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Re: The ADF Tent
11 Oct 2014, 16:06
Oh I LIKE Crispmas Challenge!! Good one Candy :smile:
Re: The ADF Tent
11 Oct 2014, 16:11
@Candicemarie if only it was a big crusty cheese roll stuffed with cheese and onion crisps! Omg can you tell it's a fast day nearing dinner time??

Glad to hear the crimbo challenge is going well and that you are crispless :) ADF is a state of mind, I had to have a lot of "you can do it" talks to myself before embarking on it and in the early days when I was thinking, oh I'm fasting again???? But I suppose it's like a lot of things, you know the thought of it is worse than actually doing it. For me it's now easy and just what I do, plus the flat stomach is my number one motivational tool. Whatever gets you through eh?

Min is doing amazingly well and has settled in quickly. Comes home does her homework (without me moaning) getting credits for subjects that I didn't know interested her.. Resistant materials is the fave at the moment!! Playing rugby and loving it, oh for her energy and enthusiasm for learning :) x
Re: The ADF Tent
13 Oct 2014, 07:37
Hi Minsmum and Beany :smile:

I'm still at it and have been doing well. I had a good week really but yesterday was a toughie. I was absolutely craving chocolate and crisps. I succumbed and had a chocolate digestive and do you know it was soooooooo disappointing. I thought it was going to hit the spot but it didn't and I wished I'd not bothered and saved myself 100 calories. :bugeyes:

It took all my willpower to avoid going to get a bag of crisps last night and I instead resorted to having a few crispbreads which, as you will imagine, were not the same at all. As much as I do quite like a crispbread, it ain't a packet of cheese & onion that's for sure. I felt shattered yesterday and I think that was why. Too many very early mornings and lots of exercise on fairly minimal grub to be honest.

Anyway, here we are. Another week. Hope you are okay and are doing well. Happy fasting everyone! :like:

Re: The ADF Tent
13 Oct 2014, 07:54
Stay strong@Cheekychicken stay strong.
I know that feeling, when you really crave a certain food, try to be good and have something else, and....and ...oh ... Was that IT??...... Well that wasn't worth it. You then have a conversation with yourself....ya kno..... Go on have it..... No I will stay strong....... Go on it won't hurt.........etc etc.... (maybe that's just me??)

I think we will just have to accept...........nothing beats crisps!!

Fasting today, feeling the cold already, but I'm going to do my workout so I can feel all excercisy saintly for the rest of the day and waltz passed the crisp aisle at the soopermarket and feel all crispless saintly ....... Must polish my halo at some point!! Oh these little triumphs over weight loss must be acknowledged. Well done on your battle of the willpower Chicken x

How's the crisp challenge going @Nursebean@Candicemarie??
Re: The ADF Tent
13 Oct 2014, 09:14
Thanks for asking @minsmum! To be honest i' m struggling with crisplessness and everything else!
I keeplosing my fasting mojo and am thinking i need to keep quiet about it on here,in case i demotivate anyone else!
What Ive decided to do this week is just keep to a lowish cal count of healthyish stuff other words,just yr conventional slimming diet :confused: until i can get to grips with IF again. Ho hum ...have agreat week Mm x
Re: The ADF Tent
13 Oct 2014, 17:30
Hey @Candicemarie no need to keep quiet about it, if you're struggling, you're struggling. It's life, sometimes things that have been easy, get hard, just because! I know I've at times lost the fasting love, so I just take a week off. Tends to do me good. And if it's longer than a week, so what? Took time to put the weight on takes time to shift it.
Just stay away from the crisps xx
Re: The ADF Tent
13 Oct 2014, 18:38
CandiceMarie wrote: To be honest i' m struggling with crisplessness and everything else!
I keeplosing my fasting mojo and am thinking i need to keep quiet about it on here,in case i demotivate anyone else!

I think the weather/time of year has a lot to do with it you know. It's cold and dark and miserable and it makes you want comfort food. Well, it makes ME want comfort food :bugeyes: :wink:

Re: The ADF Tent
13 Oct 2014, 19:00
Thanks Mm @Minsmum and cheeky@cheekychicken for the kind words of understanding and comfort! X
Re: The ADF Tent
16 Oct 2014, 16:40
How are we all doing? I'm fasting today and although I feel fine, my stomach is just starting to gnaw so I think I might need a mug of Marmite or miso to keep the hunger pangs at bay. I am going to distract myself by doing a little boxing I think.

I need to be super good this week as my son and I are planning a trip to PizzaExpress at the weekend :bugeyes: Oh my. Tiramisu :razz: :razz: :razz: Believe me I have eaten tiramisu all over the world and nothing but nothing beats the one they do in PizzaExpress. I can almost taste it....

Re: The ADF Tent
17 Oct 2014, 07:49
Hi @Cheekychicken oh mmmm Pizza Express yummy. I lurve those pizzas! Not the ones with the salad filled holes! The big ones with lush toppings....enough!!! Could give the tiramisu a miss thou, not really a pudding kinda girl, but you sound like a tiramisu expert so I'll take your word for it. Enjoy every mouthfull.
I'm fasting today, still earlyish but I've lots to do, Min is camping this weekend with her Scout troup so I'm packing her rucksack and catching up with unexciting housework stuff boo hiss :( however due to having a child free weekend and me having the weekend off work (for a change) Minsdad and I have Saturday date night , table booked at the local Greek restaurant and we will be attempting to eat the Meze. I will do my best :) xx
Also wondering how @Candicemarie is doing on your "diet week" ? Hope it's going ok?

Stay away from the crisps ladies and keep smiling :) x
Re: The ADF Tent
17 Oct 2014, 08:37
Greek meal sounds good @minsmum! Hope Min enjoys camping!
My diet week is a bit hit n miss so far ! X
Re: The ADF Tent
17 Oct 2014, 10:22
Sounds like you need a few days off dieting, 5:2 ing whatever and see how you feel about it next week.
Re: The ADF Tent
17 Oct 2014, 12:18
DD and SIL move into new home nextTuesday @Minsmum i think i will get back into a much better fasting routine then... Have to say tho,whilst staying with me ( which has been great fun, tho a bit hectic ) DD has managed to stick to 19:5 or 20:4! I need very little excuse to go off track!
Hope weather good for yr caravan break x
Re: The ADF Tent
18 Oct 2014, 17:22
I had to share this with you. I'm chuffed to bits. It's my first major victory of this process.

To give you a bit of background, before I started this WOE I had got to a size 22. I haven't got a lot of clothes that fit me anymore and I really didn't want to buy any more in a size 22. I have actually still been wearing knee length skirts with bare legs and Birkenstocks in October because I don't like wearing tights but mainly because I've nothing much else to wear. My son said I looked daft in sandals at this time of year and I guess he was right.

I had to go out this morning so I went to get a pair of tights thinking I'd have to bite the bullet and put some tights on. I got a pair of my old jeans out thinking well I'll try them on and see how far off fitting me they are. I used to live in jeans and haven't worn any for 2 years. I couldn't believe it - they fit me! Size 18 jeans! I had a little muffin top going on but who cares about that. I cannot begin to tell you how delighted it made me. I could have done a little dance, I really could.

I was in the zone anyway, but things like this really spur you on.
:victory: :victory: :victory: :victory: :victory: :victory: :victory:

Re: The ADF Tent
18 Oct 2014, 17:31
Thats absolutely fab cheeky@cheekychicken!
These rewards make it all worth while..and to get back in size 18 from 22 is an achievement!
Joining you in the happy dance! So pleased for you x
No more cold legs for you missus! :lol:
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