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Hello and welcome to our newest challenge! The phrase Accountabuddies was first coined by the lovely Shelley @johns over on the BSD thread....and I think it is a lovely expression, so I've poached it to sum up our attitude to this latest challenge. Here are the rules:-

1) There are no rules

There you are - not very complicated, so we'll all be just fine!

This challenge is for absolutely anyone who would like to hold themselves officially and (sort of) publicly accountable for losing a spot of weight...if at all possible...please and thank a mutually supportive arena. On the basis that we all know ourselves best, each of you can totally choose all the parameters...when your challenge actually starts and how you are going to do it (5:2, 16:8, BSD, hybrid and so on)and even when you are a sense.

I'm saying this because I need to start on Monday 12th!! Need to - because I have slipped a little on the food front this week & need to get back on that there hoss before the slippery slope beckons....though I'm not quite ready yet! I want this weekend to come to terms with it!! I need to stop on Friday 11th November....coz I'm off to Mauritius on the mine will be a 9 week challenge - plenty of time to lose a fair bit, I would say!

I know these timings might not suit everyone - that's why I'm happy for you all to set your own. Here's a thought though - if you're going away in a few weeks, feel free to start now, stop in the middle and get back to it for the rest of the challenge....above all, make it work for you! Life often gets in the way - but it definitely shouldn't. We need to live while losing...enjoy the breaks when they come.....otherwise fatigue will set in. I hope I'm making sense....

So....who'd like to join me? Who'd like to be my Accountabuddies for this laid-back challenge? You'll be very welcome! Drop me a line...why don't you?!!

Ooh, I nearly forgot...if you don't want to set an actual target this time around - that's absolutely fine with me (see my statement below). Please just write me a little statement that sums up what you want to say...and I'll put it in the next post....because I've gone on a bit too much on this one!!
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Accountabuddy 1 @hazelnut20 To lose as much as possible between 12/09 & 11/11...BSD style! Start weight 175lbs (12st 7lbs)
Lost so far: :island: :island: :island: :island:

Accountabuddy 2 @candicemarie To do what I need to do to be as trim & healthy as I can by my birthday in November
Lost so far: :island: :island: :island: :island: :island: :island:

Accountabuddy 3 @justdee To see how well I can do between 12/09 & 14/11 on the BSD (a stone would be very nice!). Start weight 166lbs
Lost so far: :island:

Accountabuddy 4 @cblasz To lose 10.5lbs between 05/09 & 21/11. Start weight 173.5lbs
Lost so far: :island: :island: :island: :island: :island:

Accountabuddy 5 @tracieknits Lose 19lbs by November 23rd - bringing me to a total loss of 90lbs. Revised goal Oct: To maintain the weight lost so far til the end of the year & resume weight loss in January
Lost so far: :island: :island: :island:

Accountabuddy 6 @Katharina Happy to lose 10lbs, starting 12/09. Start weight 137lbs

Accountabuddy 7 @happyitsworking 8 weeks of BSD...up to the week of Thanksgiving
Lost so far: :island:

Accountabuddy 8 @johns To get back on track! Start weight 11:5.2lbs
Lost so far: :island: :island:

Accountabuddy 9 @grannieannie To lose 4lbs or more in 9 weeks and walk more steps each day, starting 14/09. Start weight 214lbs
Lost so far:
Earned so far: :angel:

Accountabuddy 10 @debs Just want to do my best...using BSD to get to a normal BMI. Started the BSD on 27/07
Lost so far: :island: :island: :island: :island: :island: :island: :island: :island: :island: :island: :island: :island: :island: :island:

Accountabuddy 11 @sassy1 A 6 week "know thyself" challenge starting 17/09 using 2 days of fasting and (hopefully) insight on the other 5 days as to what makes me want to eat at night
Earned so far: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
I'm in @hazelnut20 fits in nicely for DD and my birthdays!
Bring it on! X
I'm here accountabuddy @Hazelnut20 count me in. Lets do this :like: Many thanks for running the challenge Pernelle, it's just what I need. I'll weigh in on Monday :clover: :clover: :clover:
I'm IN!!!!! Thank you for doing this!! I got back on track this week and have been very good, staying within my eating window and lowering my carbs. But I can definitely use the accountability. I will come back later with an official goal or goals!!
I'm in! I'd like to be a grand total of 90 pounds lost by the extremely disrupting American Thanksgiving >.< I think my goal is to then maintain throughout the holidays and start the new year at still 90 pounds down. And one of those holidays is my 50th birthday, so it would be quite nice to be down 90 pounds by then. This would also make me no longer obese.

As of today, I'm up a wee bit to 71 pounds down from my all-time high. this includes a few pounds of Paris vacation weight. I'm back on track and working toward whittling that back down.

So 19 pounds by November 23.
Please, I'd love to join this support group! Have followed @Hazelnut20 musings and threads which gave me momentum again. I will stick to the BSD (have already done 4 days and v successful) as well as joining husband on 5:2. I have this hunch that it will really re-set my resolve after over 3 good yrs on 5:2. Will weigh and log in on Monday as well. I feel better already after having gained lots from the summer indulgences. :heart: :clover:
Ooh lovely! A big welcome to my fellow Accountabuddies....

Am writing this in haste as I am about to dash out for the day. Will update this thread later on this evening and look forward to our journey together...

Anybody like The Beatles? I'm off to see The Fab Beatles - one of the UK's leading tribute bands - perform this afternoon at Tedburn Fair. I've no idea where this am going to have to trust Google Maps - it's somewhere near Exeter apparently. Could be I've an appalling sense of direction!

Hope you are all having a nice weekend xx
@Hazelnut20 I'm a HUGE Beatles fan! How was the show (once you found it?) I'm going to see the Fab Faux here in the U.S. on Oct. 1st. They are supposed to be really good too.

I was down 2 lbs. this morning after being very good for 4 days. But I will wait to see what my official weight is on Monday.

My goal is to lose the 14 lbs. that I gained over the last year, by the end of December. (possibly now just 12!) So, I think also I won't set an exact goal weight for the challenge but try to lose as much as I can. My goals will be: get 10,000 steps every day, stick with eating window 6-7 days a week, and stay under at least 150g carbs, but actually try for under 100g most days!

Thanks for doing this!!
I'm sorry to say, but I don't love the new look of the forum. Anyone else feel this way? Maybe I just need to get used to it!
Do I like the Beatles? Does this answer your question? Sorry the image is so huge - can't figure out how to make it smaller.

Side note: 74 pounds ago, that apple was a bit more apple shaped and the letters were a bit more spaced out!! I might need that tattoo to be adjusted a bit, eh?

I hope you have a fabulous time, Pernelle @hazelnut20!!
@Tracieknits - that is awesome!!!

I wish you guys lived closer. I have one good friend who is also a Beatles fanatic and we go to lots of Beatles type things. At some point we hope to travel to London and do a "Beatles" tour.
This is just what I need to get back on track. Will do this challenge up until the week of Thanksgiving. Love to be able to get a full 8 weeks in on the BSD.
Thanks for starting this......... :smile:
The Fab Beatles were really great! Very authentic sound and look too - they even spoke with Liverpudlian accents to add authenticity! The reason I went to see them was because I had booked them for a Macmillan Cancer Support fundraiser that I was organising for next weekend (17th Sept) in my village. Unfortunately, due to our local pub putting on a free live band and party the same night (grrrrrr - long story), I've had to postpone the event and will reschedule it for around March next year. I'd done my homework before I'd decided to book them by listening to their demos on the Internet and comparing them to other Beatles tribute bands available....but I must say, it was quite a relief to hear just how good they were in real life!!

They performed in the open air next to the beer tent and although they attempted to get the audience to participate, there wasn't much support. It was quite a cold windy day...and I had only put a flimsy cardigan over a thin I had to resort to wearing my anorak. Spent quite a lot of time sitting on a straw bale....but after a while, I got a bit cold, so decided to have a bop where I was standing. A few brave souls got up and started dancing in front of the stage, but I am by no means I don't consider myself to be that good at dancing. Anyway, you could have knocked me down with a feather! All of a sudden, a bloke appeared at my side, with his hand out....saying "come on, let's dance!" ...and he led me towards the stage! How embarrassed was I?! Apparently, he'd seen me and my pink anorak bopping away by the straw bale...and decided it was time I danced a bit more officially! I spent the rest of my time desperately trying not to meet his eye....and trying to dance as if I knew what I was doing, ha ha. The friends that I had gone with are quite a bit older than me, so none of them would dance..but I found the music so joyful that I couldn't stop myself..

I must say that I experienced such a feeling of freedom and joy whilst dancing up by the stage for the final two songs....though it isn't easy dancing to "Twist and Shout" in a field with uneven ground! I found myself thinking all sorts of things at the time, such as "Thank goodness I've lost weight", "Gosh, I feel really good about myself", "Guess the chap must be into anoraks"....and so on!

It's not often I feel good about myself- but yesterday was one of those days. That is what the BSD has done for me - but I have not been following it faithfully of late. Some very destructive patterns of eating have recently emerged - but I see them for what they are and am ready to get back on track starting tomorrow. I will be so pleased to have your company - thank you!

My weigh in report will follow tomorrow. Am certain it will not be good news...nay, am resolved to the fact that I will have put on weight since last Monday...but no matter....we are where we are! I'm almost looking forward to getting back on track. Does that make sense?

Hugs all round xxx
You clearly have great taste @cblasz and @tracieknits!

Loved your tattoo, Tracie! Particularly loved the image you painted of how much more rounded the apple used to be and how spaced out the letters were too - before you lost all that weight!

I'd really like to hear what your evening with the Fab Faux was like, Cblasz - once you've seen them, of course!

Now for a very important question:- What's your favourite more obscure Beatles song?

Mine is the wonderful "If I Fell" - I think it's brilliant. I have no hesitation in naming it as my favourite - though I would have a lot more trouble trying to decide what my favourite more well-known song would there are so many to choose from!
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