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Re: slimming for summer
04 Aug 2018, 09:39
Today is Saturday, August 4. My guests left yesterday. Today it is back to fasting and it is hard. My weight this morning was 55.6 kg. :smile:
Re: slimming for summer
05 Aug 2018, 09:14
I wasn't terribly strict yesterday. This morning my weight was 55.3 kg, so that is OK. :smile:
Re: slimming for summer
06 Aug 2018, 10:13
Summer is nearly gone and I am still slimming. Of course I have lost weight and am able to fit into my pre accident jeans now :smile: Today's weight though was 55.9 kg. :neutral:
Re: slimming for summer
07 Aug 2018, 09:37
back to 55.3 kg today :smile:
Re: slimming for summer
07 Aug 2018, 12:46
Well done, @Margotsylvia, on maintaining your weight loss. My visitors have just left as well but I have five pounds to loose - so just over 2kg!
Re: slimming for summer
08 Aug 2018, 09:23
I know what it is like, Stowgate Resident. We will have an other lot of UK guests arriving in a month's time. I am planning to lose weight for that and then eat normally with them and then fast again afterwards. That is life. This morning my weight was 55 kg exactly. :smile:
Re: slimming for summer
09 Aug 2018, 10:00
55kg again today. :smile:
Re: slimming for summer
10 Aug 2018, 09:24
Finally broke the 55kg barrier. 54.9 kg. That is amazing, since last Monday I weighed 55.9 kg. So I have lost 1 kg this week. :smile:
although today is Friday and my weight will go up again...
Re: slimming for summer
11 Aug 2018, 09:40
55 kg today, not too bad. :smile:
Re: slimming for summer
12 Aug 2018, 09:00
Back to 54.9 kg this morning. Very slow weight loss this. :neutral:
Re: slimming for summer
12 Aug 2018, 21:25
Gosh, aren't you doing well. I've read your post from the beginning and you are quite inspiring. Half the battle, I find, is to convince yourself that that you can do it and you seem to have that frame of mind, so well done. It matters not, within reason, how slowly it goes as long as it goes so, good luck, I shall keep up with your progress.
Re: slimming for summer
13 Aug 2018, 09:26
Thank you, Ballerina, for your interest. Actually, before Lent fasting this year I weighed 70 kg - so the intermittent fasting has lost me quite a bit of weight. This morning up again, 55.2 kg.
Re: slimming for summer
14 Aug 2018, 09:04
I was 55 kg again - getting a bit tired of that now. :frown:
Re: slimming for summer
14 Aug 2018, 20:41
You are doing well, all going in the right direction, keep going :heart:
Re: slimming for summer
15 Aug 2018, 09:15
Thank you again for your encouraging words, Ballerina! Complaining here does help. Today I was 54.6 kg :smile:
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