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Re: Thoughts on 16/8 please
12 Aug 2013, 09:40
Hi.... I was wondering if somebody could explain to me how does the 16/8 work and how should you do it?? x
Re: Thoughts on 16/8 please
12 Aug 2013, 10:23
@Jules63: 16:8 (#sixteeneight) means only eating during an 8-hour eating 'window' each day while fasting for the remaining 16 hours. I think that most people who do it either skip breakfast or have a very late breakfast and then have an early-ish evening meal and then no snacking after that. It is very simple but weight loss will depend on not using the 8-hour eating window to stuff as much food in as possible ;-)!!

There are several threads on it around...try clicking on the hashtag above...
Re: Thoughts on 16/8 please
12 Aug 2013, 10:47
I think 16.8 really works
I was thinking about this today.i used to,eat breakfast of toast or cereal,salad for lunch,snack of cracker and cheese and then dinner of meat,or chicken or fish and veggies,yogurt for dessert and a bit of choc .and I lost nothing.
Now I skip breakfast ,eat an apple at 1 pm ,eat same salad but at 3 pm ,then same dinner and snack and I managed to loose weight and maintain
Really ,I havnt cut out many calories but all I can think is that it is that I eat in a 8 hour window
I am struggling to fast so just stick to the 16.8 ,some days I am hungry so,add nuts and cheese to salad and some days when I feel less hungry I eat a green salad
Treats are a soy coffee or a bit of choc or hot choc
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