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We can't have people thinking weight loss is fast and steady. If they do, they quit trying when it does not happen.
Bumping this for all newbies!
Lots of newbies.
simcoeluv wrote: Lots of newbies.

Good to see you back.
Long time no see !
Yes, you must have the most frequently bumped thread! Great for newbies

Bean :bugeyes:
Excellent!! I especially liked the comments in brackets because hey this is the mind running around trying to get you out of a good thing. Thanks!
Thank you.

So many think weight loss should be consistent and fast.

And quit when it isn't.
Hisashiburi desu ne! Long time no see.
Thank you, I really needed this! And the moral is......just keep going!
@simcoeluvFunny, I was just thinking of you this very day as I was running around the supermarket with one hand clutching my waistband, trying desperately to keep my jeans from falling off!

I have just gone back to wearing pants now that the weather has gotten cold here in Massachusetts. Apparently, I will have to buy a few new pairs!
Oooh.....great problem to have @peebles - good luck with your quest for new jeans/pants!

:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
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