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Just been to a training event away from home from Sunday to Friday where I was putting in some amazingly long days 8:30 to 9:00pm. No I did not fast. The highlight each day became the meals which we were fed 3 meals a day including desserts and morning and afternoon teas. Amazingly I only had a small gain. Food was simple but healthy. I ate carbs too.

My just gone Saturday fast managed to get me within cooee of the weight I was before my trip. Sure it would be fluid but mighty nice to see such friendly numbers on the scales.

I guess I must be stabilising as have been sticking on the IF regime since March 2013. Have had to accept I might have to live with a higher BMI but still am the size I used to be 21 years ago.

Good news bobshouse
I'm going overseas for work in the past trips away have tended to undo me a little. I am staying in a hotel with no cooking facilities and no included breakfasts....I am wondering whether it might be easier to do 16:8 while I'm away? I have tried 16:8 at home before, but I did find it tough because I was fasting every day...I quite like that with 5:2 it's all over and done with in two days. But I think maybe while I'm away it might be easier to just skip breakfast?
Sounds like it might be a good idea@oxnard_montalvo
The 16:8 folk seem to thrive on daughter is doing really well on it
You could give it a try,see how it goes..after a few weeks in yr new environment,you' ll have more idea of what fits best for you
Good luck and keep us posted.
Hi, @oxnard_montalvo. I think, and I'm sure that someone will be along very soon to correct me if I'm wrong, that the whole point of 16:8 (or any other number combination) is that effectively you are only cutting out breakfast. The remainder of the time you eat what you like but only within the eight hour window. Of course, this comes with the usual caveat of 'it's what you like, not how much of what you would like', but this should fit in well with eating in hotels or other 'eateries'.

A light lunch with a more substantial evening meal, or vice versa, cut out the snacks between meals, low-ish alcohol and desserts only if absolutely necessary and you should be fine! Alternatively, you could still do your two fasts a week but the above still really applies if you want to lose, or at least maintain, while you're away. Good luck, whatever you decide! :smile:
I' m starting again one year two!
Hoping i will do better than i have the last eight months!which have been rocky ..found it hard not to overeat on feed days,then finding fasting difficult kicked in too :shock:
Been thinking over @MaryAnns thoughts re : if it hasn't worked after a year,it isn't going to..i think there's a lot of truth in that MA
i know it worked for me for four months,then for eight months it didn't,mainly coz i struggled so much with not overeating. Still willing to give it a go,though,coz what else is there to replace it except SlimmersWorld/ Weightwatchers,which longterm doesnt work for many of us. X x
I'm starting again! This diet was working great for me and then about a year and a half ago I lost momentum. But I'm back at it and bumping this topic up to see if there are any others who might like to join me in the tent.

I've been having fast days here and there since stopping, but not consistently sticking to the calorie count. Lots of going over my 500. I'm hoping getting back to regular visits here will help me get back into the good habits I had going at the beginning. I got a little burnt out on the forum and stopped visiting around the time I went of vacation and took a break from my fasting schedule. I think the two lapses in my "fasting/feasting" habits was just too much for my newly acquired good habits. But how to get it back again?

Anyone that's come back and have tips/suggestions? Or anyone else coming back and want others to start again with? :)
Hello @O'Dell - thought I ought to drop in here to see how everyone's doing. Hmmm......all a bit quiet, it seems.

I am on Week 2 of my return. Fasting worked brilliantly for me last year - I lost the best part of 4 stone & wasn't going to stop there as I needed to lose around 5 & a half stone in total. When I stood on the scales last Monday to face the music, I had piled 2 stone back on. What a twerp. I can't believe I was so stupid - particularly when fasting is so "doable" and doesn't take up 7 days of every week.

Yep, lost control of myself completely. Classic comfort eater. Look where it has got me though - back to jeans straining at the zip, thighs wanting to burst out, feeling decidedly second-class as a human being. Nothing good, in short.

So, am back here to wrestle control back! Last week's fasts went was some of the other days that were the problem! Hence trying damage limitation this week........4:3 on Mon, Wed & Fri.

How is everyone else doing? Let's revive this thread!

PS. For some reason, I can't get the Tag to work. No idea what I am doing wrong!
Just to say I couldn't get the tag for O'Dell to work either- think the apostrophe may be the culprit? @Moogie?

And to wish you (and all re-starters) the best of luck second time around @Hazelnut20 :clover:

As mentioned in another thread, tackling the overeating on non-fast days is also a challenge for many of us - there are a number of us supposedly on maintenance who are trying to deal with this. Check out the maintenance tent from time to time in case we come up with any other strategies than the ones we all know but some of us aren't able to consistently apply!
Thanks @sassy1 for your good luck wishes and suggestions. It wouldn't have occurrred to me to visit the maintenance tent (I am not worthy!) for tips, but that is an excellent idea. I need all the help I can get!

Have a great day x
I'm up half a stone :0@.
I think it's because of the bronchitis laying me low, I haven't really got moving again so I've been a-nibbling-o instead :0(
Need to seriously fast 5:2 again. Friday and Monday probably.
Let's. Do. This.
Good luck "starter Againers "
Oops I bumped up this thread and then forgot to check it!

Well I've yet another reason to get back on the fasting train...One of my remaining "fat" pants is worn out and I refuse to buy more in the larger size. I'm cheap AND I loathe shopping for clothes! I've a couple of smaller pairs waiting for me if I can shed some inches.

I've been good on my "reboot" of 5:2 but today I kinda' blew it. But I'm going to get back on track for the day and then on to tomorrow. :)
Yes it is that time of year again for me...back again!
I start fasting around lent (only because that is when I usually feel the need to 'diet') and stop when I have lost enough weight. I joined the forum a couple of years ago and found it very useful. I would love to join the maintenance tent or the 5:2 for life tent but I know from experience that a year from now I will have lost a stone this year, gained it back next year and nip back into the starting again tent.

I have done this for 10 years but for the last two (or is it three?) years I have used the 5:2 method to lose weight and will continue to do that each year.

Yes it is a shame that I can't maintain the weight but I must admit that I am a bit obsessive when it comes to 5:2. I know what works for me, I fast the same days each year, eat the same thing every fast day and weigh myself daily. BUT if anything disrupts that cycle and for some reason I can't fast on a particular day I feel a failure. I get my head down and lose weight each year then stop fasting, stop weighing myself and don't think about it until the following year.

I don't beat myself up about it. I sort of look forward to starting 5:2 again and notice the change in my body and health and yes I would like to stay that way but I know that I would have to be obsessive every day of the year, that is just the way I am. If I didn't lose weight each year I may have been 10 stone heavier than I am now. If I tried to maintain my weight I may be obsessive and miserable.

A big well done to those who have stuck with the maintenance, I would personally find that harder than the actual losing weight bit!

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