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Re: The ADF Tent
18 Oct 2014, 18:07
@cheekychicken. Great job! Well done to you. Happy dancing for you :victory: :victory: :victory:
Re: The ADF Tent
18 Oct 2014, 18:09
@cheekychicken, go ahead and dance like nobody's!
Congratulations :like:
Re: The ADF Tent
28 Oct 2014, 09:18
@CheekyChicken?!! Well done you! I am SO impressed with your new size jeans. You must be over the moon! Well done.
I'm sorry I haven't bean around lately...naughty Bean.
Anyway Chicken and @Minsmum? how's it going? Are you both still ADFing? I must admit I'm struggling rather a lot at the moment. Seem to turn to food at the slightest hurdle, BUT...I still haven't eaten any crisps!!
Hope you guys are well. Keep up the good fasts!
Bean :bugeyes:
Re: The ADF Tent
28 Oct 2014, 09:31
@Cheekychicken you go girl, I'm dancing with you xx
[tag]Nursebean[/tag] ADF going good, am having a planned 5 day break this week, school hols, because the social events a too many to juggle the fasts in. I am watching watch I'm eating, not crazy diet like, but just "being aware" I'm hoping that The Insanity workouts will compensate for the cake!! Meh!!
Note I said cake and NOT crisps :)
Re: The ADF Tent
28 Oct 2014, 14:07
Well done @Minsmum! Keep up the great work :wink:
Re: The ADF Tent
31 Aug 2015, 12:39
Hello Everyone, I think im doing a little version of ADF. I do a 36 hour liquid fast starting sunday night, under 50 cal a day, then eat normally for 12 hours, do another 36 hour, eat normally, then start one on Thursday night and its about 24 hours to Friday night. Then I eat what I want on the weekend. I only lost 1.2 kg last week, will see tom. the problem is I went on a monumental binge on yesterday. Do any of you have calorie restriction on your feast days? I may have been gaining muscle because my cm have come down and I do strength training too.
Re: The ADF Tent
03 Sep 2015, 15:54
Sorry you haven't had a reply @Renata. I used to do ADF a lot. Yep, every other day I would wait until 6 ish in the evening and then I'd have my 500 cals (usually in the form of a ready meal...M&S of course!) I did lose weight after fasting this way for approx 3 months but, like so many of us, I slipped and put on weight again. My trouble is I have ME and so I cannot exercise a great deal (although I can walk my dogs now which is a blessing). I also feel that fasting may have bean detrimental because recently I've started Slimming World and lost 12 pounds...and have so much more energy. More than I've had the past 3 years. Don't let me put you off though because I know fasting works, I just don't think its advisable for people with ME.
I wish you luck with your fasting and hope you get into a good routine with it.
All the best
Bean xx
Re: The ADF Tent
06 Sep 2015, 08:19
Hi nursebean! I've been dieting for what feels like my entire life. Fasting gives me an outlet for the guilt I feel when I binge. I know that's incredibly unhealthy but I have very little self control. The entire reason I do 36 hour fasts, full fasts is because if I start eating I don't have an off switch so it's easier for me to just kot eat at all. This is the only thing I think I can stick to which really makes me feel in a little more control of myself. Anyway, I'm glad you have found something that works for you. Thanks for replying, it's good to know there are others on this journey+
Re: The ADF Tent
09 Sep 2015, 09:36
Hi, so I did two 36 hour fasts (water fasts) last week. according to my calories I had a 3600 calorie deficit, I go really big on my weekends. So according to deficits I should have lost 0.45kg. I lost 06kg. Which I think is awesome considering that I ate 2500 calories on Saturday and Sunday and 2000 on Friday! Anyway, I ditched the 24 hour on Friday, was just famished! If I want faster results I will probably need to be a little more conservative on my feast days, but I do this so I can have an entire large pizza all to myself and enjoy it! With a 100grom lindt chocolate bar and copious amounts of cheesecake o the weekends! :oops: :razz:
Re: The ADF Tent
05 Nov 2015, 16:24
Hello..Is anyone around still doing this?

I'm back 2nd time around. Couldn't keep to 5:2 as I almost always overate on NFD. ADF seems more routine for me at present and keeps my eating in check.
I'm on my 3rd fast day this time around.. so far so good.
Re: The ADF Tent
05 Nov 2015, 17:26
Welcome back @Ketchup38!
I' m not an Adf- er usually,i find it too hard,but i am adf- ing this week..mon/ wed/ fri/ sun..satday is my DDs birthday and will deffo be having a chunk of bday cake then! :razz:
Well done on getting 3 days in the bag!
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