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5:2 Diet Results: Before & After

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Excellent result GMH!
You look great.well done! How much have you lost?
You look great my dear, bet you feel a million dollars too :)
And don't be silly, your thighs are amazing. I wish mine were that slim!
Great pics! No bingo wings, no cellulite - you look so trim! :like: Wonder if this is down to your veggie diet?
You look gorgeous well done and thanks for posting the photos
Congratulations. :clover: Sue. :clover:
You look great! And v brave to post photos in a swimming costume! Notice how I ensured my selfie was poorly lit so you had to guess a bit at how slim I am?!
You look great.....what's your secret, have you been on a diet :lol: :lol: :lol: I'll have what you've had!
Hehe wildy that made me smile!
Hey dont forget about your 2 bars of 85% Green and Blacks in the secret drawer!
Fast day is over! X
Congratulations GMH! You look so great.

You look very good GMH so thank you for the photos. I only hope I might look as trim when I eventually reach my goal weight :grin:
No flies on you GMH! No cellulite, bingo wings, droopy bum or bust either! Also no double chin and great bone structure! We don't need to see the before pics - well done!
Looking great GMH, thighs look good too! :like: :like: :like:
You look fantastic GMH - well done!! :victory:
Thanks everyone - the trick is to stand very still so the flabby thighs/wings don't ripple in the wind....the chin and the gut..well I had liposuction years ago to get rid of those - the chin went from my jaw to my boobs in one go (thanks Grandma :>) and no matter how much weight I lost I always had a 'potty', so when I sold my last house I booked in for lipo...and the eye bags away. The bum does droop and my massage lady tells me I need a boob job, so obviously my camera is doing a great job LOL. Gillymary I have a timer on my camera, just put it on 10 secs and camera on table and run off and hope I get in the photo. Well I haven't lost heaps only 8.7kg I think it is....there is a before photo from 8 years ago somewhere - 20kg heavier and the chin is there - a friend has it remind me I look better @ 60 than 50 ;>)
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