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@Karenm keep scrolling down down down to the bottom of the page and written in red on the left of the page you are given all the usual old options. Good luck :clover:
Hi @SianS
Really glad u found your way to this tent.
Sorry to hear that things have been stressful for you. We all want the very best for our kids and hate to see them unhappy. But these things usually have a way of working themselves out. If your son doesn't get his first choice college it may well turn out that his second choice is where he's meant to be. Hopefully in time you'll all be happy with the way things turned out.
With regard to the fasting. You haven't been focused on it for a while cause you've had bigger things on your mind. That's the way it goes sometimes . The important thing is u came back. So best of luck starting again next week. I hope u get your fasting mojo back :clover: :clover: :clover:
And by the way lets not forget your already AMAZING achievement of losing 12kg with fasting. So u know u can totally do it :smile:

As for me, I had a great week this week. Delighted that I lost 3lbs .
So that's my 5 lb holiday gain gone. 2 weeks to put on, 2 weeks to come off.
Totally worth it. Now onwards and downwards :smile:
Not sure what to call this...restarting the re-re-start, or poly-restarting or what... summary is that I managed a week, then had a weeks holiday and didn't manage it. restarted after holiday and had about three fasts, then got a virus which knocked me out again for three weeks!! so, TODAY is the official re-re-restart... I am not particularly in the mood for it!! However, I really want to get into the rhythm of it and this is where to begin. I do not have loads of weight to lose, but would like to dip just below 9st to then maintain there instead of always being a few too many pounds above 9. also very interested in the health benefits of it. so, here goes...again
@eyup just gerron with it lass! :lol: :lol: :lol: :like: :like: :like:
Silverdarling wrote: @eyup just gerron with it lass! :lol: :lol: :lol: :like: :like: :like:

Great... Thanks...
Hi eh up,from a fellow multiple re starter.week three of this times around.fasting today.
One step,at a time.i am not thinking too far ahead .i think what throws me each time is reading all the different ways of fasting . Makes me give up ,thinking ok tomorrow I will try that.
So back to good old 5/2 and maybe 4/3 if I can
Good luck
Yes, I think that the beauty of 5:2 is that it's simple and it's do-able. I would think that settling into a solid routine of 5:2 would be the ticket. Once you are in the swing of that, if you're not happy with the result, would be the time to play around with the variations. Personally, I have never tried the variations because I'm happy with 5:2 and I can do it. It's true I'm not losing weight at the moment, but I have lost quite a lot over the 15 months and I'm not putting it back on. I'm not vastly overweight and while I would like to be slimmer, it's not worth it to me to do anything more than 5:2.
Yeah ,I tried skipping breakfast and doing 16/8 but I was very irritable.i find if I eat a small breakfast like a piece of toast ,I can skip lunch and then have a good dinner on my fast days.if I can't get to dinner I have an apple or boiled egg.i am doing two fasts a week and then I do an extra one that's not quite as strict. For me, it's about getting back into the rhythm of this and knowing it's going to not be a quick fix.i only have a small amount to lose but at this rate it's going to be a very long journey.
100g a week :(
Sarahg wrote: Hi eh up,from a fellow multiple re starter.week three of this times around.fasting today.
One step,at a time.i am not thinking too far ahead .i think what throws me each time is reading all the different ways of fasting . Makes me give up ,thinking ok tomorrow I will try that.
So back to good old 5/2 and maybe 4/3 if I can
Good luck

Well done for getting to week 3 this time! I've done one fast of week one on this restart so hope I at least make it to week 3 also!! :grin:
You will.just focus on one fast at a time.
Hi All
Just dropping a line to say Hi as I haven't been on much these days.
While the lack of routine during summer is what I look forward to during the rest of the year,
other things tend to fall by the wayside big-time like checking in here and housework :grin:
However since I came back from hols I have been finding the 5:2 life pretty easy.
Having lost the 5lbs I put on in just 2 weeks I have lost another 3lbs since.
I have been sticking to 5:2 religiously and while I haven't managed a 3rd fast I have been more careful on my non fasting days (apart from weekends) including not eating breakfasts the other 3 days. So effectively I'm doing a reduced eating window 5 days a week.
This feels easy and natural to me so I will keep going for now.
I really hope I get to keep this momentum going as I have been here 3 or 4 times before with fasting, then drifted away and regained ALL the weight I lost.

SO @eyeup I know exactly where you're coming from with restarting and restarting and restarting...................

Hi Sarahg
Glad to see you back.
Hope you had a great holiday in Ireland
If I remember correctly I think you may have even been pretty lucky with our infamous Irish Weather :smile:
I am also checking back in, my 4:3 is going amazing well this time around. I have been on it for the most part since mid-June and have lost about 10 pounds.

For me it is easier all the way around if I do 3 fasts a week. I like the rhythm of that, plus having more than 2 non-fasting days in a row seems to make each day a bit higher in calories and that much harder to do a fast the day after.

When I went on vacation, I figured that I couldn't expect to know if I was actually only eating 500 calories, so I opted to do a small late afternoon snack and a reasonable dinner. I did that for 12 days, and managed to maintain my weight.

I am pretty happy because I have hit a new, recent low weight, and this 4:3 seems actually easy.
Hi emerald 17
Had a wonderful holiday ,such a beautiful country . I didn't fast and ate and drank whatever I felt like but not too much ,walked a lot and gained nothing
But,got home and just couldn't get back into if so put on weight.anyway, I am back tim5/2 with a third sort of fast..been doing it a few weeks and lost almost nothing but plan to stick to for at least a few months
Reading this forum it is interesting to see how different everyone is. Some lose weight so easily while others( like myself) really struggle despite being so good. I thought it was harder for me because I only have those last few kilos to get rid of.anyway,this time I will not give up....I keep thinking where I would be if I had stuck to this last year.its almost a year since I gave up.
In my experience it is only when someone else is losing weight that it seems like they are doing it so easily, when it is ourselves it feels exceedingly difficult to stick to long term.
Managed to fast today so feel empowered to continue!
On the dad front, the dementia team have been amazing, short story is they will phone me tomorrow to discuss their decision. I have achieved more in the last 24 hours than the whole of last year. At last someone is listening and hopefully it will result in dad getting the care he needs!
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