject of butter in baking is that (for most recipes) spreadable is effective and delivers the taste as well as various other advantages: ... utter.html

Delia recommends Lurpak Spreadable. I make a spreadable butter by whipping room temp butter (hah at this time of year) to a suitable consistency and then adding in oil (I use a 70:30 ratio of butter to rice bran oil; 80:20 of butter to carotino or whatever works). In my experience, she's spot on as the cakes bake up well. tbh, I also like the ability to select my own oil (I like Carotino in already dark cakes; rice bran oil is nicely neutral and some of the 'liquid gold' varieties of rapeseed). Spreadable butter is particularly good in heavy fruit cakes as the oil helps to keep the overall cake moist in storage.
PennyForthem wrote:
Azureblue wrote: Sesame rice cake smoothed with butter and topped with avocado with a little lemon juice.
It's like a party on your tongue :0)

I don't think @callyanna would agree there!! But it sounds good to me!

:oops: mm, yes @PennyForthem, I could possibly have just mentioned in passing that avocados weren't my favourite food! :sick: :wink:
Sesame rice cakes sound so nice, I have put them on my shopping list, along with.... wait for it..... an avocado!
Thanks @azureblue
Just don't bring any to Liverpool for me and Callyanna!
No, I shall keep it ALL to myself! Now if @azureblue and I were to meet, we could share it out!!
Love butter and rice cakes too. 'Don't look now'@Callyanna you won't want to read this!
Does anyone have a recipe for avocado soup or could point me to one? I'm guessing it will be a cold soup but open to all ideas. :cool:
PennyForthem wrote: No, I shall keep it ALL to myself! Now if @azureblue and I were to meet, we could share it out!!

Save some avocado for me...I love it, but I hate rice cakes...what is the difference between a rice cake and polystyrene packing material? None IMHO!

I've only ever used butter in cakes but that is interesting about spreadable butter.
I enjoy the light crunch of a rice cake now I rarely eat wheat and my grandson (5) has them as a special treat, insisting on Losely butter and orange cheese, that's Red Leicester. Strangely, his dad was equally obsessed when little but wouldn't bother with either now!
How littlelies do change as they grow :0)
The following 'healthy spread' recipe is from Catherine Collins, a Fellow of the BDA. I make this for people who have to watch their saturated fat (they have the genetic profile that doesn't cope well with saturated fat). The Daily Mail reproduced the recipe a while back tho' I can't find the link.

This is a healthy spread you can make at home. It uses palm fat (which solidifies the spread) containing a healthy type of saturated fat that does not cause LDL cholesterol to rise. Olive and rapeseed oil, which are both high in heart healthy monounsaturates, are also included. Milk adds texture and egg yolk is an emulsifier. (I tend to use a little sunflower butter and sunflower lecithin instead of the milk and egg.) Palm fat is already solid at room temperature, so isn't subject to a hydrogenation process.

1. Melt 30g of palm fat in a bowl...using a microwave or a bain-marie (double-boiler).
2. Add two tbsp (20g) of vegetable oil (virgin olive or rapeseed) and put the bowl in ice water to cool it.
3. Use a hand mixer at its lowest speed to blend the contents of the bowl, or you can whisk it by hand.
4. Take the bowl from the water and add two tsp (10g) each of milk and egg yolk. Mix until smooth.
5. Season to taste.
@SSure, the reason I like butter is precisely due to its single origin, nothing messed with, basic state. Nothing added, nothing taken away. It tastes like heaven, takes little effort to make, and contains various vitamins.
I have huge problems with palm oil of unknown origin as it causes huge environmental problems in countries such as Indonesia. Google palm oil and orang utans.
Why go the effort of mixing together various oils when you could take some butter, melt it slightly and use it as directed in a recipe?!!
If you have saturated fat issues, how about olive oil cakes? Although I am aware there are concerns over heating it.

Anyway, I love butter. Lets hear it for the yellow fat!!!!
I'm with you @Debs, Kerrygold for me (unadulterated butter from grass fed cows) - lashings of it on toast, pancakes or crumpets. Come to think of it I used to use pretend butter before I started fasting and I would have it several times a day but now that I use real butter I don't use it much, probably only two or three times a week.
@Debs, it's a shame I strike you as someone who doesn't do her research. I'm well versed in the palm oil orang-utan issue and do other people the courtesy of assuming that they'd do their own research as to a source that meets their ethical requirements before making a purchase. ... rang-utans

As I stated, there are people who have the genetic profile that predisposes them to difficulties with saturated fat.
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