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Today was my final weigh in for this challenge. I've ended at 167.8, which is good for almost 7lbs. throughout the challenge. It is going very slowly, but I guess that's better than nothing and better than gaining. I hope to lose a few pounds on the Christmas challenge and then really hit the ground running in 2017! Thanks @@Hazelnut20 for starting the challenge. I do feel it helped me stay on track. I hope you are ok!!
Sassy1 wrote:
And @CandiceMarie, I continue to be amazed by your resolve with BSD - not that you need much resolve as you don't seem to be finding it at all difficult! I guess your amazing results give you continual encouragement. Have you ever done very low calorie diets before? If so, what has been different about this one?

:smile: :smile: :smile:

@Sassy1 so sorry, i didnt answer yr question...
Yes have done VLC diets many times before,lost weight and regained ( story of my life)

The difference with this one,the BSD, is a four letter word..CARB - or rather lack of carb - I soon realised that the less simple white carbs i ate,the less i wanted to eat seems that refined carb addiction is perhaps as bad as addiction to drink or drugs! Cold turkey is called for in my case!

The other thing about this way of eating is,that eating full fat every day is so filling and comforting,it makes dieting less tedious and more do able..i am now addicted to Total full fat greek yog and berries!

I finish my 24 weeks on 27 Dec so will be eating very simply at xmas this year...same as most other days..still 800/50

I feel a bit wobbly as to how well i will maintain/ continue to lose a little more in 2017..wd quite like to still lose half a pound or so per week ...i have plenty of chub still!
I need a solid plan in place..i mean to do 5:2 but with 800 cals on the fast days and then be careful on the other five. I will never have bread in my kitchen again....other things like sweets,choc,leave me cold now..I have all sorts of xmas goodies stashed away for family and friends, and they dont bother me at all, but I will never trust myself not to make toast if bread is there! Actually i feel too full just thinking about toast so it might be safe!

Anyone else got any tips etc for how to keep up the good work ? How you doing Sassy?
Merry Crimbo everyone! XXX
Good to hear from you @CandiceMarie - btw, I also don't seem to get the email notifications that I used to that I have been tagged or received a PM.

I wondered if the low carb approach would be the difference between BSD and other low cal diets. Low carb/ full fat is a reasonably recent "technique" I guess.

Things are fine with me, thanks for asking. I do wonder how Pernelle is going though... And there are many others we rarely if ever hear from.
Oh Candy @Candicemarie - you have done amazingly well on BSD. And its changed you hasn't it!

Good to see you on here @Sassy1 - how's it going with you? I see you did a fast today. Was it all ok in the end? I actually joined you for a fast too. My first in ages. Its going ok so far. Don't feel hungry and I've only got 2 hours to go before I can enjoy my veggie kiev followed by my Mornflake Oatbran - my new friend!

Bean :heart:
Good to hear from you too @nursebean! It really is quiet here most of the time, many reasons for that I guess. So it was lovely to see a few posts when I checked in this morning.

Candy's BSD venture has indeed been impressive. I am still amazed. My fast days always end up at least 800cal (because I can't tolerate feeling hungry in the evenings any more).

And you seem to be doing fine. I may add a post to the fasting today thread later, but I hope you enjoyed the pastries and cream without guilt!! :lol: :wink:
Oh Sassy @Sassy1 believe me - I really enjoyed the cream pastry!! ;-)

If you don't like being hungry at night I highly recommend Mornflake Oatbran. I have it every night now. It replaces my chocolate urges that I usually get in the evening - and its so filling! I usually add raspberries too. Yum yum!!

How often are you fasting these days?

Bean :heart:
Hi Bean @nursebean

Good to hear you enjoyed the pastry! I always have so much difficulty choosing which cake to have when I do have one - they are all still so appealing to me, but I have learnt to manage a cuppa without one except for special occasions, or when on holiday...

I now generally only fast when I have overindulged, but occasionally if I am busy and get to mid afternoon without eating, then I may decide to do a low cal day (800-1000cal), if hunger permits. I seem to be maintaining okay but, as you may have read, I no longer weigh myself, so just have to judge by clothes and how I feel.

I don't recall ever seeing Mornflake Oatbran here, but I can look. Is it just oatbran or are there other ingredients? And do you make it like a porridge? I often have porridge for brekkie and sometimes at night. It is filling but doesn't replace the choc urge. Mind you, some of the choc urge is just habit. Also, I still do use (sweet) food as a reward for getting through the day. Not ideal, but given the rest of my diet is healthy and nutritious, I am allowing myself this.

What were your main challenges eating wise?

Oh sorry Sassy @Sassy1 - I guess they don't do Mornflake over there. It comes in a bright orange packet and would be found among the porridge in the cereal aisle. Its very much like porridge - but also its like semolina - one of my favourite foods!! I really look forward to it at the end of my day :wink:

Like you, I LOVE chocolate and at the moment I am trying hard not to eat TOO much before Christmas - but its tricky at times!!

I am planning on reverting to vegetarianism in the new year - so I'm hoping to try some new recipes throughout the year.

I can't believe we're nearly in a new year can you? What a year this has bean. Not good - we certainly live in strange times now don't we!

Anyway, better get on with my fasting day - sigh!! :starving:

Bean :heart:
Hi, I'm back. Today was a Fast day, the first successful one in what seems like a long time. I am eager to continue, but won't weigh in till tomorrow. I just got back from a week away, visiting son and his wife in San Francisco. It was terrific, and I also had some alone time to write goals and a reasonable list of ways to be healthy. No snow or ice there, so I walked every day, getting stronger. We ate out a few times, but I had a lot of vegetables. No calorie counting. I have returned happy and taking care of self.

Has anyone found Mornflake Oatbran in US?

No, you can't get Mornflake, but Bob's Red Mill and many others have an oatbran that I believe is just about the same as Nursebean mentions. I believe even Quaker has an oatbran hot cereal. I am going to try Bob's Red Mill in the New Year.
Hi @Grannieannie - I've found Mornflake Oatbran on I can't work out how to put the link here - but if you go to and type in Mornflake Oatbran there is one that could be around $3.


Bean xx
Hi all. Long time no see. Sorry for not being around but will be here in the NY for a new challenge! @lovemyparrot is right. Bobs Red Mill and Mornflake are the same thing. Bobs Red Mill is great for just about any type of wheat free stuff. I miss it! @nursebean might join you in going back to veggie next year too. I'm eating less and less animal. Hope everyone is well. Been quite a year. Be glad when it's over!
Hi @rawkarengreat to see you! Merry christmas all!
I agree Karen,an awful year in many ways!
Lets hope 2017 will be better x
I am now 3 days away from completing my 24 week BSD..timing isnt great coz it means i' m having no xmas goodies..bah humbug i know but i really want to complete a full 24 weeks! So its my usual 800 cal low carb fullfat menu and no foody treats! The treat is getting into every item of clothing i possess....many are now too big! 24 weeksago,nothing fitted any more. I really was rock bottom.
Final weigh in is first thing on the 28 th..have lost four stone seven pounds so far..maybe shave a few ounces more off by then! X
I finished my 24 week BSD yesterday and in total have lost 4 stone 9 lbs, 65 lbs,not sure what that is in kilos.
Much improved B pressure and blood sugars,many inches whittled off..i didnt record inch loss but have lost loads from waist,hips,fingers,arms,shoulders,thighs...and no longer have sensitive teeth!

Anyone thinking of starting BSD,it works, specially if you have a lot to lose. I could have lost more i am sure,but health and mobility probs mean my ability to exercise is restricted. If youre trying to decide,i say Go for it, i didnt think i could do one week never mind 24, but its very doable with just a little will power. Once you tame your internal Carb Monster,it gets easier! And your Carb Monster very soon goes running away whimpering,never to return! X
@candicemarie. I'm absolutely astounded, and delighted at your wonderful achievement! You must be hugely proud. Are you going to keep us in suspense or are you going to post some before and after pics! I think you are this years poster child. Well done you for sticking with it and reaching your goal! Fabulous inspiration and after a false start at BSD earlier in the year, I just now might give it a go.

Hope you are doing a victory dance! :like: :heart: :victory: :grin:
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