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Re: Insomniacs' tent...
11 Apr 2015, 18:28
Oh Annie@annieD is that. You! You have a lovely smile..and what a beautiful graceful horse x
Glad youre better but sorry bout the aches and back to poor sleep
Similar for me..some medication has been giving me some nasty side effects,but making me sleep longer
Now i' m adjusting to it,the longer sleep seems to be vanishing :0( xx ah well what can you do! X
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
11 Apr 2015, 19:00
@AnnieD that's lovely, to see you and your boy in good health and happy. :cool:
Can you believe it, 8pm Saturday eve and I'm off to catch up on lost zeds. Of course I'm expecting to sleep through the whole night! :wink:
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
11 Apr 2015, 19:24
@lizbean i wont be far behind you..just having a low cal hot choc,bringing the days claories to 440.. Then up the merry dancers with high hopes of a lovely long sleep after only getting three plus hours at most last night x
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
12 Apr 2015, 10:24
@CandiceMarie how was your sleep? I caught up on my zeds - 12 hours uninterrupted sleep. Bliss!!!!!! Feel great with it too. Plan tonight is to sleep from 10pm to 6am. No news from Sallyo ..... is good news we hope z z z z
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
16 Apr 2015, 23:14
Night night - wishing you a peaceful night. Here I go, hopefully! xx
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
17 Apr 2015, 00:50
Sleeping ok, thanks@Lizbean. But going to bed very late and getting up late, so I'm not too happy about that routine. Still I shouldn't complain because I am sleeping a good 8 hours. Not walking though!
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
04 May 2015, 02:33
Wow it's been quiet in here recently. Good news :)

Having a really bad night due to going away early in the morning to a trade show in Cologne. Just wish I hadn't seen BBC news a few minutes ago that German trains are starting a 1-week strike tomorrow. Means that I'll get there but may not get back on Weds night!
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
04 May 2015, 06:06
Hi @annieD hope yr trip goes smoothly both ways and sorry you had a bad night
My night was filled with nightmares! :confused:
A few weeks ago i had one of those premonition dreams i mentioned to you...dreamt DD had her cat on a harness and lead...
He is now being exercised for short periods on a harness and lead - which he hates - as he broke his pelvis two weeks ago....he is healing well tho as he's young and strong .xx
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
09 May 2015, 02:59
Wow @CandiceMarie scary things your dreams!

Cologne went well & I got home OK turns out that I was on a Belgian train from Cologne to Paris so no worries. I had to stay in Paris overnight (the train got in too late for me to connect on to Normandy) so I was amazed to find that in the great metropolis you can get food at 23h, i'm so used to rural villages where service stops at 21h :shock:

Lying here now, SO excited about our first TREC of the year on Sunday (would have been sooner but for my stupid fall). Anyhow, off to read Philppa Gregory now, thank you @Sallyo :) :)
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
10 Jun 2015, 23:04
I'm sleeping well these days. :sleepy: Good place to be and chat if you think no one is awake, sometimes they are :cool:
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
11 Jun 2015, 00:06
Thats great news @lizbean! X
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
11 Jun 2015, 00:10
@CandiceMarie ! What you doing up, what me? Me thinky after a good day x all is zen
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
11 Jun 2015, 01:38
@lizbean given up trying for the moment
Keptfalling asleep,having a mini dream,waking,falling asleep fir another mini drsam,waking..on and on,was exhausting! I quite like being awake thus time of year,soon goes light
Will try later for some zeds. Having a cuppa and lustening to Radio Caroline.hope youre far away in the Land of Nod x
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
30 Jun 2015, 18:42
Hello, Any insomniacs about? It's 4.30am here. Just took the opportunity to write to my sister who is in Aberdeen today. Now for a hot milk and honey. Then back to bed with Antonia Fraser on the Kindle with my Kindle light so as not to wake the OH.
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
30 Jun 2015, 21:39
Hi @Sallyo surprised to see you in the tent - it's 22.30 here in the uk. Do you know what is keeping you from your good sleep? I struggle to sleep from time to time because of a huge workload - early mornings to late nights. And that's before looking after family, friends and me. I also take the opportunity write to loved ones during sleepless times - it works very well for me.
I hope you are sleeping now. x
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