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I did two consecutive days in a row last week and found it pretty difficult and decided not to do it again, although I know a few people who do do that. I actually find it easier to do a fast day on a busy day. I work 12 hour days in a mine and am constantly on the go; I find it easier to get distracted and not think about food whereas if I'm at home it seems to lurk around just out of sight the whole time!

I wouldn't be sacrificing my pizza night for anyone! Ours is Sat night, homemade pizza and bottle of red!! That is preceded by the Salamanca market (one of the best markets in Tasmania for a jam doughnut and homity pie!) I love Saturdays!!

Looking at your BMI, maybe one a week is best and two if you see yourself creeping up again?
Why not split the difference? Skip breakfast and much on Friday and have the film and pizza night as usual? You will cut your calorie intake on Friday by a bit and get some health benefits into the bargain!
Wow you work in a mine whilst fasting?! I think I'm being a bit feeble, worrying that I'll feel weak if I do it on a Thursday! Maybe I could combine my pizza and wine night into one so I can have Friday as a fast day... I may alternate 5:2 with 6:1 so I'm not missing out every week. I just want to have my cake and eat it don't I?! :lol:
Have your cake too I say!!!

Yep, it is pretty hard going sometimes especially if I am out in the heat all day, but generally I am drinking so much water it makes up for the lack of food. Having said that, i am fasting today and 6pm can't come soon enough!
I like Caro's suggestions!
That's an idea Caroline, although it won't really be a fast day... but if I'm doing a proper fast day on Weds then I suppose it'll be like a day and a half a week...
Because you don't have much weight to lose, I would stick with the 5:2 as I don't think you will lose much on 6:1. I would try fasting on Thursday even if you are on your feet all day working. I prefer fasting when I'm busy like that - I don't have time to think about food. I find I have less energy the day after a fast day, not on the day itself (going for a run after a fast day is always more difficult for me!)
Good luck on whatever you decide, but I think if you stick to 5:2 (Tues & Thurs) for a few weeks just to lose the little weight you want to, then go to 6:1 to maintain it you would be better off.
Consecutive day fasting
31 Mar 2013, 17:48
Has anyone tried consecutive day fasting on the 5:2. Does it produce the same results?
Re: Consecutive day fasting
31 Mar 2013, 17:54
There are users who regularly do consecutive days and have found it works just as well as doing individual days.

Personally I tried to do two days in a row but found the second day quite hard and wouldn't want to do it regularly!
One day at at a time.
23 Apr 2013, 17:03
I try it once in a while. Two days in a row is a tough, but if you wake up Day 2 and don't feel that hungry, might as well push through. Then you have nearly a week of normal eating.

I cannot wake up Day 1 and say, "Okay, 2 days!" That's just too tough. One day at a time is the theme here.
Re: Consecutive day fasting
24 Apr 2013, 16:03
I always do mine monday and tuesday. I find its easier that way as i dont make excuses to myself, i fast those days and that is that!

I find it actually means i am better on my 'eat' days, i guess the stomach must have shrunk a little or something...who knows, but either way i do seem to be better behaved on my eat days than the couple of times early on i tried to do the days apart.
Re: Consecutive day fasting
27 Apr 2013, 01:21
Noo, I just asked that question and then I found this post. I just tried fasting for two consecutive days and have the same observations as you. It turned to be much much easier than I thought. The second day was so much easier than the first. And for the first time I wasn't stuffing myself with food the day after. I actually ate less than normal on the day after the two-day fast. I guess my stomach got used to not expecting food. I din't have my usual sweets cravings either.

I am just wondering if the diet would work as well this way. Although since so far (one month) I haven't seen any results, I have nothing to lose.
Re: Consecutive day fasting
27 Apr 2013, 08:48
I assume it will work just as well as your weekly calorie deficit will be the same whether you do consecutive or not. :-)
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