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This time last year ( and a stone heavier) I was beginning to feel I had to do something about my weight ... i'd never been on a diet, but didn't fancy going along to one of those clubs, handing over money and being weighed in front of everybody.

I'd never really had a weight problem until I was 50plus and post menopause,when it started piling on around my middle - as we all know the most dangerous area to put on weight! So I dithered over what to do, until I read a couple of articles in the Telegraph, did some research on the net, and thought 'this may just be what I'm looking for' ... A few days later came across the forum, and immediately identified with all the people on here. It seemed a lot more real and honest than anything else Id come across (including the original Telegraph articles, one of which I think was by MS) so signed up at the end of April.

I have been a slow loser, and would have given up without the knowledge of those who'd been along the same route before me. Although I lost inches quickly, I didn't lose any weight for sbout 6 weeks, and it was the experience of others that kept me going, until the weight finally decided to come off later in the summer. Not as dramatic as some on here, but very satisfying all the same, especially now I am in size 12s again, 6 in off the waist, and a stone lighter.

And the added bonus of the cameraderie on here - the humour, craziness along with the honesty and openess, not forgetting the information and knowledge so willingly shared, whether it's a recipe or some arcane scientific article explaining something to do with this WoL ... I think part of the sustainability of the fast diet must be this forum, without a doubt. I hope 2014 is as good for us all as 2013 has been (or even better!)
No remarkable story, I had been steadily gaining weight over the last few years despite being active and exercising. I tried to calorie count and keep to a low fat diet but just kept losing and gaining the same couple of pounds +a bit more each time. By the beginning of this year I had reached my heaviest point at about 146lbs and looked lumpy like a sack of potatoes. Nothing looked right and everything was tight.

In the New Year I found articals about 5:2 in the newspapers started straight away hoping to get to 130lbs. The weight started to go almost from day 1 and the plan was so easy to stick to that I continued losing even when away and on holiday.

My surfing the web (the only kind of surfing I'm ever likely to do,as waves scare me) back in April brought me here and a luckier find I doubt I'll ever make. I've been maintaining since July at 121lbs using 16:8ish and regularly logging on here for all the latest news and general mayhem.

Thank you everyone.
A year ago I was a size 26, and weighed 281 lbs. 127.45 kg for the metric amoung you. I had just come from seeing my specialist, a surgeon who told me I needed spinal surgery on my neck to remove a prolapsed disk that was crushing my spinal cord. It was surgery or be paralysed within 5 years. The big problem was my weight, the anesthetist just wouldn't touch me at the BMI I was. My surgeon said that if there was a major deterioration in my condition I would be operated on immediately (loss of control, strength or feeling of limbs, bowel or bladder) but in the mean time could I pretty please lose some weight.

I tried, I really tried for a week, and just knew I couldn't do it, again. I couldn't face the calorie counting, the guilt the self loathing when I had that little piece of cheese or joined friends for a cake and coffee. I was sobbing my heart out at nights because I knew I was destined for a wheelchair and probably tying one of my kids to a life of being a carer to the incontinent blob who was so weak willed she couldn't lose weight to keep herself from disability.

A friend on Facebook suggested I watched the Dr.Moseley program, I did so, in February and it was like the Big Bang going off in my head. This was it, this was the way I knew would work. It was the way I had always thought would be easier, to go cold turkey with food. Just not have any, so much easier than all the counting, weighing and low fat, low sugar low flavour everything. I did my first fast the next day, with no planning at all. I went straight to one evening meal a day and boy was it hard. Going from 3000kcals a day to just 500kcals. But I survived the first one and didn't feel hungry the next day as well.

Its been 10 months now, despite being on drugs that cause weight gain, massive amounts of painkillers and being in pain most of the time, the weight has slid off me. Sometimes slowly, but with the support of this forum, I haven't given up. I have now lost 44lbs (maybe more, weigh in tomorrow) and am solidly in the Obese BMI range instead of the Morbidly Obese range. I am back on the waiting list for surgery, which should be in the next few months. I have dropped over 7 BMI points already. I am carefully exercising, with very light weights and have already noticed a difference in my sense of well being plus my actual shape since starting to exercise 5 weeks ago.

I am at the lowest weight I've been for probably 20+ years, I do still have a long way to go. I have only lost a third of the weight I need to lose to reach my target, but I know I will get there this time, and maintain once I do get there.

What will 2014 bring? I do know it will mean risky surgery, but once its over and done with I can get my life back. I will be able to start driving again (I can't drive a car anymore) and will be able to be a passenger for more than 10 miles without suffering excessive pain. I will be able visit family and friends and even go on holiday as at the moment I can't afford the excess on my health insurance. On a minor note, I am looking forward to buying ever smaller clothes and seeing old friends faces when they catch sight of me for the first time in months or years.

5:2 may not have directly saved my life,but it has saved me from depression and a future as a disabled, overweight, incontinent paralysed old woman. For that I will be forever grateful, especially to the friend who pointed me towards 5:2.
@Julieathome :cry:
Got to be the most inspirational, heartfelt account ever. Carry on
What a great topic, what wonderful stories. @Julieathome I'm so glad you found 5:2 and are getting your life back, how wonderful for you.
This time last year I was so over calorie counting, guilt at eating something I shouldn't and the stress of Christmas and other celebrations were I might put weight on. I gave up and so was 5 kilos heavier than now. Not that much but it was steadily going up and I felt blerrrggghhhh. I found 5:2 in Feb started straight away, dropped the weight and have maintained this weight for many months. I'm more comfortable, happier and can enjoy this Christmas guilt free, first one for many many years. Added bonus my DH has joined me and lost weight too. This morning I was telling him off for wearing his good shorts while working in the garden. He said all his old ones are falling off, well I can't complain about that then. :victory:
A year ago my weight was creeping up to higher than it had ever been, into the obese category. While my blood tests showed that I was still healthy, I was unhappy about the weight mostly because of the problems it causes with running. Running is my sanity exercise, and I don't care that I wasn't fast, but my knees were getting pretty unhappy. The year before, I had actually lost some just by running 3 times a week, then I got injured and put it back on (not sure of numbers since I didn't have scales in the house). I had previously been quite good at losing weight, but my half-hearted attempts in the last 5 years or so haven't been successful, so I was a bit resigned--even though I was disgusted with how big I had become.

Until… I read an article about 5:2 in the NY Times, and thought, almost on a whim, why not give it a go. I bought the book, got started (in late March) and haven't looked back. I've lost 25 kg, most of my clothes don't fit me anymore, my running times have gotten much better, even without proper training, just because I'm hauling around less weight. I'm not sure I feel any more energetic or different in other ways, other than being happy that I'm at a healthy BMI now, and almost certainly healthier, even if it doesn't show in blood tests.

I'm looking forward to next year. I am going into maintenance expecting it to be tougher than losing weight. But I think with this WOE, I can do it. That, and this supportive place :-)
Reflecting slighter further back, this time 2 years ago I weighed 15 stone, lived alone in the midlands whilst my family moved to cornwall, had a job I hated and a boyfriend who didn't treat me well. This time 1 year ago, I had made the move to cornwall, moved back in with my parents, got a fab new job, ditched the pants boyfriend and was finally happy and about to embark on my 5:2 journey (although I didn't know it at the time). Now to this year. 3 stone lighter than the last, still loving my job,renting a house with quite possibly one of the best friends I have ever made and also have a wonderful boyfriend that I met in August who treats me incredibly well. Phew. I have a lot to be thankful for! Where will I be this time next year?!
I didn't find out about this diet until July 2013 but when I did I thought immediately that this one would help my OH to lose weight as it's been a struggle for him for years. Mine was slowly creeping up but it was more a case of clothes getting too tight. I am quite tall and always have had a relatively skinny face, shoulders etc so weight gain went unnoticed to most friends. Not to me!

In only four months I now have a wardrobe full of pants that can only stay on with the assistance of belts. With increased exercise my arms look in better shape and no longer a 'muffin top' sticking out above my jeans. I am very pleased to weigh in under 70kg and have started to do 6:1 and lower carbs during the week. We will see how this goes. I would easily go back to 5:2 as OH is continuing with that anyway. My only (minor) gripe is when I now have a carb-loaded meal, or the odd second serve, I doI feel uncomfortable the rest of the night.

I don't know how much OH has lost, as he still won't go on the scales, but his clothes are definitely getting roomier and in four months he's looking years younger. I am already looking forward to 2014 and continuing this WOE together. A big thank you to Moogie, Carorees and all forum members for your stories and supportive answers!
After my mother died in January 2011, I lost quite a bit of weight doing low carb, I think, because that was one bit of my life I could control. Once I'd sorted things out, moved house, and started to enjoy life fully again, the weight started to creep back on. I made the usual NY resolutions in Jan this year, and lost a bit of weight, but found it really hard to fit in with in with sociability. I was therefore really interested when someone at work raved about 5:2, and I found this forum straightaway, and started beginning of Feb.

I've really loved the ideas behind this diet. The contradiction that food is nourishing, yet not having it is good for you too. I love the idea of people fasting for spiritual and religious reasons, as well as for health. And I love watching the changes in my appetites. And the massive sense of achievement of a full fast.

But the most fulfilling is the change in how I feel about myself. I make an annual slide show of our family life, with a bit of current affairs thrown in. I noticed this year how many pictures have been taken of me, how many of them I like, and how the slide show is over-loaded with them ! In previous years it was mainly about the children. I think I love myself more than I did this time last year, and if that doesn't descend into narcissism, then its a good thing, I guess.

I feel so blessed that I found 5:2 with this amazing forum of interesting ideas, and great kindness, and that it has all come together to work for me.
Great post @Minumonline, love your idea of recording significant family events and so pleased you have had such success with this WOL and wishing you even better things for 2014!
:like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like:
This time last year I had just finished a difficult year at work. I felt ashamed of my obese size and puffed up face. I didn't enjoy outings were I had to talk to people. I felt at a loss as to how to lose weight as I just could not face counting points again which worked MANY times before. I knew diabetes was my destiny if a heart attack didn't get me first. I have a beautiful family- 3 amazing teenagers and a loving wonderful hubby so it was not all bad but I want to be healthier for them too. Now after losing 40 pounds in 39 weeks I don't feel ashamed anymore of my size. I'm half way to goal and 14 KGS till I hit a healthy bmi so I'm still big but I don't feel huge like before. All my blood work is great and my pre 5:2 chance of getting type 2 diabetes was 1:30, my doc said once my waist is below 80 cms it will be 1:100. Its easier to walk up hills or walk anywhere without breathing like Darth Vader . now I eat about half the food I used to and am learning what types of food leave me feeling satisfied, clean and light ( protein , nuts and veges/salad) and which make me feel lethargic ( white carbs). I probably still drink more than I should but now we have 2 alcohol free days a week and weighing less now I don't drink as much which is good. Its been lovely doing this with my hubby as he is nearly at his goal weight which is great. He looks great and I can't wait for his siblings to see him on Christmas after 8 months- and me too! This forum has become my hobby from between 30-60 minutes a day- I just love it and I really enjoy your company, wit and wisdom. Here's to a wonderful 2014 , healthy weights, excellent blood work and our continued WOL.
Christmas Cheers.

xxx julianna
Thankyou for all your stories. You are all inspiring
What a fantastic journey you have been on this year @julianna! So pleased you have had such success and here's to even better things for 2014! :like: :like: :like:
I'm bumping this amazing and inspiring thread that @callyanna started so all our lovely newbies can read what's been happening on our 5:2 journeys. For me 40 pounds lost in 2013 and 40 to go in 2014. I like the sound of that! Happy Anniversary Forum and my fasting friends.
Xxx julianna
This time last year I had just started another diet of low fat food & calorie counting & had lost 3/4lbs. Just after Christmas 2012 I saw a Christmas photo of myself & was disgusted to see a large round face let alone my fat body. I was so shocked I weighed myself & found I weighed 15 stone 12lbs & that I was the heaviest I had ever been. I knew that I had put on weight after two consecutive operations for breast cancer & taking Tamoxifen which caused me to gain at least 3 stone in weight but because of going on a cruise I had two years before lost weight & got down to 12 & 1/2 stone. However weighing myself after the cruise I found I had gained 10 lbs in two weeks & I couldn't face going back on the very restrictive diet I had been on with a local weight loss clinic & became depressed & demoralised. I suppose I felt it was hopeless if I just put it all back on again so I didn't bother to weigh myself any more :cry:
That photo spurred me to action but I still felt hopeless, disempowered & disheartened going back to calorie counting & yo yo dieting again but didn't know what else to do until I read a Radio Times supplement about The Fast Diet on 28/01/13. I felt more hopeful & found a link to The Horizon TV programme & did my first fast the next day then I found this forum :clover: :heart:
I made the amazing discovery that I could fast & started to feel more empowered & hopeful that perhaps I could do something to help my future health, my Mother had Dementia & breast cancer & having had one I didn't want dementia as well or a recurrence of breast cancer!
So here I am 2 & 1/2 stone lighter & I know that I will get out of the obese BMI range soon & hope to get to my goal weight this year or failing that be much slimmer for my sons wedding in September.
I would never have got his far without this forum & all the advice & support that many of you have given me so a very BIG THANK YOU. I still have four stone to lose so I will be around until I do but the big difference from last year is that NOW I know that I will get there & this is now a way of life for me. In 2014 I will also try to do more exercise to get fitter & to tone up.
:heart: :heart: Margaret :heart: :heart:
A year ago I was 12 stone six and a half pounds and, like Isis, dreading the perennial low calorie, low fat diet to lose it. :curse: I lost four pounds and then, also like Isis, I read the Radio Times supplement, remembered the August transmission of Dr M's programme and thought that I would give it a try.

Fast forward to July when I reached my goal of ten stone, seven pounds, despite holidays, cruises and family visits. :smile: I always knew that my real goal was to maintain my target weight, not simply lose it, and I managed that until October. :victory:

However, I then relaxed too much and found myself last Sunday at eleven stone, six and a half pounds! :shock: I was very disappointed with myself, but have picked myself up, congratulated myself on having still managed to be one whole stone less than a year ago and am on my second fast of the week.

I love this WOE but my relapse has demonstrated to me that I can't 'take my eye off the ball' and have to turn it into a WOL (Way Of Life) not just a WOE (Way Of Eating).

Here's to a good year for us all! Onwards and downwards! :clover:
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