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Dear @cblasz

Very frustrating for you, but you still sound positive and happy that you are making good food choices, which is something!

Try not to worry about .3lb - this is equivalent to a small glass of water! As I know you know, hydration levels and body waste can be responsible for several pounds of variation in weight. It's the changes over the long term that are more meaningful. 5lbs in 8 weeks is okay!

More exercise is generally good for the body, but may not always help with weight loss.. If you are doing 10,000 steps a day that is great!

As you also know, I have come to believe that eating a wide range of nutritious foods (most of the time!) and exercising enjoyably are more important than the number on the scales.

1000-1200 cals a day does not seem many though - what is your theoretical TDEE? I have read that we do tend to undercount calories consumed - I know I do...

Are you happy with your current way of eating? Do you feel your hunger is satisfied? Do you feel good with the foods you are (and aren't) eating? Is there anything you would like to change?

Best wishes as always :clover: :heart: :smile:
Hi All,
Disappeared for a little while, lots of crap at work, such as, do we all still have a job, that sort of crap! A bit distracting when you are in a foreign country and don't know whether you may have to pack up and leave at any moment :confused:

Sorry you are finding it tough Hazelnut, it ain't easy and especially in winter. Luckily it is permanent summer here which makes it a tad easier, if boring, would love to see some rain! I've been doing this since the 27th July and have lost 8kg now. I don't stick to 800 cals every day and my peanut butter habit has got worse, but cutting out the bread etc., means I can get away with mainlining it every so often. Usually once a week I have a 'stuff it, I need nuts' day when I either od on nuts or peanut butter. It hasn't done me any harm so far. It could have been quicker but that's fine. Anyway, that's better than the 'stuff it, I need sugar' alternative.

I had cod and chips and chocolate fudge cake yesterday lunchtime, my blood sugar was 6.7 three hours after I'd eaten and then 5.1 this morning which I was happy with. Obviously my body can support the odd blow out and my daily calories still came in around 1200. I am making more low carb cakes when I do them and make sure I fill up on fat rather than sugar even if it means going a little over the limit.

I've read back, how is everyone?
You have done amazingly well Candy @Candicemarie. I'm so grateful to Nutty @Hazlenut20 too because both you and I are really on the BSD path now aren't we. Although, to be honest, you're better at it than I am!! I still have Fridays off ;-) (and sometimes Saturdays and Sundays too :doh: )

Anyway, if anyone hasn't tried BSD (800 cals, 50 carbs a day) yet, I strongly urge you to at least give it a go. It really does work - and lifts your spirits no end!

Bean :heart:
Just a quick call in before beddybyes..nice to see@debsand @nursebean here!XX
Have lost one stone and a half pound doing this challenge! Quite pleased as have failed several challenges on here in the past! so it makes a nice change! X
You are our Guru now Candy @Candicemarie - you really are!! Thank you xx

I didn't do this challenge because I was away in Canada - spending treasured moments with my lovely sister et famille. What a wonderful time I had. I only put 4 pounds on but my time at home proved challenging and I've gained and lost and gained and lost - I can't get into it. I MUST get to 9 stone something by Christmas - feeling determined!!

WEll done everyone who did this challenge. You did great!

Bean :heart:
Congrats @CandaceMarie that's very impressive!!

I'm happy to say that the scale was much nicer to me today. I lost the weight I gained and a little bit more. I've officially lost 6.5 lbs on this challenge so far, but I have 2 more weeks to go. I'd love to make it 8.5. We'll see.

I'm feeling rather stressed with work and the holidays approaching etc. I'm hoping I can keep doing what I've been doing, but I don't think I'll be doing much more. If I can lose just a couple more pounds by Christmas, that will be fine. And then I can start up full force again in January!

Good luck to everyone who is finishing up this challenge. See you on the Christmas challenge!!
Hey all and thanks @cblasz for mentioning the Christmas Challenge.

Whether or not your reached your Accountabuddies Challenge, while you are all motivated and in the countdown to Christmas when I am sure you want to look your best in your pretty frock or other outfit (or trousers if you are a bloke) why not carry on the challenge spirt and join us in The 4th Christmas challenge on this forum.

We have 9 members thus far.


see you over there :-)

HO HO HO :present:
Well I'm back up 1.5 lbs. this morning. I had a very off week though, so this week I plan to get back to being strict and hopefully that will come back down. I have one more week of this challenge. I definitely won't reach my original goal, but we'll see how it ends up. At least I'll have lost some.
Hi all

Rough six weeks, topped by a completely horrible, no-good, terrible, gut wrenching week for the USA last week. All of that has been reflected in my diet. I'm up 6 pounds from my low in August.

Good news: My mom is doing much better. Her new heart valve is working well. She is healing, slowly but surely and expects to come off of restricted activity on the 29th at her next doctor appointment.

Well I can't let a mangled apricot hellbeast destroy the progress I have made, so I need to get this back under control.

I opened up the weight watchers website and started tracking. Baby steps.
I completely understand how you feel @Tracieknits, it affected my eating last week too! I'm glad to hear your mom is doing better!! You've got this. You've done so well, but sometimes life gets in the way. You'll lose those 6 lbs. in no time! Are you doing the Christmas challenge?
Well I just lost two pounds as I fell ill with a bad headcold and had no interest in eating. >.<

No, I'm not joining the christmas challenge. This was my first challenge and it didn't go well for me at all. I only joined because I wanted to support the lovely Hazelnut20. I think I'm going to focus on maintaining this weight until January, then renew my efforts then.
I have been very bad at posting in, but value everyone's efforts here. It has helped to get my mind round to actually doing something properly after dithering about. i'm now on the Christmas challenge, taking my weight plateau seriously by extending fasts. Results are happening and I am losing weight. We do all feel for each other. See you all on the Christmas challenge? :clover: :clover:
Lovelynews about yr mum@tracieknits!X
@katharina i ahvent been here much lately either..i feel a bit guilty about that..and i hope our Nutty @Hazelnut20 is ok ..i havent seen her round here for a while ....
I guess life is a bit hectic at times,so we cant check in.
Ive now lost four stone on 19 1/2 weeks.. Feel so happy..was at the end of my tether when i sytarted..purely coz of Nutty writing her experiences and thinking i wd try it,but also thinking,this is gonna be too hard..but it isnt! X thanks again Nutty i cant thank you enough! X
Candy - Wait, how many pounds in 19.5 weeks? is that 60? That's amazing!!!! Congratulations!
Hi @Tracieknits

Just wanted to say a belated welcome back, and good to hear the news about your mum. :smile:

And @CandiceMarie, I continue to be amazed by your resolve with BSD - not that you need much resolve as you don't seem to be finding it at all difficult! I guess your amazing results give you continual encouragement. Have you ever done very low calorie diets before? If so, what has been different about this one?

:smile: :smile: :smile:
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