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Trying a 36 Hour No Food Fast
21 Apr 2013, 18:33
When I started IF at the beginning of the year I had always wanted to do a 'real' fast but have just got in the way of 2 fasts per week (Mon/Thurs) with 500 cals in one meal at dinner time.

Three and a half months in I feel like I'm falling off the wagon as regards weight loss. :cry: Not sure but is this when most people quit their diets? I have no problem at all fasting so I thought I'd shake things up a bit and do a 36 hour fast, just one a week. I work alternate Mondays and won't be working tomorrow but have plenty to do. I go to a pilates class at 6pm and often find that eating before pilates can be a bit rushed and eating after can be a bit late. So I plan to leave the family at home making their dinner and I'll walk to pilates then at 7pm take a detour home via the beach getting home at about 8pm - so over 2 hours of exercise.

I am apprehensive just like when I first started, after all I never thought I could go through until dinner time without eating! I know now that this will be a psychological battle as I know I can cope with the hunger.

I finished my dinner half an hour ago at about 7pm and I plan to go through with just tap water, sparkling water and herbals teas. My next food will be homemade wholemeal toast at 8am on Tuesday morning, so 37 hours without food.

I will keep you all posted as to how I get on. If I'm posting a lot tomorrow you know I will be struggling. :wink:
Good luck, hope it goes well for you. Let us know how you manage.
Go girl, you can do it, mind over matter and all that!

P.s. I hope the family are less traumatised by the loss of little Hudson, I still plan to dedicate my avatar to him, if my husband ever gets round to doing it for me, I will nag him mercilessly tomorrow about it,

Ballerina x
Go for it! I do this twice a week and have had great success. It feels a bit odd at first, but it is surprisingly easy. You just need to divert yourself at the time you normally eat by doing something enjoyable. You will feel amazing the next day!
Thank you Ballerina...I have been watching out for your avatar. Unfortunately things got worst in our household when my father in law ended up in hospital at around the same time as the Hudson episode - he passed away and his funeral was on Monday. We really have had a dreadful 3 weeks.

I have hopefully learned a lot from what my father in law went through. He was morbidly obese and at his heaviest his BMI was 53. The only problem was that he didn't care. He died a horrible untimely death, something that I hope not to see again or to do to myself. I am 45 and know that what I do now will affect me for the rest of my life so I will be mobile and healthy, hence trying to shake up my weight loss!!!
Oh dear, you really are going through it as a family, things an only get better, I hope!

You are doing the best thing you can do for your general health. My mother was a diet and health freak all her life and when she died at aged 91 it was due to a degenerative brain disease ( the same one that the comedian Dudley Moore died of) rather than old age as up until her late eighties she walked and danced every day, not always at the same time! My sister, by contrast, died at 62 from breast cancer which in her own words it was caused by a lifetime of eating rubbish and being overweight.

Who knows what lies ahead, we can only do the best we can so, chin up and keep going,

Ballerina x
Wildmisses, so sorry to hear of your loss. Good luck with the fast and go easy on yourself since you've had a bad few weeks. Best wishes. x
Good luck for tomorrow....

I often do Monday and Wednesday but as my husband is home tomorrow (he is usually away all week) I'll be fasting Tuesday n Thursday this week.... And I'll be interested in how you get on as I might give it a try too.... This week marks 3 months gir me and the last week felt hard and I've been snacking a lot on feed days even though I know I am not hungry....

Post how things go ... I'll be keen to pick up any tips ....
Thanks for you kind comments redhead. It has been an emotionally exhausting few weeks but after a lovely chilled out weekend I'm ready to get on with things again. Secretly I'm hoping to get that amazing feeling the next day.

Hi eckat, I've been the same..........back to snacking a lot on feed days. I'm hoping that by doing the full fast I'll get that little bit extra control over food that I need.
Definitely worth s try....

I think I need to do it too

I need to balance out no snacking and have the confidence to eat good sensible meals on feed days that work for the exercise i am doing so I do get away from snacking .... I have upped my exercise so I am running around 30 miles most weeks plus a fair bit of walking too. What I need to do now is work on the content size and timing of meals so I don't snack and binge on chocolate ....

It's all a bit of trial and error, and constantly re-learning the lessons till they stick ;)
Good luck for tomorrow and it will be great to hear how you get on.

Reading your post really made me feel for you as like you, my father in law died very recently in February - a lovely man,who never paid much attention to his health. It was terrible to watch his decline and the week after he died, I started this WOE. I hope for a better ending for myself and my lovely husband who is a chip off the old block and is joining in with me on 5:2 as much as poss.

I am quite sure the distraction and feel good factor of pilates and a walk on the beach will be enough to sustain you through 'til Tuesday morning - and that will taste amazing.

I am fasting tomorrow too, so will be thinking of you and looking forward to reading your post/(s!) tomorrow and Tuesday. I've been thinking about trying the No food thing myself, so I'm REALLY interested to hear how it goes.

Wishing you all the best.
Good morning everyone. Wildmissus, read your post yesterday and just wanted to send you my thoughts and sympathies over your recent losses. I too have been thinking of doing the 36 hour no food fast and am now on week 10 of doing Mon/Thurs 500 cals and the scales have definitely started stalling. So, inspired by you, I thought I'd join you and make today the day! Ate last nite at 7pm and am aiming on going around to tomorrow's breakfast without anything other than lots of water and my usual herbal tea. I usually find the fasts very easy but know that preparing dinner for DH & 3 kids tonight will be the test! I'll keep an eye on here to see how you're getting on and hopefully we can both make this look easy :confused: Good luck!! xxx
Hi wildmissus and sarahd20p, after reading your posts I decided to join you for a 36 hour no food fast. It's my fast day today but it will be my first with no food, I am planning to hav a nice long bath at dinner time. After having a week off and gaining, I need this, lets see how we all feel tomorrow morning. Good luck and I am sure we can do it, it's only a day after all.
Wildmissus - thouhts and best wishes to you - you've been through a tough time so be gentle on yourself.

To those on 36hr fast - good luck, will be really interested to see how you all get through it. :clover:
Sorry for your loss Wildmissus. As for those of you attempting a 36 hour fast...rather you than me but good luck to you x
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