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5:2 Diet Results: Before & After

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Fantastic, such a good difference, keep going! :0)
The difference around your waist is very obvious. Have you started to wear different style of clothing? Perhaps once you do that colleagues and friends might well start to notice. Looking forward to the next photo.
amazing stuff. well done

i love all before and after pictures.. theres an ad series running here in Oz for Lite n easy or some other brand (hows that for brand remembering).. it shows someone before and 36 weeks later. one is ok but the other is stunning - you almost cant recognise the person.

just so inspirational. thank you for posting
April 12, 2014. 20 pounds down!

This is me on April 12, 8 months after embarking on 5:2. I have lost a total of about 20 pounds. I still have 5-10 to go (and am in a plateau, and have been since Jan., but have decided to do 4:3 this week to try to jump start the weight loss again.

I am feeling so great and my athletic endeavors (running, tennis) have improved so much now that I'm not carting those extra 20 pounds.
Reminder: Here is the "before"
Hi Melinda

Those 20lbs have certainly made a difference. You look great! Is the hairstyle in your avatar photo new too? Looks great as well. :)

And you are well on track for those last few lbs, given your loss record to date. Best of luck for it.

You need to bump into people who haven't seen you for a while for the compliments to flow. Or get some tight fitting clothes!!

(My young adult sons can't see that I have lost any weight - lovely younger son says that I will always be a fatty to him, charming child!!. I will post photos when I can work out how too. Spent hours last night trying to load an avatar photo with no success obviously.)
Well done @Melinda_in_NC What a difference you look amazing and yes a big difference, good luck with the rest. :clover: :clover: :clover:
I have only recently started getting compliments.....I think people are afraid to say anything lest they "offend" me (isn't that odd?). At this point, I'm pretty upfront with the fact that I've lost 20 pounds. It took long enough to get here, might as well enjoy it and toot my own horn!


Sassy, if you have a BMI of 20 and your son calls you "fatty," I think it's time you set him straight! Ha ha! I know how kids are--crazy. That's why we love 'em.
Amazing difference Melinda - well done :victory: :cool: :victory:
Its great to see how twenty pounds less looks!
Youre looking lovely! X take a bow!
I don't know how I missed this thread first time round, but I did, sorry! What a difference, you look like a different person, younger, fitter, I could go on and on and on but, you really do look fantastic, well done

Ballerina x :heart:
Twenty pounds is amazing Melinda! Well done. Bet you feel fantastic now, don't you? You certainly look it

Bean xx :starving:
You look amazing! Well done! A great inspiration to anyone!
It really does show, and I am with you on the toot your own horn attitude :like:

Well done, you sassy slimline lady!
Wow excellent loss and you look great. Glad you feel so much better too :0)
You look fantastic. Well done :victory: :victory: :victory:
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