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Starting Again Tent!!! Anyone?
20 May 2014, 11:35
Hi All.
Having been away from this forum for more months than I should have, I've notticed a new thing to emegre is the errecting of tents.
From what I can gather, it offers a place where people with similar issues or goals can hang out and share their experiences (splendid idea)
With this in mind I was wondering if any others that are trying 5:2, or any other intermittent fasting style, for the 2nd, third etc... time would be interested in our own tent.
Apart from offering each other support and encouragment we could share how it compares to starting 5:2 the first time when presuammbly we all fell in love with the diet and thought we'd found the holy grail of dieting.
Without the rose tinted glasses of first love perhaps we can figure out why it didn't work for us first time and what we can do differently this time to ensure it does work (cause we know it works!!!!)
Would love if any others trying again would like to join me.
I re joined a few weeks ago, had a mini wobble last week but am on track again now. There are several who have returned. I am working now at making it a habit and part of my lifestyle to fast. I have changed to 4:3 as it allows me to eat freely on feed days. After years of counting points I no longer want to track, point or eat diet foods. I only weigh once each month now to avoid becoming obsessed with what the scales say. I plan to stick with this but take each fast day as it comes.
There are quite a few of us.i did it last year until September.i lost a few kilos but then regained everything when I gave up fasting.have been doing 16/8 and a few fasts for about a month now,but it's very now trying ADF
To be honest I have to admit it was slow last time too
I only have a few kilos to lose ,hate that it's so hard.
It would be great to support each other.
Yes @Emerald17 I think this tent is needed. I re-started at the end of March and should have put this tent up then as I could have really used it when I re-started. As it is at the moment I feel that I am truly back on track. I'm also doing 4:3 this time as it suits me much better, less non-fastdays to over eat in between. The thing is, I now know how easy it is to let things slip and how difficult it is to get back into a rhythm, I didn't know that the first time around and thought I could just be really flexible, that works for some but not for me, I need set days. In the 8 weeks that I've been back I've lost 9.2lbs. Next week will be a big challenge for me. I'm away for a week. I don't think I'm going to fast but will do 16:8 every day. I really don't want a gain next week, hoping the worry of a gain will keep me mindful. If I have managed to re-start and got back on track there is hope for everyone. We can do this.
Good luck to all the re-starters :clover: :clover: :clover:
Hi Bobshouse, Sarahg and Justdee,
Great to hear from you.
It's funny that you're all doing 4:3 or ADF as that's my plan this time around.
My first fast was yesterday and it was no bother.
Next fast tomorrow and again on Friday.

In the past I always found the fasts easy, it was the non-fast days
i struggled with. Clearly by eating too much on those days I was going nowhere fast, up a pound, down a pound. Eventually i got fed up and threw the towel in completely and now here I am again, right back where i started.
However, I am not one to dwell on past mistakes and believe that if we can learn from mistakes made, we can do something to improve the future.
My mistake was eating like a teenager(which sadly for me I am far from) 3 days a week.
So by adding a Friday fast I have two advantages.
1). Decreasing my total weekly calories
2). Eliminating one of my danger days, since Friday normally means wine, choc and take-out.(That would probably be ok if Saturday and Sunday weren't also similarly inclined :grin: )
Sounds fine in theroy. Of course I could be balling my eyes out by 7pm in frustration. But if I do, I know which tent to come to!!!

Really looking forward to getting reacquainted with everyone again.
Good luck to all my fellow re-starters :smile:
I am going to stick with three set days each week no matter what. If I have to eat out Friday evening I will fast all day and then take care with food choices. I also cannot cope with flexibility, I would just keep telling myself I will do it tomorrow. As we all know that never comes!
Me Too Bobshouse!!!!
Good luck with Friday, it's definetly a challenging day to fast.
I think we feel entitled to a reward for getting through another week.
But we can reward ourselves on Saturday and just think how rewarded we'll feel as the unwanted fat melts away.

That said if you do go out for a meal, make sure you enjoy it.
Guilt has no place in food.
We work hard enough and a meal out is a wonderful treat.
Your plan to fast before hand sounds like a good one!
Great tent @Emerald71 I'm not joining your tent, but I will join you now and then for a chat. From my profile you can see that I've been here a while, nearly my fastiversary. I've Lost 13lb but had surgery (hysterectomy) at Xmas so that slowed me down a bit, I am an avid exerciser and the toning is important to me, and exercise will often slow down the weight loss.
So keep up the good work and I hope that you will feel like me in that I feel that this is going to be with me forever now. As I lose then maintain I will forever (I hope!) be mindfull of my food choices.
Me, Me, Me! [bounces up and down with excitement]. Medical problems which included tablets that cause you to put on weight and very recent surgery have knobbled me for 6 months. I am getting back into fasting and give it another week I should be on every 3rd day fasting. Not quite a 5:2 but not 4:3 either. I can manage the fast days as long as I don't eat, at all. Its the non-fast days that knobble me. I am also throwing in a bit of carb reduction by cutting down drastically on grains as I am a bit of a carb addict.
Me too ! I was getting a bit overweight so I did 5:2 for about 3 months early last year and lost 7kg, and then got a bit bored and completely stopped. One year on I had re gained 5 kg so started again, no problem at all. I really like the control the 5:2 gives. Middle age spread just creeps up on you doesn't it ? Anyway, now back on 5:2 and have shifted about 2.5kg, with the aim of a further 1.5. I have found it easy to start again and know I can do it if I really want to ! Aiming for 61 or 60 kg as I think the 59kg I reached last year was too far for me.
I am not in here either @carieoates but should this thread be moved to Fastonbury Glamping grounds by a moderator such as yourself so people will be able to find it in the future?
Just wondering
Looks like a useful tent. Hope I won't need it but good to know it's here
I have moved this topic to Fastonbury Glamping Grounds .
Thanks @judithn well spotted.
I am returning and this sounds like a tent for me, except ....... Where do I go to to find out about tents, please? :bugeyes:
@Effie the glamping ground is on the home page, a sub forum under the off topic bit near the bottom. :)
Thanks Dee, found it. My first festival too :wink:
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