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As I have been doing 5:2 for a little while now, I decided to go into the nether regions of my closet to retrieve a pair of trousers I banished there a few years ago when they became a bit too snug. I felt that since I have been 5:2ing, they might provide a little more service to me. You can imagine my dismay when, after properly buttoning them, I watched them fall to the floor and gather around my ankles. I mean, these were good, well made trousers that had much useful life remaining in them.

I am miffed.

This disaster has caused me to reflect on the 5:2 WOE, as it is called. I have refrained from saying much bad about 5:2 for some time now. But losing my trousers is the last straw. As this forum seems to allow negative comments about this 5:2 thing, I think it is time for me to vent. I am thinking about all of the negative posts I could have, and now feel I should have, made. So here are the posts I should have made, but did not. The numbers are accurate, and I thought of each and every comment along the way. I'm sorry in advance for the negative vibes, but I think people exploring 5:2 should know about these things before they go forward.

Day 1: Hello. Here I am. I've heard about this 5:2 thing and am interested. Nothing has worked for me yet, but given what I have heard I hope this is the answer! (Thinking - why am I doing this? It is just another fad diet.)

Week 1: Hi again. I think I did everything right, but I did not lose any weight at all! I'm wondering if this really works? But I've heard about this TDEE thing and I'll investigate. (Thinking - why am I doing this. It does not work.)

Week 2: I have been starving myself for two weeks and I have not lost one ounce!! I figured out the TDEE thing and have been doing it correctly. Why, oh why, am I not losing weight?! (Thinking - you idiot, why are you even here?)

Week 3: Wow, I lost two pounds. It is about time! (Thinking, probably just water weight.)

Week 4: Lost another pound (total of 3). God, this is slow. I read that maybe not weighing myself this often may be a good thing. I think I'll chuck the scales for awhile. (Thinking, this is really probably not worth it.)

Week 8: Hmmm. Lost 6 more pounds, total of 9 in 8 weeks. It is about time! But I am a male of above average height that weighs a lot and is active, with a reasonably high TDEE. I should be losing more weight - at least 2 pounds a week! What is wrong??? (Thinking, god this is slow, why am I putting myself through all of this?)

Week 9: (When the scales say good things, scales come back into favor.) 0 weight loss. What happened? What did I do wrong?? This is awful.

Week 10: (Hoping scales redeem themselves.) 0 weight loss. Clearly something wrong here. I'm doing everything right and not losing weight. But I have to lose weight, don't I? (Thinking, I think this might all be a sham. It has to be.)

Week 11: (On my knees praying before I get on the scales.) 0 weight loss. I am despondent and in despair. HELP!! What should I do. This clearly does not work! Should I do paleo? How about Atkins? Grapefruit? How about if I just stop eating altogether? 5:2 does not work, I have to do something!!!! (Thinking, What the hell am I saying. It is just another diet that does not work. Go look for something else that will work better.)

Week 12: Down 2 pounds, total of 11. I really, really should be losing faster. And I certainly should be going down in a consistently straight line (like jumping off a cliff with no wings). This 5:2 thing just does not deliver what I want and expect. And it takes so long. I'm not sure this is for me. (Thinking, god, this takes a long time. There must be a faster way.)

Week 13: Down 3 pounds, total 14. Lost my trousers today. I've had it!

All of you new people need to understand that if you do 5:2 right, all it will get you is frustratingly slow, inconsistent weight loss that will constantly cause you doubt and uneasy feelings.

And you may lose your trousers. :lol: :like: :clap: :clap:
Hmmm...losing your trousers sounds like a shopping trip...another hard thing to take:)
This is great - the feminine me - lost and gained and lost again - so, just hang in there and it WILL work !!!!
I dont get it . a loss of 6kg / 14lb sounds great to me!

The slowness of the weight loss is essentially this diet's strength. Think of it over a year.. and how much cumulatively it will be at the end of the 12 months. You will never look back.

i have a friend that lost weight of 21kg over 3 months but she eats not much at all every day of the week. Faster but thats just ridiculous and totally unsustainable. For her to have to come out with friends to a fancy restaurant while i enjoyed beautiful, fish, chips and salad and her to have just a glass of water. No way. 5:2 would have allowed her to enjoy fine dining! or even dining.

So stick with it

Slow yes but so what.
Inconsistent.. probably not if looked at month by month.
that made me titter :grin: well done and enjoy shopping
Lovely tongue-in-cheek post, simcoeluv. Despite clear benefits, our minds are so wired to look for the quick fix, that it's hard to be happy ;)
Great post! RI.P. said trousers :)
I`m looking forward to loosing my current trousers. This will be great as I have a shedload of smaller trousers of different sizes that I`m hoping to eventually fit back into. Did enjoy reading your piece, especially as I have been stuck at the same weight for 10d. Your story puts it all into perspective. Thanks a lot
... Just bought two new pairs on sale at M and S ... :lol: :lol:
I have gone back to wearing trousers I used in the 80's (never throw anything away :razz: )
I now look like someone who gets their trousers from charity shops rather than a tramp given trousers too big to wear

I didnt even get any new trousers as a present for my birthday last week :cry:
:lol: Brilliant, you're like the Adrian Mole of 5:2.
RIP trousers.
:) i have even worse news, have two pair of NEW trousers i bought just three weeks ago and i cant wear them unless i use a belt!!! ;-)
@simcoeluv I love this post! Thank you! :lol:

Oh, and very well done on (slowly) losing weight. :victory: :victory: :victory:

:like: Good luck with the trouser situation... :clover:
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