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Re: The ADF Tent
01 Oct 2014, 09:34
Minsmum wrote: No crisps till 20th..... We can do this!!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! :wink: :shock: :wink:

Just think how mouthwateringly delish they're going to taste when the crisp fast ends and you can tuck in. Mmmm...

:chicken2: x
Re: The ADF Tent
01 Oct 2014, 20:02
@cheekychicken - a stone in 3 weeks - you should be tap-dancing on the rooftops!!

:like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like:
Re: The ADF Tent
01 Oct 2014, 20:07
Madcatlady wrote: @cheekychicken - a stone in 3 weeks - you should be tap-dancing on the rooftops!!

I know. You're right of course. I am pleased really but when you've got such a lot to shift it seems an awfully long road ahead and I'm basically a very impatient person! :wink: Imagine how bad I'll be when the weight loss slows down as it invariably will :bugeyes:

I'm back at the hospital on 11th November and I want to have lost another stone by then. I can do it! I'm sticking to the fasting look a good 'un and am doing plenty of exercise.

:chicken2: x
Re: The ADF Tent
06 Oct 2014, 11:02
Hey chicken & Beanie @Cheekychicken & @Nursebean how's it going??
Omg nearly brought some crisps they other day, crisp challenge being put in the "forgot about that one" part of my brain! Phew managed to remember at the last minute and put them down again :( bye bye little packet of crispy wonderfulness ,and skulk away :(

Time to pull myself together!!
Re: The ADF Tent
06 Oct 2014, 14:16
Well done @minsmum! You were tempted but you walked away. Now thats true bravery!!
I must confess I've had a couple of glasses of wine over the weekend. I completely forgot that I was giving up alcohol. Never mind, I haven't had any crisps yet (though I must say, evenings are not the same without my side order!)
How's it going with you two at the moment? Are you both fasting today?
Re: The ADF Tent
06 Oct 2014, 18:52
Hi @minsmum and @nursebean :grin:

You did well walking away from the crisps! I do miss them I must admit but it'll do me good to be without them for a while. Same as the red wine really. I miss it and sometimes think about it longingly but it gives me something to look forward to at Christmas! I know if I open a bottle and have one glass that one will turn into two, and three and before I know it I'll have polished off the whole bottle and I'll feel lousy.

It is amazing how little you can actually get by on. I did a double fast over the weekend. Apart from the usual coffee and weak squash, I had a cup of miso soup each day. I didn't feel ravenous at all and went until teatime today before eating anything. I'm actually getting by on very little and feel great for it.

The reason for my double fast at the weekend was because I have to admit I went wild on Friday evening and had a pizza! By gum, it was good :razz:

Re: The ADF Tent
06 Oct 2014, 19:20
Oh chicken @cheekychicken I LOVE your avatar!! And I am SO impressed with your fasting. Perhaps you could send some good fasting vibes my way :wink:

One things for sure...we are going to feel rather smug come CHRISTMAS...aren't we?!
Re: The ADF Tent
06 Oct 2014, 19:30
nursebean wrote:

One things for sure...we are going to feel rather smug come CHRISTMAS...aren't we?!

I already have a mental image of me sitting on Christmas Eve watching Carols from Kings with a glass of red in my hand and a bag of crisps in my lap! Ah, bliss!! :bugeyes:
Re: The ADF Tent
06 Oct 2014, 19:35'll be here before you know it!
Re: The ADF Tent
06 Oct 2014, 20:00
Well I started week ago but no scales! Will have to buy some but in the meantime just wanted to get going! I have fasted last wed., Sat. and today so will do Thurs. And Monday then! Went okay but I didn't calorie count, I will get more organised next week! Fingers crossed it works!!
Re: The ADF Tent
07 Oct 2014, 06:40
I bet you feel better for it don't you @teaaddict? Hey, you and @Coffeetime would go well together wouldn't you! :smile: Well done, though xx
Re: The ADF Tent
11 Oct 2014, 13:53
Poking my head into the tent to see how my fellow ADFers are doing, shout out to@Cheekychicken and the one and only @Nursebean!
Hope you are both well and fasting fine. How is the crispless challenge going? I'm fasting today and dreaming of salt and vinegar kettle crisps!! I'm fine on feed days, I don't give them a second thought, but when I fast I dream of them all crunchy and crispy like. Roll on Christmas.

Re: The ADF Tent
11 Oct 2014, 14:05
Hi @Minsmum and well done for fasting today! I must confess I haven't really bean able to do complete fasts at the moment but I have cut out breakfasts and am doing 16:8 most of the time. I'm planning on doing 5:2 next week as I haven't really given it a proper go and I think I may lose the same amount of weight I did with ADF. I've cut out puddings and, of course, the wonderful crisp! Ooh I'm salivating at the very thought...and yes salt and vinegar does it for me too! Roll on Christmas eh?!!

So how are your fasts going?
Re: The ADF Tent
11 Oct 2014, 14:27
Fasts are going well ATM, I have about one fast a week which goes over by about 50-100 cals, have no idea why but hey ho it doesn't stress me, especially as I'm doing insanity at the moment. Big carb cravings at times! I'm staying strong though! I am a saint, hahaha, actually I'm not but I need to shift the wobble and what I'm doing at the moment is working, so I'm sticking with ADF ( actually find it v easy) and working out like a mad woman. I'm going to stick at this until Xmas then reassess, but to be honest I enjoy the eat,fast,eat cycle more so than 5:2. So who knows and if a social gets in the way I just skip a fast and don't sweat it.
Re: The ADF Tent
11 Oct 2014, 15:09
Well done@minsmum...sounds like you're on a roll x
I' m not strong enough for ADF,maybe one day,but doing ok on the Crispmas Challenge :like:
Howz DD getting on at Big Skool?
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