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But the baths do look awfully nice - I'm sure they will have the loos to go with them, CM!
I love camping and while I am not on a plateau at the moment, I know all about them. I was on a plateau for a lot of months last year. I haven't read any studies about this but I really believe cold weather has a lot to answer for. I have started losing weight again since summer kicked in. During winter I just had to console myself with the knowledge that I hadn't put on weight. I did lose weight in the past on the Don't Go Hungry Diet, but that was over summer and I put it all back on in winter. On 5:2 I lost weight when I first started: autumn, stalled over winter and started to lose again in December: summer.

I will need a mattress on the ground as my days of sleeping on a bush walking mat are passed. I will bring my very good snow quality sleeping bag though and my trangier, meths camping stove.
Good grief, where did this tent spring from? Has it had an Extendable Charm put on it,judging from the luxuries? Am I allowed to bagsie a corner too?

I love camping here in Aus, but nowhere near the glamping luxuries that seem to be popping up! We are minimalist, roll mat, two person tent, although I do insist on one that I can stand up in in the morning; it feels a bit too much having to roll out of the tent on hands and knees in the morning!

I have struggled to make a dent in things hence the ADF now. I too am finding it easier like beanlet, I know I can overeat the next day if I want, but I know that won't happen as my appetite has shrunk. Just wish the rest of me would!

Very interesting reading everyone else's stories and I think Xmas should be banned (Ba Humbug) as it seems to do so much damage!
Can I come in please? My scenic route is through a glacier as my loss is sooooooo slow. Fortunately, it does keep coming off though, no plateaux.
So I'll need somewhere warm as it's cold on my glacier.
Can I put on my onesie, bring some outside candles and come and join you? I've been slowly gaining since July, and I'm really getting peeved. Still, camping with good company will cheer me up :grin:
Wineoclock wrote: Not only have I been taking the scenic route, I have become positively lost since Christmas. Thanks Gillymary for setting up a tent for us wandering lost souls :smile:

Thank you Gillymary I agree with Wineoclock & I am in the same situation! It is soooo frustrating & I don't know what to do to remedy it. I am failing to reach any interim goals since Christmas & up to my fastiversary :cry:
Perhaps we could include a small bar with comfy cushions around to collapse on? As in occasionally needing a large brandy to drown our sorrows! :grin:
You're just not thinking BIG enough ... 66&bih=609

This is what we need!
Ooh! I love the pink tents Penny & music! Wonderful stuff & lots of soothing Welsh harp players? & male choirs?
Did my eyes deceive me? Pink tents?! What on earth?! Well I tell you what, it sounds as though there are quite a few of us who need a tent, a red tent with white bits on it. This tent will open in November and will be there for people who feel threatened by the excesses of Christmas. I mean, we're still trying to get over it now aren't we. This tent will stop that from happening...ever again!

Bean :geek:
@Silverdarling and @pennyForthem thanks for our tents, though SD yours would fit nicely in some corner and be very popular place to be. PFT now your talking, what with all our stuff am sure we could make up some nice places was thinking glam Bedouin style dividers and lanterns to tart it up inside.

Now welcome everyone, I forgot Lil at the beginning , and dreamer and now our membership is growing quickly I just this particular tent was much needed. So have some constructive reading below if inclined as we only plan to be passing through don't we?

Hoping for more contributions but here is my start ... ydney.aspx
Thank you @gillymaryI think you have opened this tent at just the right time for me. Having got that close to my 'Christmas' target last week this week I have put on 1.2 lbs - not happy! :frown: Just got to keep going :snail: :snail: :snail:
please, please NOT PINK! my poor eyes.
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