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Re: Insomniacs' tent...
26 Mar 2015, 19:30
@lizbean you must be exhausted! Hope you get an early night and sleep like a baby!
Soz about the laptops..cheeky blighter! Some people have no conscience do they x
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
26 Mar 2015, 19:35
@CandiceMarie thxvm. Are you a sleepy peep these days? :sleepy:
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
26 Mar 2015, 19:41
Hi @lizbean x this new medicine i' m trying helps me sleep longer but not better...
Ive had bad dreams / nightmares quite a lot since becoming unwell...this new meds has led to nightmares or mad bad very busy dreams on a nightly basis
E.g., last night,dreamt been captured by some baddies...woke up..fell asleep again after lying there fior awhile feeling scared out of my wits...fell asleep again,right back to the same nightmare!
Even so,think the nightmarish nights are better than the wide awake nights!
Hope you catch up on some zeds tonight xx
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
26 Mar 2015, 19:47
@CandiceMarie wow, that's the meds? My sister goes to bed early 9-10pm and then get's up for a recognised break 2-3pm, back to bed for second part of her sleep, rising a 6pm for work. That's what we once did, she is playing it out and it works for her. She emailed me 3am, I happened to be up. Night time buddies, but not often. Makes you think though :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
26 Mar 2015, 19:49
So, it's just us slumber partying for now :?: Anyone else?
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
10 Apr 2015, 23:30
These are the words of my favourite ever song... But i can never find it on youtube, i dont know why!

So,for anyone not sleeping - which may include me if i dont settle down soon - but specially for @lizbean who rarely sleeps for long x @AnnieD ( are you all healed from yr injuries now Annie?) x and @Debs who often visits here during the wee small hours but i havent had a catch up with her for ages..hope youre ok Debs..did you change jobs in the end?

I think this is a wonderful song..i have only ever heard it played once, on Radio 2,but as i said, cannot be found on youtube..

THE FLAME by Beth Nielsen Chapman ☆•♥ ♥•☆‏

O come ye now unto "The Flame"
Keep it through the night
Nourish it and share its warmth And spend its precious light.
The torch is passed among us all
To help us understand
A covenant of brotherhood That joins our open hand..
We are standing at the edge
Faced with just one choice
Teach each other to be kind And let our hearts rejoice
As different as we seem to be We are still the same
Divided by our separate walls
But joined before the flame.
O come ye now unto "The Flame" Keep it through the night
Shelter and embrace it's warmth And spend it's precious light.
The darkness makes us all afraid But we are not alone
The beacon of our common love Will guide our journey home ☆•♥ ♥•☆‏
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
10 Apr 2015, 23:42
That's right, @CandiceMarie: We are not alone. The beacon of our common love will guide our journey home.
It's 9.30am here. I had an insomniacal night . Woke at 1.30am, went into the lounge room to read and went back to bed at something like 5 am. Enjoyed the read though. I'm reading the 9th or 10th book by Philippa Gregory. I read the 6 books of the Cousins War series and now I'm onto book 3 of the Tudor series. This one The Boleyn Inheritance is about Anne of Cleves and Henry VIII's 5th wife, Katherine Howard. I didn't know she was only 15 when Henry married her. These days he'd be in the press for being a pedephile. What a dreadful man! Sleep tight @CandiceMarie.
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
10 Apr 2015, 23:54
Thanks @sallyo x i hope you can have a quiet day after your bad night
Glad you enjoyed yr read tho x
Is "press" an Aussie word for prison? Not heard that one before x we learn lots from each other on here..
Well its time to hit the hay! Have a lovely weekend Sallyo! X
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
10 Apr 2015, 23:55
No, 'press' is newspapers. he would probably be in prison as well.
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
11 Apr 2015, 00:00
Doh! What an idiot i am @sallyo i blame it on the late hr..deffo climbing into bed now and going bobos xx Image
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
11 Apr 2015, 12:52
Hi @CandiceMarie that's lovely, thanks for thinking of us and sharing ....... I found 40 secs worth and it's beautiful. x Do you have Beth's album? And are you sleeping better these days? I had one 'all nighter' earlier in the week, went to work and slept soundly for the remainder of the week. Here's to a good week of sleep ahead everyone! :clover:
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
11 Apr 2015, 12:57
Ohhh thanks so much @lizbean! Wonderful to hear a snippet of it again
The one and only time i heard it before, i was in bed and it came on the radio
I nearly fell out of bed i was so blown away by it!
Glad youve had some good nights zeds!
I' m back to broken nights seemingly,after a few months of sleeping longer x x ( booooooo!)
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
11 Apr 2015, 13:06
I'm joining this tent. When I'm awake in the middle of the night, all you poms are awake in the day, which has put me off writing in this tent, before. But lately I have been having lots of insomnia so I think it will be helpful to be with others. I have started back walking and I know that's going to help. It's not walking that has led to the insomnia issues. Tonight I've got my Kindle light batteries renewed so if I wake up, I can read my Kindle without disturbing the OH, and without having to get out of bed. I don't really want to get up and open up the computer in the middle of the night. So night night all, and may you have good days and sound nights. An 'all nighter', @Lizbean? Is that when you don't sleep at all? Sounds horrendous. But I take the point. You have a really bad night and then you get over it and sleep well for the rest of the week. I have learned to relax about my insomnia because I know I will get the sleep I need. I don't like it but it seems to be part of my life. Sometimes insomnia can be good because I do good work figuring something out in the middle of the night, something that I can't figure out in the business of daytime. Still, I hope I go to sleep and stay asleep all night tonight and wake up at 7am. Just saw your post, @CandiceMarie Peaceful sleep to you tonight - although you have to get through today yet. xxxx
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
11 Apr 2015, 14:07
@Sallyo welcome to the tent :shock: Yes unfortunately an all nighter is NO sleep. The disturbing part is the dawn rise, at which point I feel like I have been at an all night rave. It's not much fun when the following day is a fast day :frown: but I seem to be able to forget I have not slept once I'm at work. I fall into bed the following evening at 10pm. I'm fasting my sleep! Fortunately this a relatively recent occurrence (3 times in the last 4 weeks) and I think it's a result of my recent loss and life being unsettling, so lots of business to sort out as you say. @CandiceMarie so sorry to hear that, what a pain, booooooo indeed. Wishing you all a peaceful sleep x
Re: Insomniacs' tent...
11 Apr 2015, 14:44
Ooooh thank you @Sallyo re Philippa Gregory, I've just purchased the first of the Cousin Wars book, that'll make a lovely change for me from my usual murder mysteries.
@CandiceMarie I'm fully mended now (well, just a bit achy at times) and back on my boy
The weird thing is once I was past the initial searing pain (after about 5-7 days) & started effectively going into the healing process I slept like a top & never once woke up during the night. At week 6 (one week after my plaster coming off) I stupidly went away on business for a week (well, I'm magic, so of course I was going to be better!) I got back on the Friday evening and couldn't keep my eyes open beyond 19h30 so fell into bed & didn't wake up until 9am on the Saturday - they say that it tires your body out healing, well it sure does. But I wouldn't recommend that for getting a good nights sleep !!!!
Well so now I'm better, it's back to waking up in the night again so I guess you'll be seeing more of me LOL
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