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Great news Bobshouse on all fronts. S.S. Are so difficult to deal with, they hold all the cards and they are determined you will not find out what your rights are. It took months for me to sort out continuing care for my mother, I took it to higher and higher authorities and finally forced them into a tribunal which I won without any problem, they just caved in against my onslaught plus I made it my business to read all their publications about continuing care and in the end I knew more about it than they did, so, well done girl

Ballerina x :heart:
Yep restarting for the umpteenth time and feeling about the size of a house
Got my DD back home and she needs to lose too so we will support each other..she likes 16:8, i find basic 5:2 do able
Just. Do. It! One. Day. At. A. Time.
Enjoy the journey,and the destination will take care of itself.
@bobshouse so pleased for you! X
@Bobhouse that is wonderful news :smile: - what a relief, well done you. I always think of you when I have a wholesome egg. :wink:
Good luck with your dad ,bobshouse
We went through all this three years ago,with my dad.its a horrible illness and my thoughts are with you.once he has the care he needs you will feel so much better.
Hi all,
I was hesitating about posting here, not wanting to jinx myself! I had a lot of success with fasting about a year and a half ago. I got down to my goal weight....alas, I still wasn't happy and kept trying to lose that little bit more....and combined with years and years of dieting, it all got too much and I started to binge eat a lot. It got to the point where the thought of another fast or another day of restricting what I ate was unbearable. I actually started something called Eat More to Weight Less, which is kind of like intuitive eating, and basically advocates healing the damage that chronic dieting has done to the body by eating at true TDEE for an extended period. I did this (and binged a lot), for around 6 months, until finally (after gaining upwards of 10kg), my weight finally stabilized and importantly, I STOPPED feeling the need to binge.

So now I am back to 5:2, and the difference between fasting now and fasting before is like night and day. I used to get really weak, dizzy, angry, and terrible sleeplessness, and this didn't go away after the first few fasts. It was persistent, and half the time I'd end up bingeing at the end of the day. This time, I think because I am actually eating enough on non-fast days, and gave myself a loooong break from dieting, I am doing so much better. Don't get me wrong, the hunger in the arvo is still bad, but it passes. I'm 4 fasts in now and I am really optimistic that this time will work for me.

Anyway...I just wanted to share what I've done differently that seems to be working for me this time around. And wondering whether the reasons some people have instant success and fast with ease is that they haven't got a history of chronic dieting and restriction. Whereas people who have may do well to take a really good break from dieting before starting 5:2. Which now really doesn't feel like just another 'diet'.
Hi @oxnard_montalvo

Welcome back and thanks for sharing your experience. :) You sound very motivated and off to a good start, second time round - best wishes as you continue. :)

I am wondering if I might be having a similar experience to what happened to you the first time... I lost weight easily but wanted to lose that little bit more - and have been really struggling with just maintaining and am doing a lot of bingeing and having to fast to undo the damage. I have been trying 4:3 but maybe I do just need to do 5:2 or give it a break, as you did - though I am worried that if I put on weight I won't be able to shift it.

And, as you suggested, I do not have a history of dieting - my weight has fluctuated over the years, but I have not dieted since my early 20's - major fluctuations downwards have happened when I was very stressed or doing an extreme amount of exercise, and then weight went back on when these stopped.

Your experience has given me food (no pun intended) for thought, so I will do some more reflecting... Thanks! :D
Maybe even just do 6:1 for a month to give yourself a break....I think this is what I'll do next time, instead of completely give up and go to pack lol.
Hi again oxnard-montalvo, thanks for your suggestion, I had been thinking that too. carorees has also suggested that I could be experiencing a famine reaction, and to not fast for a week or so and eat just above TDEE with proteins, fats, whole grains and veggies, and otherwise low carb, and see what impact that has on my hunger and cravings.

Will let you know what I do and how it goes! :)
Looking back, if I had taken a diet break when I was in your position I am sure I wouldn't have regained so much weight. I reckon do it, it's unlikely that you'll gain weight if you eat at TDEE. From my readings, if you start to eat at TDEE again you may experience an initial gain of a few pounds, as the body retains water to store the extra calories (or some such....I can't remember the exact reasoning at EM2WL). But it isn't fat, and this same weight would drop as soon as you cut calories again and went back to 5:2. So don't panic if you immediately gain a few pounds, it will surely stop after that. Unless like me you keep bingeing lol.
Thanks @oxnard_montalvo

I have decided to give the fasting a break and see what happens; will do my best to eat fats and protein rather than white carbs (no problems eating lots of veggies!) and try to keep to around my TDEE, or just over as carorees suggested. Did that yesterday, and was up 0.5kg this morning, but am doing my best to not worry about this and just see what transpires (I do understand about the water retention aspect, tho think this is more a problem with lots of carbs??). I will be getting back into my exercise routine from tomorrow, so that should help.

Will let everyone know how I go. :)

And of course hope all goes well for you. Thanks again :)
Guess it is all about finding the right balance. To me that means that the 5 normal days are just as important as the fast days. Eating normal on those is vital for not causing reactions in our body that are seen in traditional diets. Same holds for when to stop losing and getting into maintenance. Having some fat left (or getting some back if you have take it a little too far) might be actually quite useful in order to find the balance.
@Sassy1 and @oxnard_ montalvo, firstly thanks for having the courage to tell all. And Oxnard, wow what a name!
There is a method for everyone, and once we find it we're "sorted" Plus there is a reason why we overeat, once we find that we will be fine.
I eat through boredom, love eating snacks when I drink wine. So get rid of spare time and wine then I'm ok.

We need hold each other's hand and guide those who need it through this maze to find our triggers, then we're "sorted"
Good luck all
Thanks @carieoates :) The support of and suggestions from others on this forum is most appreciated. :)

Not sure that getting rid of spare time and wine is the solution you are looking for tho!! I do eat from habit in front of the TV and when reading, and cos I like the taste of what I eat. But I don't stop when I have had enough...

Anyway, day 1 of carorees plan has been followed. Did feel hungry at times still, but not too bad overall. Had breakfast for the first time in a while, which was nice - oats, scrambled eggs, and would you believe tuna. Usual salmon salad for lunch, with whole grain crisp bread, and veggies with small amount of bolognese sauce for dinner, with berries and yoghurt for dessert. Plus a few nuts and couple of squares of chocolate... Think this was just over my TDEE, as suggested.

Thanks again, and good luck to you too. :D
Thanks sassy. But I need my routine back. Working term time only is a nightmare, I like to cook. Bake and then eat it.. So when working I am busy busy busy and not on holiday drinky mode.
I do know what you mean about having a routine or being busy carieoates, I am changing my fast day to a Wednesday as I have heaps of meetings that day so I am always busy. Some days are a lot quiter so I have more time to think about food!! I don't reach for the wine tempting though it is but I have different temptations here with a huge dessert trolley full of sugary delights which I have to steel myself to walk past!
I do feel as though I am starting again in a sense as I am calorie counting now so you aren't alone oxnard!
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