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5:2 Diet Results: Before & After

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Brilliant, well done :)

I will never have a waist that you notice much being an apple. My hip to waist is not very difference, but my hips are looking slimmer :wink:

Even when I was 8 stone... (another life time that was!), I still had a large waist.

Got told today at work by a chap, you look great.... hey I will take that ! He said you have lost alot of weight. Now we don't actually know each other, just smile and say hello in passing.

Today I had my size 22 t shirt on (thanks to M&S sizing!), and had a migraine, so I looked a mess to me :wink: Plus it looked like I was wearing a tent...

I am now 12/14 top ! Sneaked into a 10 in a very expensive top in the sales :grin:
Wow, Mini--great stuff! Don't the compliments just keep you floating on air for a while????
Hi Melinda

Took 2 stone off for people to start noticing :)
Wow - you are really looking fantastic Melinda :like: .

Well done :smile: :victory:
@minigill--I have had very, very few comments/compliments. I think it's because I am losing the weight so gradually, the people who see me every day don't really notice. So posting these two pictures side-by-side (or I guess I should say on top of one another) definitely show me that I am having results, despite the lack of comments from others.
You look fabulous! Congratulations! :0)
@minigill they must be blind from size 22 to a 10 is massive and would be very noticeable. Tee hee re tops being like tanks, (have a bit of that around here) happy shopping. Good on that guy!

Again well done Melinda
Awsome!! :like: :heart:
gillymary wrote: @minigill they must be blind from size 22 to a 10 is massive and would be very noticeable. Tee hee re tops being like tanks, (have a bit of that around here) happy shopping. Good on that guy!

Again well done Melinda

Thankyou :oops: :clover:

The size 10 was stretchy :grin:

It was on a size 16 hanger, so I grabbed it in the sale, was a smidge tight (going back about a month), but was doable within a couple of weeks or so to fit. Anyway, I always check the washing instructions, as I don't like dry clean, and this is how I found out the top was a size 10 :shock: Knock me over with the feather please !

Thought it looked small for a 16, but I know some designers do cut small :wink:

The assistant was saying, you look good, fits nicely etc.... and I was smiling and replied, you should have seen me mid June.... where I was a general 20 (or 22 with stupid M&S t shirts).. was her turn to be gobsmacked :grin:

We look forward to further update on the photo's Melinda :like:
I'd like to see more of yours, Mini (and everyone else's)! The pictures give me hope and inspiration, and I love seeing everyone's happy faces in the second photos.
Wow Melinda, you look great. Thanks for the photos. I love em. I look forward to putting my photos up one day but I'll have to get someone to show me how. No matter how many times you guys explain how to do put photos on here, it just goes in one ear ( or eye) and out the other.
Xxx julianna
Looking good Melinda :)
It is amazing the difference 10 lb makes :dazed: it just lets others see that if they are only a few pounds over their desired weight it is worth the effort to get rid of it :starving: :razz: :lol:
You look fantastic! Congratulations on the weight loss.
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